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 Hammy Sacu

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PostSubject: Hammy Sacu   Sun May 13, 2012 11:22 am

Name: Hammy Sacu

Age: 17

Bounty: None

Species: Fishman (octopus-man)

Occupation: Shipwright

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline, Fishman Island

Appearance: Hammy is an 8,0 fishman octopus with 6 arm like tentacles and 2 leg like tentacles. He has blue skin with white skin under his arms. He has a a long mouth and small beady eyes. He has long blue hair with a fedora on top. He is obviously muscular and never wears a shirt. He also wears Hawaiian print shorts. He wears the "mallet ropes" weapon, he wears the pulley system on his back, on his upper pair of arms he has a red button on his right arm and a green button on his left arm, which unlock and retract the ropes. He also has wires leading down too his sandals which get energy from his steps and power the mechanism that unlock a retracts .

History: Hammy grew up in a family of four, with mere-person's are parents and a blow-fish little sister. When he was young he got into trouble quite a bit but despite that he was always studious leading his parents to give him constant activities to stay out of trouble. He showed an interest in building and designing. He would take a part things to see how they work and then put them back together. These two things lead Hammy to be the apprentice of a small time Ship builder named John when he was 7. John taught him the basics of building and designing. By the time Hammy was 14 he became a professional ship builder, and by the time he was 15 he was the head ship builder. However Hammy saw that pirates were the ones who bought there products but they rarely paid for them. To remedy the concern Hammy invented a device called the "Mallet ropes" that would hit and capture pirates. The weapon Hammy invented quickly gained notoriety in the district they were in. By the time he was 17 he became a local legend. Hammy was on top of the world, he thought that even the worlds most powerful pirate would bow down to him. One day however that all changed. Hammy was walking down the street when suddenly a gang of fishmen surrounded him. "That's a nice looking weapon you got there, and is that a wallet? Ya mind me taking a look at it?" said the leader of the gang, a shark man. The gang proceeded to beat up Hammy who could do little about it. Hammy was beaten and beaten until he thought he was going to die, but suddenly a man appeared. That man beat up all the others easily and picked up the items they stole and gave them back to Hammy. Hammy asked where he learned to fight like that and hey said Namors dojo. From that day on Hammy deiced to learn the best fight style which in his eyes was Fishman Karate and Namors Dojo.

Personality: Hammy is studious and focuses on any activity he is doing. He focuses until he falls asleep and lives and breaths it, however when is not doing something he becomes unruly and reckless. He also has a big ego and is often too sure of himself. He views all crimes as justifiable in the right context. Despite this he is a caring person and will do anything for his friends. His stance on humans is almost the same as a fishmans (where he would commit a crime against them if he deems it justifiable) but perhaps a bit harsher.

Special Abilities: Ship Building, rope mallet techniques

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Mallet Ropes (to use any of these ability's' the rope connecting to the mallets must be unlocked)

Mallet Smash: Smash someone with a mallet
Double Mallet Smash: Smashes someone with both mallets from opposite directions
Mallet Grapple: Throws the mallet at an object so that it wraps around it and quickly retract the rope, meaning you either go the location of the hammer or the object the hammer is connected to is puller towards you
Mallet Swing: When the rope is out 10ft or more you can swing the ropes around yourself at a high speed
Mallet Throw: Throws the mallet at a target at a high speed

Octo-man abiltys

Ink shoot: shoots ink at someone
Grab/punch/smash: on pair of hands grabs the person and if succsessful the other two punch the target and hit the target with mallets


Goals: Become a master of FishMan Karate
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PostSubject: Re: Hammy Sacu   Sun May 13, 2012 6:37 pm

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Hammy Sacu
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