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 Cannibal (deleted)

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PostSubject: Cannibal (deleted)   Mon May 14, 2012 4:22 pm

Name: Cannibal

Age: 46

Bounty: 15,000,000

Species: Longarm Tribe

Occupation: Assassin

Allegiance: To however who pays him

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line

Appearance: Cannibal stands about 6'2 weighing about 250 pounds. He has short slick black hair combed to the back with a chonmage in the back. His eyes are yellow. There is a long scar across his face going across his left cheek. Cannibal has slender body figure despite his profession lacks any muscle above a normal human. As for his trible, his most distingishing feature is double elbowed arms making them longer than a regular human. A longer red dragon tattoo is on his back. His attire consists of long black pants and jacket, a plain white t-shirt, a black tie, a cigar in his mouth, and his signature black shades. A cannon is strapped on his back. Two flintlocks strapped to his right side. His trusty katana.

History: Cannibal was born in Kenzan island. He was born into a poor unfortunate family lacking money to buy to most vital of neccessities like food and water. Cannibal was recruited into a bandit gang at the age of eight to provide for his family. He quit going to school when he found out how much they were paying. The bandits had him deliever messages, collect protection money, and lookout. His family eventually found out what he was doing and kicked him out the house. Cannibal without his family to hold him back became a full member. At the age of 12, Cannibal was taking one assassinations becoming a mass murderer at a young age. Despite him being a monster, Cannibal always sent money to his family. Whether they accepted it or not was on them. His brutality was feared even by his own commardes and news even spread to villagers. The bandits soon shunned him out of fear. Cannibal decided to return a favor by slicing them into pieces when they were sleeping. Cannibal found himself alone on the island with his bandit brothers dead and shunned by the community. He made himself a float and sailed away. As he grew older Cannibal became a travelling assassin taking many jobs killing people for a price. Cannibal even built a reputation earniing him a bounty. It was durinh this time when Cannibal found a devil fruit. Though Cannibal made a living doing what he loved it seemed it wasn't enough. Then upon Gold Roger's execution Cannibal witnessed the pirate king's death. When he heard that Roger had left one piece behind in the New World Cannibal set his eyes on becoming pirate king. The treasure would provide all th power he was searching for. Finally his longing would be filled. Cannibal then began saving money for a ship amd a crew. He decided to join a pirate crew in order to gain enough money to one day start his own crew.

Personality: Cannibal maintains a business like personality being very serious and stern most of the time. He is very confident and prideful in his abilities to take down almost anyone for the right price. Cannibal is very greedy and loves money. He won't accept a job unless the client provides compensation which could be from 100,000,000 to 600,000,000 beli depending on the victim. Though he will sometimes do a job for free if it earns him enough fame. Cannibal is also a snob loving the high life of being a pirate mostly consisting of expensive liquor, beautiful women, and top of the line clothes. Unlike most pirates who follow a romance lifestyle, Cannibal doesn't follow a code or pirate ethics. His motto is "Whatever gets the job done". He is not above resorting into using dirty tricks or cheating to win. Most pirates have different reason for searching for one piece. Some want it for the adventures that come with it, while others want the power and influence that come with it. Cannibal wants the treasure because of this insatiable longing that he thinks will satify it. Despite being evil, Cannibal displays great loyal and even respect to his commadres and clients. Cannibal is very pervy around women and becomes angry where they wear clothing too loose or revealing.

Ship: A raft

Ship Flag: black flag

Devil Fruit: Baku Baku no Mi
type: Paramecia
effect: allows the user to eat and chew anything (aside Kairoseki) from wood to even the strongest metals. The eaten items can then be fused to turn their body into a weapon or be combined together to create something else

Special Abilities:
weapon proficiency- Cannibal is a world renowned assassin as such he can wield a number of weapons lik swords, guns, and cannons.

Swordsmenship- Cannibal is a user of the Ittoryu swords style

Marksmenship- Cannibal wields a number of firearms including guns and a cannon.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None as of yet

Weapons/Items: Katana, two flintlonks, and a cannon

1) To gain enough money to buy himself a ship and crew
2) To find one piece
3) to fufill the emptiness in his heart

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PostSubject: Re: Cannibal (deleted)   Wed May 16, 2012 9:31 am

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Cannibal (deleted)
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