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 Takuji Fuko "The Beheader"

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PostSubject: Takuji Fuko "The Beheader"   Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:47 pm

Name: Takuji Fuko"The beheader"

Age: 13

Bounty: None

Species: Human

Occupation: Warrior/Martial Artist/Assasin

Allegiance: To anyone he likes

Home Village/Ocean: Creta/ New World

He has orange hair and a pointy nose. His eyes are perfect blue, a trait which all of his family have. He wears a black T shirt which simply says "Kill or be killed". He wears shorts most of the time and brown boots. He carries his Chain scythe wherever he goes on his back and it hangs from his back. He also posseses a hoodie for the rainy days which is grey in colour.


Takuji Fuko was born in Creta in the New World. On the island of Creta was the village of Okuta where warriors and assasins were born and raised and trained in Okutan martial arts.This island had the tradition of sending warriors to the marines and the navy in exchange for the Navy watching over the island and including it in the list of ally islands to the World Government. The okutan tribe was ruled by the 5 pillars of strength and they made most of the major decisions pertaining to the village. Takuji had been trained in the okutan martial arts since the day of his birth. His muscles and his body trained to hone his fighting skill. Such a heavy burden was placed of a boy who soon became known as "the beheader". His talents for martial arts was so great that the leader of the Okutan village deemed Takujis potential to be too great to allow him to go to the marines where his training and knowledge would falter. So instead, at the age of 12, Takuji was named one of the 5 pillars of okuta, simply based off Takujis infinite potential and his current ability.

Takuji however was soon caught up in a battle which rocked his village of Okuta to its core. His sister Mimi, then after that incident allowed her brother to leave the isle of Creta. She claimed it would only stunt his growth if he was to stay at the island. It was better for him to experience the world. Takuji decided that he was going to get absolutely stronger until he could kill the monsters who had attacked his village. Takuji since then has been wandering around , trying to escape the harsh weather of the New World.

Takuji is a extremely cold and dark character. There was training in okuta on how to kill an opponent and this involved choosing a class mate to engage in mortal combat. Takuji fought this classmate and beheaded him, that earned him the title of beheader. Takuji develops a rather quiet persona because of this trauma, which leads him to believe that all life has little meaning and people can simply perish so easily. Therefore Takuji fears death more than anyone, so much so that when faced with a opponent stronger than himself, Takuji aims to flee rather than fight. Takuji has never had real friends before due to this prodigious nature, his sister was only one of the few people to be nice to him in his village. therefore Takuji is very poorly based on social norms and how to make friends. Though if he could find someone who was his equal at his age, he would probably be able to make friends with them.

Ship: small boat

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: Super strength, super speed, mastery of his weapon , speciality in assasination, okutan martial arts

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Okutan martial art:
1. Echo walk: a move likened to soru, except, this is quieter and uses 10 steps to create a after image. once ten steps in thrusted on the ground in a instant , an after image can be created and the effect is that of an echo of fast movement. Currently, Takuji can only do 20 steps, meaning two after images.

2. Cloud walk: Similar to geppou, this move thrusts the warrior into the air and gives the impression of walking on air. However, Takujis limits are over 20 minutes in the air((4 posts)) which he will then be forced to come down and land to recharge

3. Flesh blade: This will make his hands, mainly the palm and wrists and arms of his hand as sharp as a sword, done through years and years of tree chopping training. However, due to Takujis childish physical nature, he cannot maintain the flesh blade, he can use it instantaineously only.

Chain Scythe techs:
1. Loop D Loop: He swings hi chain scythe up and then spreads it across the area, once the enemy is trapped, the scythe will loop and drop down to completely cleave the limb which is trapped clean off.

2. Eternal Parade: He uses his chains to twirl and surroudn the opposing enemy, and then moving at close range, he will slice the enemy multiple times in a flurry of attacks, and the chains will be there to make sure the enemy is trapped.

3.Crescent moon: Quietly , Takujis chain scythes would come down, and then behead the enemy as Takuji tugs on his chain.

Chain Scythes
Smoke bombs
Pocket money

Goals: Get the most from his pilgrimage and become even stronger than he is currently

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PostSubject: Re: Takuji Fuko "The Beheader"   Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:58 am

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PostSubject: Re: Takuji Fuko "The Beheader"   

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Takuji Fuko "The Beheader"
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