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 Important Please read

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PostSubject: Important Please read   Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:50 pm

Well, hello everyone. I'm writing this thread because I just saw a movie that really impacted me, I know bullying is bad, we all know that right? But we don't really realize how harsh and how much it truly affects someone when it comes to something critical, or it happens to us. I, myself, have been bullied and hated, I know how it feels and I know not to do it, but when you enter the internet, use social networks and other things, it feels like it's not true right? After all, it's not the "real world" we believe that what we type in here isn't real, that it won't hurt because they're just typed words, whether from someone we know or from unknown people, strangers, strangers you shouldn't even care about. But what happens when you get hate mails, from people you don't know, wouldn't you ask yourself "Who are these people and why they hate me? What have I done to make them hate me? is there something wrong with me?" and the chain starts again. Bullying doesn't only exist in the real world, and if it's cyberbullying, in the internet where nothing should be 'taken seriously', it doesn't mean that it won't hurt other people, there have been people that have tried to commit suicide because of it, there are people that have committed suicide because of it! So it's not good. I know a simple phrase, like "I hate you", can start everything, and oneself won't really see that it's bullying, that it's hurting the other people, we don't see their reactions, or if it actually affects them, but we need to understand that it doesn't work that way, people are different and it might affect them even more than we think it might!

Now all of this comes because I just saw that movie I commented about above, it's about this girl that is cyberbullied, but that's not everything, and it's so real, you could even feel it. I cried so much while seeing it because it's true! It's the truth, that's exactly how things work in this life and it shouldn't be that way, we should understand that things shouldn't be this way, and that everyone needs to be respected, if they're saying something bad about you, tell them that they're wrong, and that they shouldn't be saying that, that they're the ones who are wrong, because it's true. Bullies feed from their victims fear, sadness, hurt, so don't let them have it! And don't treat people badly. I confess that I might have told people hurtful things because I was mad, but I always apologized, because once the anger left, all I felt was regret. There's this point in life where you feel so frustrated because there are some things that you can't take back even if you wish so badly to undue, if there was just control + z so we could just get back to the start and do it all right, how it should be. But we can't so that's why I think we should think more about our actions so we don't regret them afterwards. For example, I wish I could take back things that I said and how I behaved in the past, because if I hadn't been that way I wouldn't have lost the person I've loved the most in this life.

Anyway I hope everyone can take the time to read this and watch the movie, even if it's recent and by a disney start I really and truly think that it's good, I don't care about special effects or anything like that, I care about the story, the actual story, and this one is good, it's true, it's our life put into a movie. And I hope everyone will enjoy it, and that it will touch their hearts.
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Important Please read
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