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 Scott Loke, WIP

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PostSubject: Scott Loke, WIP   Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:54 pm

Name: Scott Loke

Age: 19


Species: Human

Occupation: Inventor, strategist, tinkerer

Allegiance: Aoi pirates

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue

Scott appears as being just under average height for an adult human being, about one hundred seventy three centimeters tall and rather thin for his height, about fifty six kilograms. His bodyís most prominent feature is his mid-back length hair which is dark brown and wavy, curling at the ends, usually parted in the middle framing his face but often pulled back in ponytails when he works. He has a slender, swimmers build and slightly tan skin with an angular face. His eyes are a darker green and under near perfect eyebrows. His skin isnít the best kept but that is to be expected of someone who works on the high seas all day. He typically wears a pair of blue pants tucked in to rounded black shoes, baggy adorned with a tool belt separating his pants from his brown t shirt and maroon jacket, he wears a red bandana over his head sometimes and has a tired look about him most of the time.



Ship: The Blue Odyssey

Ship Flag: n/a at present

Devil Fruit: none

Special Abilities:
-Shipwright; having actually built a ship before, Scott understands their repair rather extensively, able to repair a ship quickly given the proper tools and supplies, he is also able to climb ships easily to work on masts or crows nests with out risk of falling.
-Inventive talent; a technical minded, innovative thinker Scott is apt at design and construction of ordinal machines and inventions, though this requires time and tools he has been known to assemble weapons and tools by hand with what ever he can find to fit a situation, as such he retains a high level of spatial intelligence and uses his environment to its fullest advantage.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

-Shipwright tools (hammer, nails, saws, wrenches, ect)
-Inventorís tools

Character Flaws:
-Terrible sense of directions; even in his home town Scott was constantly getting lost, the high seas being outright perilous for someone of such poor directional skill, he cant even read a map
-Abrasive personality; Scott often misunderstands people and is quick to jump to negative conclusions about others and this consistently puts him in bad situations

Goals: Protect his friends in their decision to become pirates

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Scott Loke, WIP
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