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 Zaina Fuyuzora

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PostSubject: Zaina Fuyuzora   Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:59 pm

Name: Zaina Fuyuzora

Age: 27

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Shipwright

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Zaina has long, straight blonde hair, red eyes, and a single red horn coming out of her forehead. She wears a white, short-sleeved shirt with red trim at the cuffs, neck, and bottom and a dark blue semi-transparent skirt with red highlights and trim. Her wrists and ankles are manacled, with short, broken chains attached to the manacles. She has large D-cup breasts. She is exactly six feet, making her tower over the average man and weighs about 68 kilograms. She has toned muscles and light skin. She has plenty of small scars littering her body, giving you the notion that she's been into plenty of fights when she actually got all of them when her whole village was massacred. She constantly smells like liquor due to all of the alcohol she drinks.

History: Zaina was born in a village high up in the mountains of an island called Mt. Ooe. She was very odd to the eyes of a regular person, but to the villagers she was blessed by the demon god they prayed to, thinking that the horn was the first step to becoming a full demon, when it was actually a birth defect.. The people in the village believed that everyone in the village was a descendant of some kind of demon god that they prayed to on a daily basis. The villagers there were barbaric, uncouth, and usually unintelligent, but made up for it in their superb strength and endurance. The first thirteen years of her life were relatively normal by the village's standards. Get trained to fight and survive in the wild, pray to the demon god, and boast about their own strength in the village square. Nothing out of the unusual. At age thirteen, she went through a village ritual where all the young must fend for themselves down in the forests below for exactly a year before making a treacherous journey back up the mountain. After that, they would be considered a full adult by the village's standards and their parents would make arranged marriages for their children.

While being escorted down the mountain by some of the veteran warriors, Zaina slipped off the cliff edge and plummeted towards her supposed doom. But she was the luckiest girl ever and survived that fall, all at the cost of broken bones, cuts, scrapes, and probably a concussion. She managed to set up an encampment with all her injuries and flopped onto her bedspread to rest without food. Waking up the next day, she was still in a horrible condition to be in the forest alone. She was amazed at the fact she could still function normally. She patched up all of her cuts and scrapes before setting out to try and hunt for food. Due to all of her injuries, she couldn't catch anything to eat. Zaina knew she was going to die of starvation out here, til she thought of a plan to steal food from other encampments! The village elder didn't say anything about stealing from others, and it was another way to survive! Oh, the ideas she had...

Zaina found and raided two camps of their food before limping back to her own camp. How lucky of her to not encounter the ones owning the camps and not catching her raiding their small food supply. It wasn't much, but it was enough to get by for the rest of the day. Weeks pass by as she continues to raid random camps and barely get by with the sparse amount of food she steals from each camp. Zaina sometimes wondered why nobody was at their camp whenever she was there. Oh well, more food for her. Eventually, Zaina was able to begin hunting as her injuries began to decrease in pain. She was able to hit every target she preyed upon, and she was cocky enough to think that she could wrestle a family of bears and take them all down. Luckily, she wasn't THAT stupid to try something that dangerous.

A year passed quickly as Zaina had made an almost full recovery and gained some muscle mass, weight, height, and a bust. She was the last one to make it back up the mountain, with the path back up being treacherous and all. On the way back up, she found a cave worth exploring but decided to save it for later. When she reached the village, nobody could believe their eyes. They welcomed Zaina back into the village and everyone celebrated her her return. She was married to another new adult her age and everything after that was relatively normal.

At the age of sixteen, Zaina was content with her marriage and happy with her life. She went down the the cave the found when she was younger one day and started exploring it. Little did she know that while she was gone, her whole village was being slaughtered. Apparently, the priests that handle all of the temple stuff and the praying stuff was mislead by their head priest. In the dreams of the head priest, he was told to slaughter everyone of the villagers and leave the blessed one chained up for sacrifice. Then they shall kill themselves to appease the demon god. Unfortunately, everyone in the village was slaughtered by the priests and Zaina was completely oblivious to what happened while she was away.

When she had returned, she found everyone dead and was immediately captured by the priests and chained up. As they prepared for the sacrificial ritual, Zaina asked why they would slaughter everyone in the village. The priests only answered that it was to appease the demon god. They held the blade to her neck and was about to kill her, until she broke out of her chains and slaughtered the priests herself, beating them all until they were nothing but a bloody pulp. She looked one last time at the altar of the demon god and the chest sitting upon the altar. She took the chest before leaving. As Zaina looked upon her now ruined village, she declared this 'The Massacre on Mt. Ooe' before leaving the mountain to live on the land.

Zaina spent the last of her eleven years working as a shipwright and drinking her sorrows and memories away, even though she keeps the gilded chest from her village that brings back horrid memories every time she glanced at it. She cracked open the chest to find one of the famed Devil's Fruit. She quickly ate it, thinking that it would give her the powers of the demon god. She waited and waited for something to happen til she gave up and sold the chest. Now she had nothing to remember the village by, except the mental scars that were etched into her mind. Little did Zaina know that the Devil's Fruit gave her the powers to harness rock and dirt, but she had no idea how to use it correctly without hitting herself in the face. She traveled often, hopping from island to island to try and forget her past, but she didn't know that her past follows her wherever she goes.

Personality: Zaina is a very jolly person to be with. Just being in the company of her fills you with vigor and the urge to punch someone out! She loves violence, and always chooses to fight instead of giving up, even when the odds are stacked against her. In battle, she is relentless in attacking and won't pull back any punches. Rarely will she ever show mercy to anyone that crosses her, and will beat them to death brutally and violently til nobody will be able to recognize the body. You could say that she's a blood-thirsty demon.

Speaking of demons, Zaina, along with her late village inhabitants, stand by the idea that she is a descendant of a demon and will not listen to anybody that opposes the idea brought upon her. And because of that, she always boasts about the strength and endurance that she thought was given by demon's blood in her veins when she got them through physical training. She even believes that the horn that is placed directly upon her forehead was part of the demon's bloodline, when it was actually a birth defect that made her skull grow a freakish horn made of bone.

Zaina wasn't exactly the smartest one in her village, almost being an ignorant woman who knows next to nothing about the subjects that require brain power to figure out, like mathematics. She is very gullible and usually falls for the most obvious of jokes and tricks. If it was a friend that played a joke on her, she'd just laugh it off and violently slug the one who set up the prank in the shoulder. Same with someone, who is less than a friend, except that the punch actually was meant to hurt them.

Zaina doesn't care for what she does, having little to no morality. She views the world like it was all one big battleground, some places are just calmer than others. Zaina hates rules and laws, calling them a bunch of lines meant to suppress true freedom. She hates people that make jokes about death and killing, often punching them out as it reminds her of the massacre. She likes flirting, drinking and alcohol, always carrying a red, starred Saké dish wherever she goes so she can drink whenever she wants. Zaina also likes mountains, hills, rocky lands, and underground areas more than open, flat areas or the ocean.

Despite her dislike of laws, she still aligns herself with what most people would consider the "good side" even though she's a pirate.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: Earth Earth Fruit
Type: Logia
Effect: Allows creation, manipulation and turn into earth or stone

Special Abilities:
Inhumane Strength
Inhumane Endurance

Learned Techniques: N/A

Red Sake Dish

Character Flaws:
Drunkard - Zaina loves drinking and is drunk most of the day, causing her to get a little bit more than rowdy.
Short Tempered - Zaina tends to lose her temper frequently, whether it'd be the most simple of things like opening a door and usually ends up destroying things in the process.
Lazy - Zaina tends to leave things unfinished until the last few moments to do other stuff that others find irrelevant.
Violent - Zaina always has a knack to showing hate or kindness to enemies and friends respectively through violence

Rebuild her village
Find out the secret of the Devil's Fruit

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PostSubject: Re: Zaina Fuyuzora   Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:31 pm

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Zaina Fuyuzora
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