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 The Old Legend

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PostSubject: The Old Legend   Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:45 am

Name: Gitta(Get-Ta) "The Old Legend"
Age: 50

Bounty: 11,000,000

Species: Fishmen

Occupation: Captain Thief

Allegiance: Fishmen Loner

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: Gitta is 6'0ft and 150lb Built and slim. His skin is colored light blue. His eyes are a light purple that glare in the sun.
His clothing is a large robe with a hood over his head all the time. Beneath the robe is black pants that are concealed by the robe. and
a black tank top.that is also concealed. His nose appearance looks like a sharp razor. both his hands are able to cuffed fully
around a human's neck, being able to touch his own fingertips. When he wears his hood over his head, shadows conceal his nose and eyes, making
his mouth the only thing visible to anyone. The large cloak is big enough to fully cover his whole appearance. He has a 12 pack, which he has been working on for years, able to take hits to the stomach from anyone.

History: Gitta's history starts at the grandline. Born in a small island full of nothing but fishmen. Both his parents died when he was around the age of five. they were on there ship and were killed by other pirates a bit off the island. The moment he hit the age of 18. he set sail with his pirate ship and with his small crew of five, he raided many small pirate ships at first, some have chosen death, others have joined his side. at the age of 30, he had five giant ships which gold 25 members on each ship. making a total of 125. He was still raiding more and more of ships at that age and killing more pirates and this time burning down there ships. Later on at the age of 40. everything came crashing down when he fought this man who was a master swordsman. All his crew members died from this swordsman and his crew. Gitta couldn't believe it that him and his crew lost. Gitta was the only survivor of his crew. 10 years have pass, and he lost his ship, his rank of captain, and his crew. now he lives off stealing from other pirate ships solo and taking them over and destroying them afterwards. this guy was a legend back in his younger days. but now he is just a shell of his former self. Gitta taking his travels through a town on a small island, he spots a merchant and a stall table next to him. Gitta walking over to the merchant with his hood on. Gitta viewing all the merchants material on display. What is that.... Gitta points to the one seastone for display. The merchant explains how its rare and such offering a high price for the sac of seastones that he has next to him. Gitta sees that he doesn't carry the amount of money that the merchant is asking for. He quickly pushes the merchant's body into the bushes behind the man. The merchant gets abit tangled in the bush as Gitta grabs the merchant's sac of seastone taking his run to the dock area. Two close by marines see the merchant that fell in the bushes by the tall fishman. The marines trys to catch up to him running all soldier like. Gitta makes it to the dock area jumping inside the ocean deep underneath the docks. Taking his swim down below as the two marines stop at the edge of the dock seeing small bubbles slowly begin to fade away. One marine jumps in the water taking a deep dive into it. He would spot Gitta down below the surface as Gitta looks to the marine with a grin. The marine swims down below to the Gitta trying to retrieve the sac from him. Gitta swims more downer and downer away from the docking area. The marine begins to lose his breath as he would be deep under the water trying to chase after him, he decides to return to the surface seeing as how the fishman can breath under the water and he cant. The marine pops his head out of the surface climbing aboard dock next to his partner. "He got away". Gitta would let the remaining minutes as the marines walk away back to there stations. Gitta popping his head out of the water, he would be getting out of the dock heading to the opposite direction of the marines heading to a smith who can make him weapons. He would go to the smith guy asking him to make him the weapons. the smith guy see that the seastone is rare. The smith ask him for cash in exchange for the sword making. Gitta however makes him a better deal that if he can make him ten seastone knives and two twin swords. that he will let the remaining seastones be kept to the smith. The smith agrees, seeing that these stones are rare to even get. He makes him the weapons within an hour. Gitta lets him keep the sac as he walks away with his new weapons.

Personality: When it came to fighting. Gitta tends to be cocky when he towers over his enemy's. This cockiness tends to benefit him a lot until he decides to take it to the extreme. When he isn't in battle, he picks on people who are smaller then him and laughs in there face. His nice side has never been shown to anyone, he really likes flowers and food. He loves animals, specially cats. But he won't tell anyone about his hidden secret. He likes setting villages, and ships on fire with his oil container. He likes packing food every time he leaves a town so that he is never hungry for his journey, whether it is on sea or on land. He loves fighting humans in the water, giving him a major advantage when it comes to underwater fighting, his speed is increased just slightly underwater. He still misses his crew, but he keeps going on for them and more importantly himself.
Ship: The Fishmen Legends None

Ship Flag: Fully black back and front, and in front of it was a red skull with several cracks entering through the top of the head, coming down all the way to the eye brow area.

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities: Super human strength, Cat like reflexes, his eyes can detect movement quick and his ears can hear movement quick

Learned Techniques:
The Twin Spinning Knifes: ten long wires that have ten knives attached to it at the end. each hand holds five wires with five knives. the wires will be spinning around in the same circular motion over and over. will be spinning away from the body.

The One Hundred Knife Throw: Ten Wires, Ten Knives. The user will throw the ten wired knives over to the enemy. the knives will slash through every part of the body figure making small wounds near the upper arms,Lower arms, Rip cage, upper thighs, low thighs, side of the neck, and side of the cheeks. after the damage is taken or missed. the knifes will be pulled coming from the back side.

The Legendary Knives fighter: One Knife will be tied up around the elbow joints, laying flat on the arm, on both the arms. One knife will be tied up on the top forearm at the wrist, the blade ends on where the middle fingers would end if you were to open up your hand. one knife will be tied up at the front foot under the shoes, laying flat. and one knife on the back of the foot under the shoes, laying flat. and finally a wire will be tied around the user's wait with one knife dangling from the wires front and back. all these adds up to ten knifes.

The Legendary Knives Defensive: With the wires being tied around his waist, he will fully spin a 360 over and over. with the wired knifes following at his direction being away from his body protecting that entire area, with his arms extending out like an airplane, his fist will be closed, with the knifes that are tied on his top of the wrist increasing his defense around the chest area.

Twin Seastone Sword
10 seastone knives
Black Leather Gloves - Normal gloves which protect his hands.
Black large cloak w/ hood
Small oil container - the size of a lighter

Character Flaws: When it comes to fighting, Gitta tends to let his personality come into play and it tends to get the better of him, which may cause him to lose a battle. Gitta tends to have a large stomach, and if he doesn't eat, it will weaken his fighting.

Goals: To be on top again.

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PostSubject: Re: The Old Legend   Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:45 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Old Legend   Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:38 am

added to bounty, 10,000,000.

Reason: Fighting a vice admiral
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PostSubject: Re: The Old Legend   Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:12 am

bounty update approved
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PostSubject: Re: The Old Legend   Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:12 am

Weapons to be added:
Twin Seastone Sword
10 seastone knives

Reason: look at history.
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PostSubject: Re: The Old Legend   Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:35 am

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PostSubject: Re: The Old Legend   

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The Old Legend
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