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 Aisha B.

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PostSubject: Aisha B.   Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:18 pm

Name: Aisha "Lost" B.
Age: 17
Species: Human.
Occupation: Captain, Musician, Knight
Allegiance: Pirate(The Broken Soul Pirates)
Home Village/Ocean: East Blue
Appearance: Aisha has deep blue eyes that change color with her mood, if she's happy her eyes are baby blue and pale, but when she's mad for example her eyes turn a dark blue like that of the night sky; when she's sad they're cold blue with tinges of grey, and it goes on; her eyes are direct windows to her soul, and she can't control her emotions at all, sometimes her eyes even turn slightly greenish (like in the second picture). Her eyes are surrounded by long eyelashes that are black, her eyebrows are thin and black as well. Aisha has an angular face, her skin is smooth and pale. Her lips are pale and pink, thin and cupid's bow shaped, she smiles all the time so it's weird to see her lips set up in a frown. When she grins she shows light dimples, that are really cute but she doesn't like them that much. Her hair is a white, it's really long and it does down to her mid thigh, she usually has it tied in two braids, but only part of it, the other free. But sometimes she just lets it all free. It's cut in some places so it's shorter, one falls down in the middle of her face, slightly longer and reaches down her nose. Others are cut randomly just like that one. Her body is long and slender, she has stronger muscles than a normal girl but nothing too visible, just like stated above her skin is pale and porcelain like; she stands around 184 centimeters long, and only weights around 53 kilograms. She wears the clothes indicated in the second picture.
History: Aisha was born into a family that had a long history as swordsmen/swordswomen, they were strong and had belonged to the best swordsmen in the world, so she was pressured into becoming a swordsgirl just when she learned how to walk and talk. Her first word was "sword"! As hard as that sounds. She was forced to train, but she kind of liked it for some weird reason. There were many things that she didn't just "train", there were actual classes where she was called a knight and she liked it, it was really cool for her.

"Aisha! Look out" the teacher called while they were in an expedition, she was carrying a short sword, also called Katana; but she didn't like it. It was too light for her taste, she liked big swords more. She turned around and noticed a hooded guy, he was carrying a sword as well, a real sword. She screamed a little and started defending herself, as the guy had started to attack her. "Aisha leave! Run away!" but she couldn't, she was a knight and knights didn't run away from battles! In the end it resulted with Aisha having a broken arm, and a criminal being sent to jail. She had done the right thing after all.

And that was only one of the examples of how being a life had truly affected Aisha's life, she had been always noble and everything, but she didn't think it was enough, sure she enjoyed her life as it was, she loved training and becoming stronger, but when she reached the 16 years old, she knew that it was just dull. It wouldn't get much better anymore. She was a girl, and she wouldn't do it. So she ran away from home, running to the mountains, where she met someone that changed her life forever.

Alexei, that was his name. He was a swordsman as well, just like Aisha. But he wasn't a knight, he was a pirate, where his crew was, he didn't know himself, but he just knew that he enjoyed living life in peace. At first he didn't want to talk to Aisha, but eventually he turned softer and he told her about his adventures as a pirate, everything, the world, and how being a pirate and actually fighting against other people had made him stronger than he had ever been. The way he spoke about piracy made Aisha realize something, she had thought life had become dull because she couldn't become stronger. Because she never fought with someone seriously besides the hooded guy. She understood it all now, she wanted to become someone really strong, the best swordsman in the world, even if she was a girl. She told this to Alexei and he laughed, telling her that if she believed in what she wanted, it would become reality with lots of effort!

And that was why when she turned 17, Aisha left her home once again to become a pirate, she wanted to join a pirate crew but after lots of thinking, and convincing from Alexei, she decided to create her own crew. And she would combine with other of her passions, the bass. She had learnt how to play the bass ever since she was little and was really good at playing it now, so she put a really nice name for her crew.

This is the start of "The Broken Soul Pirates"

Personality: Aisha is so silly most people think she does it on purpose, she says random things, randomly. She doesn't know when to shut up and mostly ends up saying what she shouldn't say, obnoxious rude comments tend to make their way out of her mouth without her intending to say them. She doesn't like that about herself but she can't help it. Even if she's kind of rude, Aisha is noble, she has a noble heart and will try to help anyone that is worth it, of course that is subjective as she will decide who she thinks is worth it and who isn't. She doesn't really agree with killing innocent people, but if someone messes with her and is against her goals then she will consider killing them, but making them slaves or capturing them will always sound like a better option to her. She's really stubborn and won't fall into influences that easily, or at all really, unless it's someone she cares deeply for, and even like that it will take a whole lot of time to convince her. She won't steal willingly unless it's in critical conditions where it's either steal or die out of starvation/cold/etc... well, that's for allies, when it comes to stealing from someone she doesn't know, she won't doubt it, at all. She doesn't believe in miracles or anything like that, she believes in making her own miracles, if she wants something then she has to work for it. All her family were famous swordsmen/women, so she feels the need to become one herself, even if she isn't that good with the sword, she believes that she will get better with practice and perseverance; she truly believes that. Her mother taught her that being a girl had nothing to do with being good at it, if she truly wanted it, she could do anything. It would become true, she truly believes that dreams come true. She loves her family but she didn't really like that they didn't want her to become a pirate, she tried to explain them that it was for her goals but in the end they still didn't understand.
Ship: The Broken Record
Ship Flag: describe
Special Abilities:
Knight: Ever since little, Aisha wasn't taught silly things like counting, well she was taught that but it wasn't necessary, it wasn't given importance, and instead of it she was taught how to use the sword, how to grab one properly, how to swing one, at first she couldn't do it right but it wasn't important, the thing was the perseverance. She was also taught important traits that a knight should have:
  • Heart Nobility: A knight has to be noble, they have to have noble hearts, because that's what they do, help innocent people when they need to, save a maiden in distress, etc.
  • Brave: A knight is brave, they have to be so because they face terrible situations and fears, so they have to be like that. For being brave, Aisha had to face her fears, from simple fears like being afraid of the darkness, to more complex things like height.
  • Loyal: A knight is loyal to his/her loved ones, not only that but their highness, if they serve one that is, or in this case to the sword, their weapon. They are loyal to their loved ones specially, friends and family, lover, etc.
  • Strength: A knight is strong, therefore every knight is strong, and by meaning that, there's the responsibility of training to become so.
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): She doesn't have any proper technique, just using her sword in normal ways... No names given to that.
Weapons/Items: Salvezza
Goals: Become one of the best swordsmen in the world, even if she's a girl.

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Aisha B.
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