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 Jordan Towers

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PostSubject: Jordan Towers   Thu May 10, 2012 3:08 pm

Name: Jordan Towers

Age: 23

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Merchant

Allegiance: Freelancer/Civilian

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Appearance: Jordan is a 175cm tall man, weighing about 68 kilograms. As a result, he is of rather average height and size. He has black hair, which he usually keeps on a ponytail. He keeps himself clean-shaven and has fairly soft facial features, along with green eyes. Generally, he wears a white fedora hat on his head, matching with his suit.

He wears a white suit, matching his hat. Even the tie is white, and his shoes are merest shade off from white. The impeccable state of this suit is the clear mark of a man who keeps good care of himself and his possessions. Sometimes, he has a pistol with him, but he prefers not to do so in fear that potential clients might consider if offputting. In general, he looks like a kind, but stylish man who tries to appear and open and approachable at all times.

History: Born to a family of noble slaves, Jordan was given a varied education. He was to serve his betters like his parents had, and to that end, he was raised to know what nobles knew. Many like him wound up as tutors for young nobles, and thus he needed a good head for theory. When he wasn't studying, he was often told to keep company to the scion of a noble family, one he had always been taught to regard with respect and various honorifics. While the two got along relatively well, it was clear that the noble son didn't have the best of self-esteems. He was of the opinion that people wouldn't have willingly chosen to spend time with him, and in Jordan's case, he actually had been ordered. Still, he didn't think the noble was a bad kid by any measure.

However, while he did get along with the noble son, he did not get along with his peers and tutors, most of whom were also slaves. He had problems with a lot of the etiquette expected of slaves, finding that it was excessive and served no purpose, especially considering that their masters frequently told them to cut the honorifics and get to the point. However, when Jordan pointed this out, his tutor reacted indignantly, an incident repeated with various tutors and various subjects. As Jordan had not internalized his role as a slave nearly as well as the others, he often found it difficult to accept what was expected of him as one.

As they matured, the noble son grew more confident, and as more responsibilities and privileges were piled onto him, he soon took Jordan as a personal servant. And though Jordan had a fairly prestigious position in the household, he was still legally a slave, a position he was beginning to chafe against. His master took note of this, and given that they had been fairly good friends despite the rather extreme difference in status, the noble eventually decided to release Jordan and grant him the rights of a free man.

Jordan continued from there by doing various odd jobs until he finally had the money to start a shipping company. As he had a very small number of people working under him, he dealt with shipments personally. However, one day, his ship was attacked by pirates. They overwhelmed Jordan's staff, killing some and capturing others, including Jordan. They dragged the ship, cargo and all, to a nearby deserted island where the pirates kept their base. Jordan, being an attentive man, noticed that there was a significant divide within the pirate crew. A lot of people were dissatisfied with the current captain, and their new pillaged bounty was inflaming tempers even more.

Eventually, the pirate crew broke into a brawl, and the captives decided to break out. In the chaos, they stole as much loot as they could and finally took the pirates' ship, which had been somewhat damaged in the fighting. They managed to take off before the pirates could stop them, leaving the cantankerous band on a deserted island without an intact ship. Jordan and the remainder of his staff managed to hold the pirate ship together long enough to get into a nearby island.

They all agreed that most of the stuff they had looted from the pirates was Jordan's property anyway, so Jordan paid them their last paychecks and they went their separate ways. Jordan kept the deteriorating ship in the harbor while trying to pawn off his shipment, but there was one item in the pirate bounty he couldn't get rid of. The devil fruit. No-one on the island wanted one, and no-one had the connections to sell it forward. Being stuck with it, Jordan finally decided to eat it.

Then came marine trouble. They had finally noted the pirate ship on the harbor, and happened to come look at it right when Jordan was packing the last of his stuff on said ship. They finally relented on the matter of the pirate ship after he gave them the location of the pirate crew's private island, but insisted on confiscating the wanted ship. Jordan didn't actually care due to the poor condition of the ship. It was basically rotting into the sea anyway.

Jordan had watched his navigator at work before, and he had a decent grasp of weather science, so he wasn't the worst off on sea. He bought himself a small ship, one that only required one person to travel with, a decent sea map, and set off. He is currently on sea, passing time trying to figure out the ins and outs of his devil fruit.

Personality: Jordan is a man with an eye for the mercantile. As a rather clever man, he has been quick about turning theory into practice. Thus, he is a fast learner. He has a good grasp of etiquette, having been around nobles for the first 20 years of his life. He dislikes being spoken to with honorifics, as his experience as a slave has made him averse to the idea of being "above" someone, even though he wasn't ever treated badly.

Though he insists on speaking to everyone as an equal, the excessive use of sir:s, madam:s and other honorifics has developed into a verbal tic which he has to consciously suppress. This results in the backwards situation where Jordan will generally speak as an equal to everyone he doesn't know, but lapse into honorifics if he is comfortable with someone. He also has an appreciation for art, good food, and style. In particular, he prefers to dress in white suits, and prefers to look clean-shaven and presentable whenever possible.

While Jordan is not particularly fond of the authoritative and overbearing government, he dislikes pirates more, as he has had personal experience with their modus operandi of accosting innocent traders and taking their stuff. However, should someone show that they have merely taken the moniker of pirate in defiance to the world government and have no intention of attacking civilians, he would be merely indifferent.

Though generally nice to people, Jordan considers himself and his business ventures before others. He does not partake of immoral business practices, but isn't particularly charitable either, largely concerned with his own wealth. If someone were to offer him a lucrative offer without knowing what they were giving up, Jordan might accept the offer.

Ship: The Aspirant Galley. The Aspirant Galley is a sailing boat about 7 meters long. The name comes from its origin, the hands of an apprentice shipwright who wanted to make a larger ship but ran out of wood, leading to the creation of the sailing boat instead.

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: Honto Honto No Mi
Type: Paramecia
Effect: Allows the user to manipulate truth values regarding himself.

Special Abilities:

Physical Characteristics Though Jordan has a high level of theoretical knowledge, his physical qualities are thoroughly average. As the extent of physical exertion for him has been work on a ship, his strength falls short of the average marine fresh out of boot camp. He can run as well as the average human, sprinting at about 37 km/h. He has never really fought people and would thus be exceedingly mediocre in hand-to-hand. He has some basic accuracy with a pistol however, and he knows to handle and shoot one.

Fruit Use: Jordan is at the most basic level of fruit use. He can understand the formal logic governing the fruit, but as he has only recently gained the fruit, he can only project numbers up to 5 meters away from himself, and his explosions only barely engulf the numbers they are centered on.

Learned Techniques:
1.: Jordan makes a statement and declares it true, gaining the quality described until the white number corresponding to this power is destroyed.
0.: Jordan makes a statement and declares it false, losing the quality described until the white number corresponding to this power is destroyed.
Paradox: Jordan invokes paradox with the fruit, causing a small explosion in place of a number.

Weapons/Items: Standard pistol.

Goals: Find an island with more opportunities.

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PostSubject: Re: Jordan Towers   Fri May 11, 2012 12:25 pm

approved sounds reasonable enough
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Jordan Towers
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