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PostSubject: Ella (DELETED)   Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:22 pm

Name: Ella
Age: 8
Species: Human
Allegiance: Soon to be pirate
Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line
Appearance: Ella is really small for her age, being around one meter only, when the average is around 1 meter 28 centimeters. She has dark brown hair that falls down to her mid thigh, it has no shape because she never had the opportunity to cut it, explaining why it is so long. Her hair is straight and she usually has it behind her ears, so it won't annoy her face. Her face is angular, soft pale skin that has bright colored dots behind her eyes, which are pale blue. Her eyes are almond shaped and she has black eyelashes surrounding them, her eyebrows are thin and dark brown. Her lips are cupid's bow shaped, being only a light shade of pink. On the sides of her abdomen she has squared shaped dots like the ones on her face, that change color which each movement she makes. Her bones are hollow and fragile so she also has that fragile look, her body is thin and small, and since her skin is so pale she looks as if she was sick. Ella's hands are slightly long, her fingers are at least, perfect for a pianist' hands, and her feet are normal sized. She wears old white shorts that look dirty (are dirty as well) and a purple tank top, she doesn't have anything to wear on her feet.
History: Ella was left in an orphanage when she was born, her mother and father didn't want her because they were too young or some stupid excuse like that. She grew in that orphanage for five years, being a small girl and shy, she didn't really get along with anyone from there, not even the caretaker who hated her because she reminded her of someone she hated. It was horrible, it sounded so cliche yet it was happening to her, she wondered why they would hate her, she tried to be nice, yet she still hid herself from others, and it didn't help. But she couldn't help it. Although by the time she was five the orphanage went into bankrupt, most of the children had been adopted but Ella was still there, no one wanted a child that was shy and spoke to herself as her only way of entertaining, so it ended with her living in the streets.

To say it was hard was an understatement, Ella lived in small boxes, singing a little to strangers so that they would give her some money. But she didn't really make it, she had to beg the baker of the town to give her a piece of bread, she had to go to the woods of the island to look for something to eat. And she barely made it, only barely. She was really thin. Once in one of those trips to the woods, she found a weird looking fruit, she was starving, like always, so she decided to eat it. After all, if she died it would only be better, she would stop suffering so much. But she didn't die, it felt like she was going to though, because it tasted horrible. Nothing change for her though, or so she thought until the baker commented that she looked thinner than ever, and that she had weird dots under her eyes. She wondered what had happened but she never really got an answer.

She was tired, of that village and everything. So she started building a big plank of wood from the woods. She got it ready by the time of her 8ht birthday, well, what she thought was her 8ht birthday at least, and left the island, she is now floating somewhere in the grand line, hoping she'll get somewhere where she'll be better than before.
Personality: Ella is really silent, she doesn't like talking to many people because many have let her down already, she wants to believe that there are nice people in the world, but sometimes she finds it really hard to do so. Even if she's only 8 years old, she has already been through so much that she's kind of mature, she still has that childish hope that everything will soon get better though, she just doesn't know how. She likes talking to herself although it's mostly inside her head, as people used to tell her that it was weird, and she was hated on because of that. Her most precious belonging is her stuffed bunny, the only present she ever got and the only thing she actually had besides her shorts and tank top. She really loves that bunny because it's her only friend, the only thing she can count on, even if it can't do anything besides being... well, a stuffed animal. There isn't much it can do. But it's there for her, something that people never did, they were never there for her, counting her nameless parents. She doesn't have any hobbies because she gets along with working on the street, asking for a little bit of money from strangers and hardly getting by. If she could though, she would probably enjoy playing around in the woods or something like that, but she can't do it. Even at such age, Ella doesn't believe in God or anything like that, because it already has let her down many times. Sometimes she just wishes she could have some love from anyone.
Ship: Lovely piece of floating wood.
Ship Flag: It's a piece of wood. It does not have a flag.
Devil Fruit: Tori Tori no mi Model: Humming Bird
Type: Zoan
Special Abilities:
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Goals: To not die.

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PostSubject: Re: Ella (DELETED)   Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:33 pm


but no special abilities at all?
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PostSubject: Re: Ella (DELETED)   Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:34 pm

Ayup. For now.
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PostSubject: Re: Ella (DELETED)   

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