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 Jinsei Dekanto.

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PostSubject: Jinsei Dekanto.   Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:21 am

Name: Jinsei Dekanto

Age: 20 years old.

Bounty: N/A.

Species: Human.

Occupation: Unemployed.

Allegiance: None.

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue.

Appearance: Jinsei has medium-length jet black hair tied back and up in to a pony tail. With an average, if not on the smaller side, build, Jinsei stands at roughly 5'10 and weighs in at roughly 170 pounds. He's not exactly bulging with muscle, but he isn't scrawny either; just simple and plain. Surprisingly white teeth more often than not clench a cigarette between them, his lightly-tanned skin and facial complexion keeps in check by a decent amount of sun exposure and care. His emerald green eyes tend to glisten with mostly devious and rambunctious thoughts with a cocky, arrogant smirk to match. His skin is relatively clear of any kinds of battle scars or injuries. He is often seen wearing a white sleeveless cloth shirt that exposes the majority of his unimpressive, bare chest. Accompanied by brown cloth shorts that are tattered and torn at his knees, one can infer he's not the wealthiest of men. Simple brown sandals cover the bottom of his feet most of the time; when wearing long pants, he wears an old dusty pair of black boots, weathered by age.

History: Jinsei was born to a small fishing village out on the far corners of the East Blue. Through his childhood, life was relatively simple and easy-going. He wasn't the most well-behaved kid...quite the opposite. Jinsei and his famous Dekanto Gang, a childhood group of make-believe pirates always stirred up trouble in the village. Whether it was stealing, pranking, conning, or just causing a ruckus, the boys of the Dekanto gang were always up to no good. Jinsei would often get caught by adults and get scolded; he wasn't exactly the most popular villager around. But all that was just fine though! He had his friends, and a good time; life was good. Then, 10 years ago...the pirates came.

Burned, ravaged, and raided. The village was attacked in the dead of night. Jinsei woke up with a fright to the smell of burning wood and the screams of bloodshed. He rushed out of his room to find his mother bleeding on the ground, calling out to him in desperation. She held her stomach that bled relentelessly as she whimpered; helpless and defeated. Jinsei, in a panic, froze...shocked by the horrifying scene. Suddenly, a large man with a bloodied cutlass walked in from the kitchen, stuffing his face with fresh meat on the bone, glaring at the boy. Jinsei's instincts took over as he looked toward the exit and bolted out of the door in to the fiery village. Once outside, he found two of his friends running for their lives. They called out to him. "C'mon, Jin! We're going to the docks! Let's go! Quickly!" Jinsei didn't question the plan at all as he took off following them blindly; running as fast as his legs cold carry him. The group of kids approached a small fishing boat on the docks: The Drifting Spirit. Without any thought as to who's boat it was or where they were going, they swiftly abandoned the old fishing down; making their way blind and hopeless in to the East Blue.

Three grueling days of no food or water passed. The kids had nearly lost all hope in their chances of survival before a miracle appeared along the horizon: an island. No hesitations came from the desperate kids as they sailed their way toward it. When they arrived, the island was seemingly barren of civilization. Hopes were high though, for there was enough fruit and vegitation to go around for the hungry adventurers, and that's when Jinsei found something strange. A small orange fruit with swirling e-shaped patterns, shaped like a pineapple and soft as a pear sat atop a bush by itself. Though Jinsei knew the risk of trying something so strange he had never seen before, the desperation of hunger overcame his rational thinking and he consumed what was none other than the Mokuzai Mokuzai No Mi.

That night at camp, Jinsei's body began to frantically contort itself. His friends watched in horror as his body shifted in and out of a wooden form, Jinsei convulsing on the ground screaming with fear and confusion. "Oh my god! He ate the devil's fruit! That must be it! There's no other way!" His friends shouted in terror. "Jinsei cried out. "Help me! I can't...I can't stop!" he screamed. Off in to the deep forest of trees, his friends abandoned him in fear, completely scared out of their minds. Jinsei passed out after a long fight with the strange effects of the fruit...eventually drifting off in a healthy human state.

Morning came around and the sounds of working men and a large ship could be heard from camp in the distance. Jinsei rose, looking around to find his encampment empty; his friends had never come back. He turned to the coast, seeing the ship leave the opposite way. He rushed to his feet, jumping and waving his arms frantically as the ship sailed further and further away. "Hey! HEEEEEEEEEEEEY!" He screamed, but to no avail. After a few hours...the daunting thought had dawned on Jinsei that his friends had abandoned him, left him on this island for nothing. Knowing he didn't have the skills to live here on his own, he turned to The Drifting Spirit...setting off for new lands and maybe a new life.

It is now ten years later. Jinsei Dekanto has learned to control the powers of the Wood Wood Fruit and has been sailing, looking for his calling in life ever since.

Personality: Generally outgoing and borderline imposing, Jinsei is your typical confident 20 year old man. A flirt, a daredevil, and even a con at times, Jinsei always seems to find trouble in some way, shape, or form; often resulting in being punched in the face. To go with that, he's also cocky; an often fearless opponent in battle. Underneath the more undesirable traits, however, is a troubled man with a rough past and a dark outlook on life. Despite his trivially rowdy behavior, he constantly seeks to help those he calls friend, and once people get to know him, they often begin to discover he isn't quite as bad as he came off to be. To those he cares for or associates with, he usually likes to offer his helping hand; Jinsei is not the kind of man to his sit around and do nothing. Faced in situations of life or death; all jokes and laughs are set aside. He is merciful and forgiving, not one looking to kill another. However, he will stop at nothing to defend himself or those he loves until the very end.

Ship: The Drifting Spirit.

Ship Flag: N/A.

Devil Fruit: Mokuzai Mokuzai No Mi (Wood Wood Fruit).
Type: Paramecia.
Effect: The user of this Devil Fruit is able to turn any part of their body (excluding their head) in to thick wood. They can regenerate lost body parts (except their heads) over a short amount of time, using their powers to grow it back as if it were a tree. They can also alter their limbs in to different shapes and sizes (depending on the physical strength of the user). For example, a Wood Wood Fruit user could turn their arm in to a large wooden stake or a giant mallet. If they've the strength (and momentum, as this would be extremely difficult to perform and recover from quickly in a battle) they can extend and retract their limbs for long ranged attacks, much like the Gomu Gomu No Mi. Wood Wood Fruit users can also propel external wood made from their body (for example, I could turn my arm in to a flat, round surface and fire tiny wooden bullets from it) at the expense of minor fatigue afterwards. The wood made from a user of this Devil Fruit is alive; this means that they are not extremely vulnerable to fire in short exposure, they can wither if conditions call for it (they can also get cold or hot due to traces of water flowing through), and they can bend almost indefinitely, depending on the thickness of the limb.

Special Abilities:

Athletic - Jinsei has a pretty considerable amount of stamina in combat or during strenuous physical activity.

Navigator - Fairly exprienced in operating many kinds of sea vessels and reading maps.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Dekanto Mokuzai Bone Bash: Jinsei's trademark move. He runs toward his enemy, spinning to gain momentum as he holds one arm out, morphing it in to a gigantic mallet.

Heavy Mokuzai Hammer Smash: Jinsei turns his right arm in to a large wooden stake, and his left arm in to a mallet. He then digs the stake in to his opponent or obstical and bashes it in deep with the hammer.

Giant Mokuzai Barrier: Jinsei raises his arm as if to block a punch, his arm extending and morphing in to a large wooden shield that rests on whatever surface the battle is taking place on (very heavy shield. Restricts movement).

Dekanto Mokuzai Slash: Jinsei morphs one or both arms in to blades, turning his entire arm in to a weapon as he makes a slashing motion at his opponent.

Deadly Mokuzai Machine Gun: Turns one arm in to a heavy log from which several wooden spikes shoot out at a rapid pace.

Mokuzai Spin Kick: Jinsei jumps in to the air toward his enemy, spinning as his leg turns in to dense wood, delivering a devastating kick.

Dekanto Mokuzai Sucker Punch: Jinsei throws a vicious left or right hook to his enemy's face or torso, his fist and arm turning in to painfully tough wood.

Dekanto Mokuzai Speeding Bullet Punch: Jinsei puts all of his strength in to this long distance punch. He throws his body weight forward as he runs swiftly and leaps, soaring through the air as his arm quickly extends in to an extremely heavy and destructive wooden limb.

More to be added as RP progresses.

Weapons/Items: None.

Goals: To simply find a purpose in life and make himself meaningful.

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PostSubject: Re: Jinsei Dekanto.   Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:53 am

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Jinsei Dekanto.
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