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 Miles Raleigh

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PostSubject: Miles Raleigh   Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:55 am

Name: Miles Raleigh

Age: 21

Bounty: 10,000 Belli

Species: Human

Occupation: Shipwright/Inventor

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Appearance: Miles is 6 foot in height and is slightly underweight. This is seen quite clearly due to his thin body and arms. Miles is rather pale, to the point where he looks rather ill. His eyes are a dark blue which become lighter the closer they get to the pupil. Miles' hair is shoulder length and is white in colour. He has a faint scar on the back of his right hand, going from the index to right side of the wrist (birth-mark). Miles tends to have a metal mallet connected to his belt.

History: Miles grew up almost glued to his father. He would constantly be near his father, laughing at his jokes and constantly giving him affection. Miles' father worked as a repairman for ships and common goods. Most of the time, Miles would follow his father to work and help in anyway he could. This only tended to be small things, such as handing over a certain tool or piece needed to repair the object. Apart from that, Miles just sat next to his father and watched him repair items and ships. This was Miles' day to day life. Soon, Miles would begin to help his father more by repairing some of the smaller objects, then some of the larger ones and eventually began to help on ships aswell.

One time, when helping his father repair a pirate ship, an object caught his eye. As Miles wandered off, he left his father to finish the job. When he got to the object, he saw that it was some sort of weird exotic fruit. Thinking he might aswell take it as a tip for a job well done, Miles ate the fruit, though he regretted it after tasting it. A few days after finishing the ship, while Miles and his father were sleeping, the pirates entered their house and took both Miles and his father captive. The pirates searched the house for something but couldn't find whatever they were looking for. The captain sighed and spoke to Miles' father;
"You shouldn't take what isn't yours."
With that, the captain took a gun from his belt and shot Miles' father point black in the head.

Miles spent the next few months as a form of slave for the crew, staying extremely apathetic for most of the time. Miles played that fateful night over in his head time and time again, thinking what it was that the pirates were looking for. Miles never considered it was the fruit he ate, which he still didn't know contained power, until it's power awakened within him as he was being beaten by the captain. As his power awoke, he tore the captain apart and continued to kill the rest of the crew in a violent storm of blood. When Miles came to the next morning, blood was washed across the deck and bodies were torn apart. Miles began to smile, and even laugh, for the first time in months. The ship steadily rolled through the sea for several days before crashing into the shore of a nearby island. It was on this island that Miles spent several years honing his skills with his power. Miles survived by either hunting wildlife with his power or by stealing from the town on the other side of the island. Miles eventually left the island, having built a small, single-person boat from the remains of the pirate crew.

Miles moved from island to island, eventually starting to cause chaos on each island he went to by trying to demolish buildings and rebuilding them. Eventually, Miles got to the point where someone got in his way so that he tried to break the person and tried to rebuild them. After receiving a bounty for this act, Miles enjoyed the infamy somewhat and began to break more people to become more infamous. Each time Miles has tried to fix a person, his attempts have failed.

Personality: Miles is seems to be extremely calm most of the time, even though sometimes it can be seen as rather insane to be calm at such moments. The opposite could be said if Miles is ever caught in a fight. At such times, Miles becomes extremely viscious and even borderline animalistic. Miles is a man of great intellect, though his imagination tends to overshadow his intellect and, as such, tries to make overcomplicated contraptions. Miles also has a fascination with breaking objects and trying to rebuild them.

Devil Fruit: Myth Myth Fruit: Model Manticore
Type: Mythical Zoan
Effect: The user of the fruit can transform only in the complete manticore, like all mythical zoan users. The manticore has a red lion body and head, dragon wings, horns and a scorpion tail. It has the size of a grown up horse or lion. From its scorpion tail, which is covered along by spikes, it can shoot poisonous spikes that paralyze or kill the foe if not treated. As the Manticore has feline traits, it has a spcieal night vision and has a very keen sense of smell.

Special Abilities:

  • Ability to keep calm under almost any circumstance.
  • The ability to repair many different types of objects.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

  • Poison Mallet: Miles changes into him Manticore form and fires several spikes of poison at an enemy before changing back into human form and throwing his mallet.
  • High Dive: Miles, while in manticore form, soars up into the sky and rockets back down to the ground, aiming towards his target.
  • Claws of Fury: As a Manticore, Miles would continuously keep swiping at his target, not having much strength behind his swipes and mainly attacking with speed.


  • Metal Mallet


  • To reach great infamy.
  • To fix a person once broken.
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PostSubject: Re: Miles Raleigh   Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:41 pm

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Miles Raleigh
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