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 Lucia Aiken

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PostSubject: Lucia Aiken   Fri May 18, 2012 4:32 pm

Name: Lucia Aiken

Age: 14

Bounty: --------

Species: Human

Occupation: Soon to be cook and navigator

Allegiance: (Soon to be) Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Aoi Village, East Blue

Appearance: Shoulder-length, very wavy, dark brown hair, usually held up in a low ponytail to avoid any bothersome hairs getting in the way, her fringe can either go to the right or over her eyes; in case it gets too bothersome she keeps it away with two small hairclips, which can vary in shape and color. L has an angular shaped face, and puffy cheeks that look like you could squish them, according to Bliss. Her lips are thin and pale, though they can sometimes look really red, since she peels them all the time, and so she bleeds. Her brown eyes are big and a bit round. She has dark circles under her eyes, thanks to her bad sleeping habits. Her eyelashes are normal sized and don’t have much of a curve. Her eyebrows are thin and have a small natural curve on them by the end. She wears small, thin blue rimmed glasses, the measure is not too high, but she still needs to use them all the time. Thanks to puberty her face is full of red markings. She is about 160 cm tall. Her body is average in all aspects, although she is frequently told that her hips are not (she wishes for this not to be true). She is not exactly thin, yet not exactly fat, she is on the average, if she doesn’t take care, she might end up in any of the extremes.

She doesn’t have any set of clothes she uses every day. She is easily recognizable thanks to her special clothing style. She doesn’t really care about combinations, and when she does, she only sees combinations that go with her tastes, since her tastes are strange, most of the time her clothing ends up really weird. Contrary to what most people around her believe, she is very fond of wearing skirts, as long as they are long enough (knee-length or lower, though very long ones are not very appealing for her), she always wears something underneath if she uses one, this could be pants, shorts or leggings. She despises tight shirts, as well as really short skirts and really high high-heels. She likes loose pants and using trainers most of the time, along with any type of t-shirt, preferably short-sleeved and never tight. She likes using any colors, mostly shades of green, blue and purple, or just simply black or white, though she uses any other color if she feels like it. She likes to use dresses from time to time, though not very often. When cold she uses any jacket she can find over her clothes, usually, it’s red or black and when the cold is just too much to handle she uses something to cover her head and hands (or walks around covered in her bed sheet).

From time to time she might wear some accessories, this usually being thing, not very attention catching bracelets and earing and small necklaces, usually just thin chains, or intertwined thread, with something hanging in the middle. She has a special friendship ring and bracelet given to her by Bliss a long time ago, she treasures them dearly, but doesn’t wear them much in fear they might get damaged. Sometimes she wears caps or things like that, though this is not usually.

History: Grew up in a fairly normal family, when she was 6, her mother was sick and finally passed away when she was 7, this problem affected her and her family deeply. She started shutting off from the rest, sulking on her own, only ever telling things to Uladilsao, her older brother. When she turned 9, two years later, her brother started studying more and had to leave the house often, her father worked a lot, so she was left alone, only reading or wandering around the place. She had to learn to cook on her own, though she never really learned, the food was just not compatible with her, and so, she always waited for her father and brother to come home at nights and then they would be together. Her dad was a fine man, sometimes emotional, but very good to her, so she has no complaints. She started going with her father to work then, since she didn’t want to be alone (she though too much, she said), she had fun there.

When she was really small, she asked her brother to teach her how to navigate, since she was really interested in it and he knew how to, he laughed a bit and complied, that’s how she learned, though she’s still just an amateur in navigation, in her opinion.

She got to know the friends she has now by walking around the village, the first one she met was Bliss, they met when she was 11, who then started pulling her around the village telling her she was too shy for her own good. Lucia had no choice but to comply and follow her, and now she has the friends she has now, though she doesn’t talk much, Bliss talks enough for both of them, in her opinion.

At age fourteen, while walking around the village, her best friend, Bliss, has a strange proposition for her.

Personality: When it comes to personality, one can say that she is not very complicated and likes to take the simplest routes in everything, at least from her point of view. She has her own ideals and plans and she keeps them close to her dearly. Although external factors and ideas can affect her way of thinking more than they should, she can still protect the ideas that are very valuable to her. Even though she accepts the fact that human beings will never be completely peaceful, she still wishes to see a world in which this becomes true, she knows she’s wishing for the unreachable, but she still dreams. She has a bad tendency to put others before herself in many occasions, if put on a situation in which she might lose her life if saving someone, she will save the other person after a bit of hesitation. If someone close to her has a fight or any sort of problem she’s deeply affected by it and usually gets sad or angry, though she doesn’t show it.

She is hard to approach for most people, and she is also a bit picky with the people she wants around her, trying to find friends that are interesting and not like the rest.

At first glance she appears to be someone silent, kind and somehow innocent, this image is the one most people have of her, since she doesn’t really talk much with anyone, in fact, getting her to talk more than a few sentences is somehow hard even for Bliss. When with her family, specially her older brother, and sometimes with Bliss she can be very loud and talkative, this usually comes out as very out of character for her, and she wants to stop this outbursts. She gets easily annoyed by some people around her, when annoyed she can be really violent and snarky. She is very sarcastic while talking (a trait taken from her older brother), likes to point out the flaws in a plan and anything obvious that nobody seems to mention or notice. She has a bad habit of insulting people, most of the time mentally or when alone, though sometimes the words escape her mouth before she can control herself. She almost never voices her opinion (except on group works, there she becomes bossy), instead, she prefers to save herself trouble and just say what she wants to herself in her head.

She likes to have her time alone and think about things, this usually being things she wants to do, things she has to do, or just anything random. She likes to talk alone, sometimes even in public places, she usually just imagines a story and tells it to herself, this stories can be very long, o very short, depending on her creativity. As old as she may be, she has imaginary beings that are with her, though she never tells it to anyone. She loves writing for herself, she doesn’t always write the stories she thinks about, but when she does, almost nobody can read them. She also writes her feelings or small poems once in a while. She also likes reading every now and then, as well as drawing. She enjoys singing, but knows that she’s bad at it.

She has been told many times that she is smart, but she doesn’t consider herself to be. In fact, she has a little problem with that, she considers herself inferior to the rest, thus, degrading herself, but she is learning to get over it.

She is bi curious, as she likes boys but is a bit interested in girls, she mostly cares about how the person is on the inside, not the outside, but gender is still a small barrier for her, since she is afraid of other people’s opinions, although it doesn’t seem like it.

She has an irrational fear of bugs.

Special Abilities: ----

Learned Techniques: - Flipping the table: She flips the table, very useful.
-Hell kick: She kicks a guy in the nuts. (Taught to her by Bliss)

Weapons/Items: ----

Goals: Making sure Bliss doesn’t get herself killed somehow and protecting her friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucia Aiken   Fri May 18, 2012 4:52 pm

Really good work on the appearance and the personality! The history is slightly short but I'll let it go since it's your first character and you already did such a great work!

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Lucia Aiken
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