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 Rest Bakers

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PostSubject: Rest Bakers    Sat May 19, 2012 11:58 pm

Name: Rest Baker

Age: 17

Bounty: None

Species: Human

Occupation: Treasure hunter

Allegiance: Neutral

Home Village/Ocean: Tesoro island, grand line.

Rest has the average man's build and stands 1.79m. He weights 65kilo. He has black, spiky hair, which is usually in this model. Rest's eye are dark brown and are round of form. Rest owns a few sets of clothes, which mostly consist out of loose clothes. In regular he wears a white shirt and over it a brown vest, together with a pair of blue jeans. The only thing that someone could notice out of ordinary would be a old golden compass, hanging around his neck. He also has several scars around his body, which are mostly covered by his clothes.

Rest was born and was growing up aboard a boat. The reason for this was because his parents were quite famous explorer's, having found multiple(for now unnamed) islands. As his parents were quite rich because of discovery's they had a big, nuff said fancy ship. at the age of 13, the ship only had one more mission to accomplish, to aid a fleet in discovering a land which before only found in myth's, a island said to be full of treasures left behind by ancient civilizations.

Whilst on the journey they met many strong storms, and monsters as big as their ships. For rest it was a frightening experience as he always had to stay inside the ship. Just there..having to hear the screams and the blasting of the cannons. Although he was always on the ship, he was very distant from the crew. That was because there were many spots filled up with mercenary's and sailors right off the street..Ah well, he couldn't like everyone on a big ship anyways. He had a few teachers on board, so practically he had everything a kid could want from his childhood.

After month's of travelling, they stumbled upon an island, but it's size..It was gigantic! And from the crow's nest the navigators could see all kinds of dangerous animals..Dinosaurs and other creatures that were quite rare among the islands(even in the first half of the grand line) could be seen. In total, 42 ships departed, of which 24 had finally reached it's goal..The only problem left was to establish a town..Or rather a city. They already came armed for combat because of the dangerous reputation. The following years would later become known as the years of struggle.

The combat against the strong creatures took long, until they dug a gigantic moat, surrounding the fresh city, together with a wall. That combined with the artillery they still had made for a solid defense for the town. After years of fighting and struggling against the hardy nature of the island, they could finally rest assured, knowing animal attacks were in the past now.

Rest could finally helped to building the city up at the age of 14, right after the so called 'safety line' was established. Before the residential area was safe, he had to stay on the ship. It was a depressing time for him..Seeing people before his eyes fight without being able to do anything about it. Whilst staying on board he learned many things about the island though. Reading through the documents that were being send each day he only got more anxious to go and build up their city.

At the age of 15, his parents set sail to get more supplies for the city. As a early birthday gift they gave Rest a golden compass, before quickly leaving. After one year of contributing to the city. Not long after his 16th birthday the fleet came back, although there was a big difference now, the flagship, the one his parent's were on, was missing. He quickly gained the message the ship was separated from the fleet during a heavy storm. It took Rest a while until he realized sulking around was not going to help building the dream of his parents.

Things in the city quickly changed. The city was established, and they could finally aim for what they were supposed to do, explore the island in search for the many treasures left behind. Because of this a special union was build up, the UE(Unions of Explorers). They established a special island, which was supposed to keep people from murdering each-other for the treasures. For one, you had to gain a license for treasure hunting, if someone would not have one and would recover a treasure, the treasure would be taken by the union. Two, in order to gain a license someone had to go through a 1 year training. And three, each treasure recovered must be put in a detailed report so the UE can keep track of everything.

Rest, now at the age of 16, had gone through 2 years of training, and gained his license..But even with a license, one does not simply go treasure hunting without a team. Teams were like small/big companies build around the exploring of the island and excavating treasures. Now it was simply a matter of finding the right team mates and he could go treasure hunting in order to make the dream of his parents come true.

Rest is quite straight forward. He likes exploring the unknown more then anything. Because of that he would often oversee things and sometimes even skip words in sentences. Although he often gets excited, it is rather shown through speech and thinking out load instead of physical actions. Rest loves to take the lead, he would always be the one walking in the front. Rest likes being in crowded places as that reminds him of the old days in which it was always crowded. He also can't stand it but to help wherever he can. He is also open to most people. Unlike some treasure hunters, he believes in fair competition, unlike some other teams who would do about anything to get their hands on treasures. Although he is a treasure hunter, he is far from greedy, mainly because his reason for becoming a treasure hunter was more 'noble ' then most greedy money graspers.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: A flag with a green background and a golden compass in the middle.

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:
Survival skills: Rest knows a-lot about surviving in the jungle.
Physical in shape: Rest is in a better physical shape then other people from the same age.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None

Weapons/Items: None

Goals: To fully explore the island
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PostSubject: Re: Rest Bakers    Mon May 21, 2012 3:42 am

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Rest Bakers
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