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 Red done

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PostSubject: Red done   Sat May 19, 2012 9:56 am

Name:red '' ''


Bounty: none yet

Species: Human,

Occupation: cook, musician,

Allegiance: soon to be Pirate aoi pirates

Home Village/Ocean:east blue, aoi island

Appearance: Red is a very tall man, being almost 2 meters long, he is longer then the avarage person, he weighs around 85 kilos which is quite normal for his length, he is not very thin but not fat either, he has blue/greenish eyes and has a rather pale skin tone, his somewhat darkblondish hair that hangs around his shoulder, at some points his hair ends in a curl, but he tends to cut it of to keep it at the same length, or to wear it in a ponytail, most of the time he wears a small blackish fedora hat and sometimes wears not to outstanding blackish glasses, he tends not to wear them all the time but his eyes aren't that great so he wouldn't see too much without them.

On his back he wears a bag especially made for his lute. Red has different clothing styles, a more formal one where he wears a black jacket over a white shirt , formal greyish trousers and black leather shoes, he looks quite some older then he acutally is in his suit but he tends to dress formal when going to meetings, in his more casual look he wears a plain T shirt in different colours, mostly black, sky blue, olive green or a light greyish colour, depending on the weather he would wear a grey vest over it that hangs open showing his shirt, his trousers would have lots of pockets for all his stuff he wears with him,

Red has a few pieces of jewelery on his left hand on his ring finger he wears a silver rings with an inscription and a quite luxe but manly look, this ring was a keepsake, he also wears a necklace with an amber stone

History: When Red was born he was born 2 months to early which is very early,due to being born early red had a muscle disease which outed in him learning to walk on a later age, having less strength then others and being in lots of pain at moments, it also meaned his endurance would be worse then others since everything costs more energy for him,

besides his disability red had a good childhood, being raised by lovely parents his life was a good one, of course there were his medical issues but he was a happy and young child, then when he went to school the first year people bullied him a lot because he was different which hurt him a lot, after years of being bullied he found a group of friends, which he got along with well, his life changed and he started to enjoy it again, he always loved music and started to play different instruments starting with the lute, he learned to play some songs, and he became quite good at playing, other people would compliment him about his music which made him feel good and that way he regained some self confidence.

Red always was interested in archery, that is when he got a few lessons in archery which he really loved, he started practicing it as a sport, besides music there was now something else he loved, but since his teacher moved and there weren't other people to practice with he stopped practicing, he still like archery but he didnt feel like doing it anymore, it changed he had no reason to do it and he didn't want to hurt people he had no reasons for it.

Red had always loved reading books, they made him forget about his body about his problems about the world around him and he could follow the story of anorther person, and be in their lives, when he had a book he liked he would read it till he finished it not taking time to do other things, escaping the reality

then red sought for other things to do. things that his friends would like and would enjoy, he loved to please others leaving himself behind, which is one of his personal flaws, he started learning to cook and one day he brought a bunch of selfbaked cookies to his friends, from then on he started baking a lot and practicing a lot, doing to much things which his body couldn't handle, then red turned sick he was very depressed and in lots of pain for years and lost contact with some of his friends, after those years he was able to refind himself and was slowly healing , he also started playing on his lute again and he saw that the world was a beautifull place open to discover even if his body wasnt the best he could become anything he wanted

Personality:Red is the kind of person that others would come to talk about their problems, and red would always be there for them to talk about things, he doesn't care a lot about himself and just wants to help other people he is seeing that it isnt a good thing and is trying to change that,`he wouldn't quickly complain or talk about his own problems, he is a kind young person who is quite inteligent and knows alot of the world, he read a lot as child and always talked about how the rest of the world would be.

Red dislikes violence in any way and would try and stop fights whenever there was one, or even before it began, red would always share stuff he had and is everything but selfish, he is usualy not very talkative but when he knows people well he would talk more, still not very much, red is a kind of person that would think alot before doing something, and has a lot of compassion for others,

a few things you can get red very mad over are racism, bullying he also isn't too fond of thievery, and unecesary violence. Red loves to cook, he loves playing his lute, or the violin he is still learning to play other instruments, he is very fond of the nature and likes a lot of animals. red loves to play games which is why he always carries a few sets of playing cards around

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: none

Special Abilities: high endurance to pain, basic archery due to a few lessons, afinity with music, avarge cook,

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

01: aimed shot. while taking a while to ensure his aim he shoots an arrow at the target, with a quite good acuracy,
02: flurry shot. leaving the acuracy behind he shoots a couple of arrows at quite a fast speed.
03: chop chop, having a knive in both hands he slashes at the enemy,
04: knive throw when from medium distance he throws a knive at his target, not with lots of strenght but would leave a wound
05: heavy punch. by putting his body behind a punch he can deal quite some damage, has a chance that his shoulder will shoot out of its socked.

Weapons/Items: A few sets of playing cards, a basic and old short bow and a quiver with a few arrows, his old lute, and a few basic kitchen knives,

Character flaws: due to his muscle disease he has very low physical strength and endurance,he always thinks about others, not about himself

Goals: to learn to play lots of music, to be able to earn a living with making music, being apreciated for the things he does,
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PostSubject: Re: Red done   Sun May 20, 2012 5:26 pm

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Red done
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