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 Yan Zuejin

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PostSubject: Yan Zuejin   Mon May 14, 2012 2:38 am

Name: Yan Zuejin

Age: 14

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Marksman, Strategist

Allegiance: (Almost)Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Aoi Island, East Blue

Appearance: Yan is five foot two inches, with long, mid-back length silver hair tied back into a neat ponytail. He weighs roughly 67 kilograms. He has dark brown eyes that look far too relaxed to be real and a blemish free face, accompanied by a pair of black, thick framed glasses. He has toned, slightly visible muscles on his body and barely any hair covering it. His teeth shine like pearls and are as white as snow. Overall, his face looks very oriental. He wears a black t-shirt and a beige jacket that is a size too big for him, and pants that are made to look like fire but makes him stand out like wearing purple in a forest. His shoes are black and white checkered sneakers. On his back rests a giant wood backpack crate that carries all of his weapons that he collects.

History: Yan was the oddball of his family when he was born. All of his brothers, sisters, and relatives have jet black hair and deathly pale skin while Yan has silver hair and skin that has been given a slight yellow tone to it. Even as an infant, he loved to be the different boy. He lived a fairly normal life with a few mild twists in his life, like finding a cave and exploring it at the age of five. Over his fourteen years of life, he met a unique young lass named Bliss, Bliss Summer. They chatted together on several days and instantly became good friends. She was Yan's first and only friend at that time. As Yan aged into his early preteen years of twelve, his attitude changed from kind and quiet to harsh, loud, and disobedient. One day, he left his town to go into the wilderness, and immediately got lost within an hours walk. He walked through the darkening forest mumbling to himself and cursing under his breath. He heard a branch snap and instantly reacted by sprinting away as fast as he could. Tired, hungry, dirty, and regretting his decision of leaving the town, Yan sat under a tree and hoped that he'd wake up and this would all be a dream sequence; a very realistic and nightmarish dream sequence. He closed his eyes and drifted off into a sleep all too quickly.

When Yan woke up, he found himself in a bed with clean white sheets and a surprisingly calming atmosphere, like it was just sucking away his aggression. A woman wearing a strange black and white dress with black straps covering the white parts in the center of her dress walked in and introduced herself as Hijiri. She talked about general stuff, like his age, family and friends, overall behaviour, et cetera. There was a brief moment of silence in the room, and was broken by Hijiri asking Yan to change or he'll lose what's important to him. He declined instantly, but then he felt a sudden headache and his muscles tense up as the woman stared at him. The pain in his head increased the longer she stared at him, and he agreed to change. Over the process of a few days, Hijiri reshaped Yan into a respectful and refined growing teen and helped him return to his town. Yan didn't know why, but he felt like he should stay this way, probably because Hijiri is always going to monitor him somehow. When his father died, Yan was given a crate full of weapons and a list of weapons to collect in memory of his father. The weapons were heavy at first, but over time Yan grew used to the heavy weight of the crate on his back and carried it with him whenever he could.

Personality: Yan acts very carefree, even in situations that make regular people intense and bothered and whatnot. When you look at his face, you'll know instantly that he's calm and relaxed 24/7. He talks in a very sporadic talking speed, often confusing people when he talks. He is very absent minded and often forgets He doesn't get into arguments, nor does he enjoy it, because of his submissive attitude to his friends. He also has an unbreakable tolerance of annoyance. Yan tries to make his everyday choices careful and precise, but usually ends up regretting the decision later on. He never shows disrespect to people who do deserve it unless their actions on Yan bite them back in the ass. He's meditates on a frequent basis and loves the quietness and stillness of nature blooming before his eyes and ears. Although he does love the company of his friends, he loves the company of nothing but himself most. He also loves to practice calligraphy. Yan looks constantly happy but rarely does that smile ever show true happiness, cause he feels like he's underachieving and falling into a depression. Most of this calm and peaceful personality was formed after his encounter with the mysterious woman Hijiri.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Special Abilities:
Sharp Eye - Even without a scope, he can hit his target hundreds of meters away but not exactly on the place he wants to hit.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): N/A

One flintlock pistols
One shotguns
One semi auto rifles
One full auto rifle
Two revolvers
Spherical Bombs
A naginata
A spear
A sword
One vintage sniper rifle
One giant, reinforced, wooden crate backpack to carry everything in

Character Flaws:
Absent-Minded - Yan's mind wanders a lot and he forgets things
Thinker, not Fighter - Yan isn't really made for fighting intense battles or anything, and will often fumble with words and attacks
Fast-Slow Talker- Sporadic talking speeds really confuse people, and that's what Yan does regularly; talk in sporadic speeds
Hydrophobic - Yan is scared pants-less about water, refusing to go into bodies of water
Hoarder - Yan heads for any weapon he sees and attempts to get it no matter what.

Goals: Collect one of every weapon from around the world and do nothing with them.

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PostSubject: Re: Yan Zuejin   Sat May 19, 2012 7:43 am

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Yan Zuejin
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