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 Chris Murphy (DELETED)

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PostSubject: Chris Murphy (DELETED)   Fri May 18, 2012 8:20 pm

Name: Chris Murphy

Age: 17

Bounty: 0B

Species: Human

Occupation: Doctor

Allegiance: Soon to be Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Aoi Island, East Blue

Appearance: While Chris can be passed as a decent looking guy, he hasn't reached the stunning levels of manly appearance. He stands at a mere 1.73 height, quite short for his age, and weights around 64 kilograms, depending on how much time passed since his last meal. He has a slightly large head, with a strong jaw-line and a wide round nose that he is usually ashamed of when looking in the mirror. His dark green, almost brown eyes are quite big, like most of his facial features, but are always half closed for reasons he himself doesn't know. On a glimpse, he can be mistaken for just another jolly idiot, but his pair of rectangular glasses contradict that. His glasses are slightly too big for him, making them fall along his nose and forcing him to push them up every once in a while. His head sports a dark brown, almost black hair whose ends turn red if he grows it too long, though past experience showed it doesn't suit him well. His hair is kept short, but sometimes grows messy and wild when he forgets to cut it.
Thanks to his partially successful attempts to make himself physically fit for the marines, Chris developed a relatively muscular body, though his weight doesn't allow him to grow as much as he would like. He is broad shouldered and strong built, but his rib cage still shows past his skin, a reminder of his skinnier days. His skin is of a light tone. He usually walks around with longer, less-revealing clothes because he is a little shy when ti comes to physical appearance, though his actual appearance isn't so shameful. He wears a pare of long, black cargo pants and a simple white T-shirt under a red hoody with a picture of a green, humanoid frog on its back. He doesn't like carrying backpacks on himself and usually prefers stuffing his pockets to their fullest extent before turning to the more ideal solution.

History: Chris was born on the small Aoi Island in the East Blue to a pair of well established parents. His father was a successful merchant who exported goods out of the island, while his mother owned a small bakery in town. With their jobs combined, Chris' parents could provide him with the best life he could wish for, but fate wasn't with him on this one. When Chris turned 4, his father was diagnosed with a special disease. This disease affected his nervous system, and threatened to slowly take away his motor capabilities until nothing will be left. Even though the disease wasn't fatal, it was obvious that it would systematically shatter Chris' father's life as it had no cure.

Chris' parents chose to avoid telling him about the disease when he was younger, allowing him to live his childhood uninterrupted. His father slowly realized that his time was running out as the symptoms got worse with each day, making him seize each day like it was never going to come back. As the years passed, and the symptoms got worse, Chris started noticing his father wasn't like other fathers: He never carried him on his shoulders and never played ball with him. Eventually, when the disease couldn't be kept a secret anymore, Chris was told about it at the age of 9.

At first, Chris didn't understand the magnitude of the situation. To him, time seemed endless, and he couldn't comprehend his dad's time was running out. He continued his life, though every once in a while, he found himself thinking of his father's condition, which kept going downhill with each passing year. It took him one year to understand how bad it was, another year to realize he wanted to help, another year to understand he had the ability to help, and finally, at the age of 13, Chris decided upon his life's direction: He will become a doctor and find a cure to his father's disease, saving his family from falling apart.

With his goal in mind, Chris started reading any medical textbook he could find. He was determined to succeed in his mission, allowing all other responsibilities and privileges to fall to through the cracks as he got lost in textbooks and notes. At the age of 14, Chris decided to take another step towards his goal. He packed a small case and boarded a ship, sailing to study medicine at the best school the East Blue had to offer. He never told his parents why he wanted to become a doctor so bad, but they realized it soon enough, and understood they had nothing to do about it, Chris couldn't be saved from his own dreams.

He managed to shine in his school, but he was too preoccupied with his future to care. He realized that becoming a doctor wasn't enough. To discover a whole new cure, he'll need research funds and support. He couldn't see any possibility other than one: Apply for a marine job to get the funds he needed. And so, while studying, Chris also started training himself physically, to increase his chances of getting into marine service. He would study during the day and exhaust himself during the night, achieving decent results only after 2 years.

Now that he was 16, Chris dropped out of his school and applied for the marines, thinking the sooner he got to work on the cure, the better it would be for his father. After several months of tests, paperwork and basic training, Chris' request for funds for his research was denied out of lack of benefits to the WG. Both mad and depressed, Chris realized his efforts were pretty much useless, he was destined to fail all along. With empty hands and a shameful face, Chris took the next ship home, to at least spend as much time with his father as possible.

Personality: Chris took a lot from his parents, whether it'd be the bad parts or the good parts. Firstly, his parent's attempt to hide his father's illness from him taught him, even though it wasn't supposed to, that it's better to keep your problems to yourself. Handle your own burdens so people could handle theirs instead of focusing on you. That makes him pretty closed. He rarely shares his deeper thoughts with people, even his closest friends. He tries to make everyone happy, which often requires a little bit of sacrifice on his side. He can't stand seeing someone depressed or lonely. Secondly, his father taught him to seize every day like it is your last, and even though he doesn't always remember to do that, he tries his best to conquer his fears and take more risks, even though he is scared on the inside. Chris is a smart and intelligent guy, but his behavior rarely shows it as he is goofy and silly most of the time unless he concentrates on not to be, mainly when he tries not to embarrass himself in front of a girl he likes. He is likely to forget conversations that took place an hour ago, and will probably slip and fall just when everyone is trying to hold their laughter. He doesn't like being silly most of the time, and tries to hold his silliness in check by focusing on it. Unfortunately, that only works when he is not distracted b something else, meaning that he gets sillier when he is preoccupied with something. It's really hard for him to get close to someone, which is why his childhood friends mean so much to him, it took him 17 years to get to know them as good as he knows them now, and he won't let that go to waste. He easily gets lost in his own thoughts, and likes to spend his time with either meaningful tasks or fun tasks instead of just resting. He cares deeply for his parents, which make shim care deeply about his medicine studies. Chris grew to dislike violence after seeing so many injuries during his medicine training, which makes him unfit for pirate life in some situations. Even though he may not seem like it most of the time, he is an intelligent being that can be relied on at any situation.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:

Medical Knowledge: Chris studied medicine, and can be considered a marine dropout. He is a great doctor, but lacks experience under his belt, which makes it harder for him to deal with new situations. Nevertheless, he can perform basic surgery and attend various wounds and injuries, along with prescribing pills and drugs for whatever condition his patient my have.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise

Weapons/Items: Basic Medical Supplies

Character Flaws: His inability to share his deeper thoughts sometimes makes him seem like an emotionless machine when someone puts his personality under the spotlight. Since his behavior is driven by thoughts and not feelings most of the time he can become quite predictable if someone gets to know him good enough. He is shy, even though he has nothing to be shy about, both physically and mentally.

Goals: To develop a cure to his father's condition at any cost

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PostSubject: Re: Chris Murphy (DELETED)   Sat May 19, 2012 1:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Chris Murphy (DELETED)   Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:08 am

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PostSubject: Re: Chris Murphy (DELETED)   

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Chris Murphy (DELETED)
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