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 Chi Hibari

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PostSubject: Chi Hibari   Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:59 pm

Name: Chi Hibari
Age: 18
Species: Human.
Occupation: (Soon to be)Captain, Poison Specialist
Allegiance: Pirate(Plum Blossom Pirates).
Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line
Appearance: Chi has silky black hair that is cut short, only reaching around the middle of her neck, it partially covers her eyes in the front and it comes out in different directions as well. She has a heart shaped face, with pale pink lips that suit well with her porcelain skin; her eyes are light blue and looks emotionless, but that's because she's blind. Her eyebrows are thin and her eyelashes are long and black, making her eyes pop out. She usually wears white dresses that go down her knees, they have a long v-neck that shows some skin but with black shorts underneath it, so she can be able to move around without revealing anything compromising. She wears black converse like shoes and aviator shades (this). She is 174cm tall, weights around 54kg, her body is long and slender, her waist is small and her hips are slightly wide, but nothing abnormal, just normally, nicely, wide.

History: Chi was born in a small island in the grand line, her parents loved her a lot and she never lacked anything. Just by the time she learned how to speak and walk, she was taught how to read and write, it was something hard for little Chi but with a year of practice she could already read and somehow write. At the same time she was taught about poisons, both of her parents being poison specialists they wanted their daughter to follow their steps and become someone special in society. By the time she was four, Chi was able to make basic types of poison from plants and could extract poison from some small animals that weren't that dangerous. She was also able to distinguish venomous plants from normal plants and etc.

When Chi turned five, three months after her birthday, she had a horrible accident. She fell from her stairs (around 50 steps) and had a major brain injury, this caused partial memory loss and permanent sight loss. Life wasn't the same for Chi from that point onwards, she couldn't see anything and everything was harder for her, but her parents decided to continue teaching her the poisons and everything so she could still know how to work her way around things and stuff. By training, and being blind from such an early age, she learned how to use echolocation (explanation is showed down in the 'special abilities' part).

One day (when she was around 7 years old, after recovering her memories and being able to use echolocation nicely), while collecting plants for making venom, Chi found a weird shaped fruit, not knowing what it was, and thinking that it was normal and fine to eat (since it wasn't shaped like any of the venomous fruits her parents had taught her about), so she did so, the taste was horrible but she had to swallow it, she ran to the lake and drank from the water quickly. (She memorized the way to the lake, she could also hear the water moving slowly from near by).

After some days of no abnormal occurrence, something weird happened. While shaking her father's hand, she accidentally electrocuted him, then when her father, worried about such thing happening, grabbed a light bulb and put it in his daughter's hand, it immediately lit up, which confirmed his worries. Just in case he had been wrong, her father took a seastone cane and made his daughter take it in one hand while having the light bulb in the other, by this the light bulb stopped shining and Chi felt exhausted. Her father asked her if she had eaten some weird fruit in the past days and Chi told him everything, about the weird fruit and its strange flavor. Her father informed her that she had eaten a 'devil fruit', she didn't know what it was so he explained it to her. Chi was surprised and slightly upset about having eaten one of those, even if the abilities of controlling and creating electricity sounded pretty cool, she didn't feel normal anymore, and being blind didn't help.

Chi's father convinced her, after days of trying and talking to her, that she wasn't weird, it wasn't her fault that she had become blind, and eating a devil fruit wasn't her fault either because she didn't know how a devil fruit was... or what it was to start with. He also told her that she was gifted, even without being able to see, she was a talented poison specialist, and she already knew how to many complex poisons and extract venom from dangerous animals, what kind of chemicals, alkali metals and etc. were poisonous and she was also immune to a great variety of them. Being convinced that the devil fruit power was kind of a gift, an unwanted one that is, she started training it, but instead of making it more of an offensive centered power, she preferred using it for seeing. She developed her fruit powers to the point of being able to perceive the electricity generated by the body, the one that is sent to the brain as 'orders'. And different techniques that helped her 'sight' improve.

When Chi turned 11 she was already mastering the 'sight' with using the powers of her devil fruit, she had also created some techniques that were offensive but they weren't that elaborated or anything. She decided to join the marines, at least try to get in, but she was rejected because of being blind. This made Chi really upset, but she decided to not care about it so much.

She continued to practice with her fruit and other things and researched further in the human anatomy, the nervous system and everything, and when she was 17 she decided that she wanted to be a pirate. Her parents weren't happy at all when they heard about her idea, they had always supported her, even when she tried to join the marines but becoming a pirate was nonsense to them, they never fully understood how embarrassed and ashamed Chi had felt when she was rejected because of being blind. If they had only given her the opportunity of showing her devil fruit abilities, her ability of 'seeing' even if it wasn't with light and stuff, they would've let her in, but they didn't, and that enraged Chi.

Her parents locked Chi in her room so that she wouldn't run away to become a pirate, but they didn't know that doing that would make Chi hate them, hate them for not understanding how her way of thinking was, because of not understanding how enraged by everything she was, and how she was upset about the fact of being discriminated for being blind, it was the thing that hurt her the most and she could do nothing about it, not even with the devil fruit powers that she had, she was blind, and she would die blind, and that was it. There was no cure, at least none found yet, and Chi had lost all hope. But she wanted to be a pirate, she didn't want anyone to tell her what was right and what wasn't. She wanted to be free, but her parents didn't want that for her, and that made her feel betrayed.

So once she turned 18 Chi ran away from home, she walked aimlessly for hours, and then she found a port, she grabbed the smallest boat and set sail to no particular place. For a week, Chi almost died of starvation, she had no food and she couldn't do anything about it. She couldn't see so she used her powers to locate the nearest island, but it was only in the 7th day that she found one near. Apparently there were only islands a great distance apart from her home island. She is now looking for a pirate to join his/her crew and not be discriminated because she's blind. She will also (eventually) make her own crew.

Personality: Chi is rather silent, she doesn't like commenting that much, and will mostly only answer when she's asked something, saying everything that she thinks about the topic, and what she knows, probably saying detailed stuff and start a one-sided conversation. Due to being blind, she has found herself be rather self-centered, it's hard for her to feel empathy for others as she finds herself to be in a difficult situation as well. Due to her blindness, Chi believes that she will never find love, because 'no one would love a blind person', but she thinks that she would fall in love with someone because of their personality, not caring about the looks even if it (most likely) won't be corresponded. Due to her low self-esteem (problem of the blindness), she doesn't think of herself to be worthy of having friends, yet she secretly longs for some friends, even if it's slightly contradictory. She doesn't have many hobbies, as there are limited things a blind person can do, but she really enjoys singing songs her mother used to sing to her (Her memory is really good even after having lost it partially when the accident happened). As for believes, she thinks that if she ever does find the right person, that she will wait until marriage to give herself to him, she believes in god but she does wonder sometimes things like this "if there's really a god, does he hate me? Why am I blind? Am I supposed to be like this? Even if I wasn't born this way?".
Ship: name of ship
Ship Flag: describe
Devil Fruit: Goro Goro no mi
Type: Logia
Effect: Allows the user to create and control lightning at will.
Special Abilities:
  • Echolocation: Echolocation is the method of detecting objects by emitting a sound, receiving the echo and correctly identifying the location, size and structure of the object. They can determine the distance to surrounding objects by using the time delay of the sound and can also determine the shape and direction by the amplitudes of the sound waves that arrive at each individual ear. This information is then interpreted by the brain thus giving them a mental image of their surroundings. Someone using echolocation can remember and identify the echos of certain objects such as walls, posts, curbs, steps, tables, bushes, and more. Echoes and other sounds can convey partial information that is comparable in many respects to that conveyed by light. With echoes, a blind traveler can perceive very complex, detailed, and specific information from distances far beyond the reach of the longest cane or arm. Echoes make information available about the nature and arrangement of objects and environmental features. Echoes can give detailed information about location (where objects are), dimension (how big they are and their general shape), and density (how solid they are). Location is generally broken down into distance from the observer and direction (left/right, front/back, high/low). Dimension refers to the object's height (tall or short) and breadth (wide or narrow).
  • Poison specialist: Being trained since little, even after losing her sight, Chi has become a poison specialist, carrying different poisons, lethal and not lethal, in small vessels in her pockets, or bag. She knows the way of extracting them or making them, and sometimes uses them for extreme occasions. But prefers not to. She is also immune to most of the poisons. One of the poisons that she knows how to make is:
    -Gu: The traditional preparation of gu poison involves sealing several venomous creatures (e.g., centipede, snake, scorpion) into a closed utensil, where they devoured one another and allegedly concentrated their toxins into a single survivor. Then you have to get the toxins out of the survivor and put it in a vessel, possibly small enough to carry in your pocket/etc. The poison is mortal, but since it's making is complex, by finding the all the venomous creatures and the waiting time as well. Chi only has a small vessel with this poison, and doesn't think she'll ever use it in someone.
Learned Techniques (Will get more after a thread or two):
  • Electricity location/Sensor: Since our bodies are huge masses of atoms, we can generate electricity. When we talk about the nervous system sending "signals" to the brain, or synapses "firing," or the brain telling our hands to contract around a door handle, what we're talking about is electricity carrying messages between point A and point B. So with her devil fruit power, Chi can sense the electricity being made in the human body and therefore (by the charge) determine if they're moving or something. This doesn't really work when there are a lot of people nearby, because she can't focus completely in all of them, therefore having blind spots.
  • Electric Field/Net: Chi sets up an electric net in a field, it doesn't really matter how big the field is, the electric net has a little charge so it would do basically nothing to the people in it, and it would be imperceptible. So this is how the Electric Field/Net works, every time someone moves, they pass through a 'string' of the net which Chi set up, the mere change of the string gives out the movement of the person, or people if there are more than one string moved at the same time. According to the number of 'strings' moved in the same place, Chi is able to know how big the person/object is. This helps when the 'Electricity location/sensor' doesn't work, which is with more than one person, as it needs great concentration in only one person. To be able to attack, in case of being threatened by the movements of an individual, then she would have to drop the net and focus in preparing the attack, this leaves an opportunity to the other enemies to attack.
  • Electric Cube: Just like the electric field/net technique, just that this one is more complex, instead of just a net, Chi sets up a whole cube that has 'strings' (electricity in low charge that would do nothing to the people inside of the cube) hanging everywhere, forming mini cubes, the difference is also that you don't only know the movement and how big (width) it is, but also how tall it is, and the volume of the object/person, giving Chi an image of the scene before her. Just like the Electric Field/Net, if she has to attack, she drops her concentration and the cube 'disappears' (although it was never visible) and she prepares to attack, leaving her defenseless at attacks from other enemies. Whether from the back or front, as she cannot 'see' them.
Weapons/Items: Dagger.
Goals: Prove everyone that being blind doesn't stop her from being powerful and good enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Chi Hibari   Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:07 am

FINISHED *feels so accomplished*
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PostSubject: Re: Chi Hibari   Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:15 am

wow, you've done quite allot of research, this is quite the impressive character

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Chi Hibari
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