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 Pasa Pasa no mi

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PostSubject: Pasa Pasa no mi   Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:27 pm

Name: Pasa Pasa no mi (Rustle Rustle fruit)

Type: Logia

Effect: Allows the user to create and control sheets of paper or card as well as allowing the users body to dissolve into a pile of papers. User can eventually transform their entire body into paper and can dodge projectiles with ease.


Growth curve:

0% User can produce thin sheets of paper by rubbing hand against a surface, roughly the size of a playing card

10% User can produce thick sheets of card by rubbing hand against a surface, roughly the size of a playing card, can be used as projectiles. Can produce sheets of paper at will by rubbing forearm against a surface, roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper.

20% Users body becomes can become paper like, allowing them to thin their bodies to dodge projectiles. Card and paper can be produced from any part of the body, rubbing against a surface is no longer necessary. Paper can be made up to an A3 size and card can be made up to an A4 Size. User can telekenetically write and draw on paper they produce without the use of ink or a pencil.

30% The user can produce paper and card at a rapid rate and can dissolve their body into a pile of paper for a very short period of time, roughly 30 seconds (3 posts, give or take) before reforming to their regular form, the user cannot control these sheets as paper and purely used for hiding from an enemy.

40% User can dissolve their body into a pile of paper for a longer period of time, roughly 2 minutes (12 posts, give or take), user can control this paper, allowing themselves to slide under very small gaps and reform on the other side, can reform from this form at will.

50% The user can form a pair of bird-like wings on their back made of paper, allowing them to hover roughly 10 feet above the ground, flight is not possible. There is no longer a time limit on dissolving into a pile of paper.

60% The user has full telekenetic abilities over all paper-based objects in a 20 foot radius, produced by them or otherwise. Wings allow for short periods of flight, roughly 5 minutes and at altitudes of roughly 50 feet.

70% The user can transform there body completely into paper, allowing them to dodge most attacks and they can endure most attacks which hit, with the exception of fire based attacks, which they become very vulnerable against.

80% User can cover their body with a very thick paper mache like mould which acts as a very efficient armour against most attacks, however the armour slows down the user incredibly and is usually only used in dire straights.

90% User can produce paper and card indefinitely, Armour becomes more flexible without losing any of its durability or efficiency.

100% Armour becomes as hard as rock and is now so light it is as if the user is not wearing it at all.

Ability Points Cost: (a mod will add an ability points cost after approving the fruit)
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Pasa Pasa no mi
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