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 Rekrul Grob

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PostSubject: Rekrul Grob   Thu May 10, 2012 2:26 pm

Name: Rekrul Grob

Age: 23

Bounty: None

Species: Human

Occupation: Assassin, Doctor

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue

Appearance: He is about 6,6 with a slender build, no real muscle mass to speak of. He has brown eyes, blue hair, long arms and legs and is typically seen with a scythe strapped on his back. He wears a long black robe that covers his entire body when he is trying to assassinate someone. When he doesn't have the robe on he has an open white coat above a red shirt, Black pants and black shoes, and he has a stethoscope on his neck. He also normally wears a pair of plastic gloves.

History: Born and raised in the East blue on a small island home to several doctors Rekrul viewed the way doctors did there business and found it fascinating, so when he turned 18 he said good by to his family and stowed away on a vessel headed to Louge town, said to be the city with the most business for doctors in the East Blue. When he got to Louge town he quickly enrolled in a medical school. During his three years and the medical school he learned quite a bit about advanced first aid and basic surgery, but the most he learned about the human nervous system and how different nerves affected the body. Once his training was done he quickly became a novice doctor for a hospitable near the docks of Louge town. He would bandage some marines here and there and he would patch up a few pirates but other then that his days boring, However one day he heard cannon fire outside, he ran out to see what was going on and he saw marines shooting and pirates sailing away, laughing, drinking, partying, firing cannons and singing about going to the grand line for adventure. He watched in awe as the seamlessly crossed the water and without a care in the world left his view. In that instance he told his boss he quit and ran out. It was only as he left the door that he realized that he didn't have the money to set sail, nor to he have a crew, nor did he have weapons or amour. As he thought about how he would handle the situation he saw a wanted poster for some bandit named Robert Riddler, the bounty was for 5,000,000. "Not much" he thought, but enough to get a small fishing boat and perhaps a weapon. So he set out to find this Robert and turn him in. After roughly a week of searching up and down Louge town he thought he finally found him, he had a Black Robe on but he knew his face from the poster. What was he holding though, and what was strapped to his back? Rekrul figured he would find out soon enough. He ran at the Bandit while swing his stethoscope (he didn't yet realize that wasn't a very good weapon) and he whacked him in the back of the head. Robert quickly turned to see what happened and he was greeted with a man with dirty clothing, swing a stethoscope. He laughed and said "Wadda you think 'ur doin' there? Ya look like some kinda doctor! Well whatever 'Ur doin' you hit me and that means I get to kill ya'!" With that he took the scythe off his back and sliced down and Rekrul who just barley jumped out of the way, although he wasn't able to role like he hoped he would and he laid stomach first on the ground. That's when he noticed the thing he say in the hands of Robert a few minutes ago behind him, was that a devil fruit? Did this thief steal a devil fruit? Just as he was getting up the thief tried to strike him again but he jumped out of the way, but this time he cut Rekrul on his leg, as he winced in pain he realized that the devil fruit was just an arms reach away, as quickly as he could he reached for the devil fruit and picked it up. As soon as Robert saw what was happening he tried to slice off Rekruls' head. However Rekrul took a bit of the fruit and immediately flew back in disgust of the taste of the fruit, causing the scythe to barley miss his neck. Suddenly Rekrul felt a surge in power in his hands. He watched as needles started growing on his hands "is this the devil fruit's power?" he thought. Instinctively he held up his hand towards the thief and the needles flew out! The thief feel over dead and Rekrul passed out. A few months later a lot of things happened in Rekruls life. He turned in the body of the theif, he got a medical bag, took up the weapon and robe of the thief, bought a fishing boat and trained his skills with the scythe. It had finally come to the day when he would set sail. He said goodbye to his friends and set out to sea, wondering what kind of adventures he would have!

Personality: He has a bubbly personalty normally, almost always with a smile on his face, always willing to take a drink and laugh. He cares a lot for human life when he deems it a necessity to keep it, however when it benefits him to be so he can be a cold blooded killer, also when on a mission (it being saving someone life or taking it away) he suddenly takes a more serious turn (that is if he understands the importance of the event that is being transpired). He is somewhat of a perfectionist and cannot stand it when a job wasn't done to his specifications. HE views stealing as terrible a act but he also understands the necessity of it.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: A skull and cross bones with one of the bones replaced with a scythe

Devil Fruit:
type: Logia
effect: Gives the user the ability to create a needle anywhere on there body and shoot it, it also gives the user invulnerability to needles

Special Abilities: Extensive knowledge of the human nervous system, Basic combat medic, has knowledge of first aid and basic surgery

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Assassins scythe
Decapitate: The user swings their scythe at the enemy's neck and if it hits it decapitates the enemy (only useable against a still opponent)
Poison swing: A swing of the scythe with the poison activated
Crippling swing: A swing of the scythe with the intention of rendering an arm/leg unusable (by either cutting it off or attack the nervous system)
Normal swing:I normal swing of the scythe with the intent of inflicting the most damage possible

Hari Hari no Mi

Needle punch: A punch with your fist covered in needles
Needle Kick: A kick with your shoe covered in needles
Needle gun: A needle is shot out of the users hand at a high speed
Needle Disable: Every attack on the arm our leg with a needle is aimed at weakening the appendage, if you get a clean hit (i.e no grassing, no weakened blows ect.) then you "struck a nerve" and weaken any ability that comes from that appendage until the wound is healed
Needle block: This is used against martial artist when they attack, Basically you predict where they will attack and cover your body with needles there

Weapons/Items:, Medical kit

Goals: To be the freest he can be on the seas and sail to his hearts content
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PostSubject: Re: Rekrul Grob   Thu May 10, 2012 9:29 pm

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Rekrul Grob
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