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 Red Jaguar

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PostSubject: Red Jaguar    Sun May 06, 2012 10:26 am

Name: Reginald "Red" Jaguar

Age: 19

Bounty: 0B

Species: Human.

Occupation: Shipwright, Inventor

Allegiance: Pirate, The Clockwork Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: Tiki Town, South Blue

Appearance: Flaming red spiky hair, cut short and always kept messy. Red's hair is kept out of his face by a set of metallic goggles with green lenses that he wears on his forehead. When he puts the goggles on, his hair might get in his eyes. His eyes have a deep brown color, and are almost always wide open. His mouth is missing one of it's front teeth, a result of a punch he received as a child. Red owns a quite scrawny build that doesn't reflect the full extent of his strength. He stands at about 1.75 meters, making him slightly short, and weights around 65 kilograms. His hands are almost always filled with scratches and bruises, either a result of his work or his violent fighting style. His feet are quite large when compared to his body, and his limbs are quite long in comparison as well.
Red wears a pair of wooden sandals on his feet, allowing him to easily lose them for comfort. He wears a pair of orange trousers that reach his knees, with black patterns on the bottom and a pair of large pockets. Red also wears a sleeveless gray vest, keeping his abdomen revealed most of the time. In addition, Red also wears a string necklace with a red miniature Tiki stature dangling from it. He doesn't like to carry his tools with him, but when he has to, he'll carry them in a red metallic toolbox that he can strap to his back.

History: Red was born to a well established family. He was called Red for his hair color. While his mother had simple hair saloon, his father had a much more productive job. His father was a manufacturer of illegal firearms, namely revolvers, who were illegally produced in his factory, Jaguar Enterprises, and were sold to whoever bought them. Since the revolvers weren't registered by the WG marines rarely used them, making pirates the main costumers of Red's father. As a kid, Red seemed quite silly and idiotic to most, always bruising himself while running around the island and playing pretend. He was pretty hyperactive, but was never allowed in his father's factory out of fear that he might hurt himself with a bit more than branches and rocks.

As the son of a weapon dealer, Red got to see and meet a lot of pirates growing up, whether it was watching their ships leave port or even exchanging some words with pirate who wanted to meet "Jaguar's little rascal". He even got to meet some of the pirates' kids, though most crews didn't carry children on board. He liked meeting those people, mainly because his father's job tickled his curiosity. Naturally for a child, he wanted what was forbidden the most.

One day, when Red was about 9, he met Edward, the 10 year-old son of one of the pirate captains that bought from Red's dad. The captain chose to let his son play with Red while the grown-ups dealt with their business. After running around with Ed, who was just as hyperactive as Red, the two boys turned hungry. With Red not being able to get nay food since his dad wanted him out of the house when business was being dealt with, Ed offered they'll sneak to his father's ship and take some snacks. As suggested, the two boys sneaked into the ship, unnoticed by the few crew mates who were left there, and snatched some fruits before escaping to calm their stomachs.

Among the fruits the boys took, that included several apples and oranges, there was one weird looking fruit the boys didn't want to touch. It seemed spoiled, almost mutated, unlike anything they saw before. Eventually, after eating, Ed's childish nature awakened, and he drew a coin from his pocket. He dared Red to eat the spoiled fruit for the coin, and the silly Red happily accepted the challenge. That dare was about to change Red's life.

It wasn't long before Red noticed that the horrible-tasting fruit changed him. He discovered that he could rotate his arms completely, without any joints getting in the way. Soon enough, more abilities appeared, turning Red into a legend among the island. Red's father, who saw potential in his son's new abilities, finally allowed him to enter the factory, and even work there. The truth was that with his new powers, Red was a living toolbox, letting do the work more efficiently than any other employee. Red accepted the job, happy to finally be allowed in his father's factory.

While working in the factory, Red's passion for mechanics and machinery was born. He found the workshop as a sanctuary, where he wasn't a silly kid anymore, but a brilliant inventor. He used his free time to make himself new toys, that got more complicated the more he grew. In the factory, Red got to meet even more pirates than before, and hear more stories than ever. His special abilities slowly turned into his second nature, while legends said that Ed was almost thrown to sea when his father found out what happened.

Red worked in the factory for 10 years, and while the first few years were perfect for him, he started growing bored out of the small factory as he grew older. The work was too monotonous and boring, the machinery was never upgraded nor updated and wasn't able to keep up with Red's growing passion for machinery, and Red couldn't stand the fact that while he was stuck in the 4 by 4 workshop, his father's costumers brought stories from all over the blues, some of them even younger than he was! Soon, Red realized that leaving was an attractive option. He wanted to get to the seas and go through some adventures on his own instead of hearing about them in the cold factory. With that in mind, Red started working on something new in his breaks: A ship.

He managed to build one, though it couldn't be big since he didn't have the materials or docking space for a big ship, but he managed to assemble a small one-man raft, fit for personal traveling. He modified the waver to fit his special abilities, and when it was finally done, he made a note for his parents, explaining his feelings. With that, Red left his home island on his own, letting the sea lead him to new adventures.

Personality: When it doesn't concern machinery, Red can be considered a complete fool. He's reckless, irresponsible and a bit childish. He cares very little about rules and conducts, since he sees them as roadblocks on his way to his glorious adventures. After having his share of boredom, Red can barely stand it anymore. He has to have something to occupy himself with at all times. As opposed to all that, Red turns fully serious and occupied when it comes to machinery. It's his passion and love. When he has spare time, he'll always go to either his blueprints or his workshop. Red can be considered a people person, and can make friends quite easily, but he becomes quite clueless when stuff stop being all fun and dandy. He won't hesitate standing up for who he considers his friend, but he isn't very concerned by justice when it doesn't involve people who aren't close to him, he'll just choose to drift away on to his next adventure. All and all, Red is quite a yesman, and will never hesitate to accept any challenge or opportunity on his way.

Ship: The Gyrotor

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Shari Shari No Mi
Type: Paramecia
Effect: Allows the user to turn different parts of his body into wheels and spin them rapidly.

Special Abilities:

Resilient Limbs: After years of using his limbs as tools, Red developed a certain resilience to pain and damage in his arms and legs. He can thrust his arms and legs at hard surfaces such as rocks and wood while spinning them at high speed without receiving any meaningful damage nor suffering any pain.

Brilliant Machinist: Red has a gift for machinery. He can understand the mechanisms of most machines, ships and weapons, and can plan mental blueprints of various inventions on the spot. While most of them are just silly gadgets that are meant to solve silly problems, he may draw a rabbit from his hat every once in a while. He can easily modify and fix ships given the right supplies.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Shari Shari No Hammer!: Red will turn his shoulder into a wheel, and will then spin his entire arm with great speed, making it appear as a blurry disc. He will then deliver a punch, powered by the spin's velocity. The punch is strong enough to send people flying and break through stone walls.

Shari Shari No Sledge Hammer!: Similar to Hammer, except Red will rotate both of his arms, before interlocking their fingers and bringing them down on his opponent. This attack is powerful enough to drive an opponent into the ground, or create a small crater.

Shari Shari No Jackhammer!: A rapid version of Hammer. Red will rotate both of his arms, and rapidly deliver Hammer punches in a blurry fashion.

Shari Shari No Wrench!: Red will grab hold of his opponent before turning his waists into a wheel, allowing him to spin his upper body while keeping his feet stationary. He will then start spinning horizontally with great speed, carrying his opponent around before stopping instantly and throwing the opponent with the given momentum.

Shari Shari No Crowbar!: A vertical version of Wrench. Red will turn his upper thighs into vertical wheels, and will then spin his abdomen vertically, Driving his opponent into the ground several times before flinging him upward. When the opponent drops back down, he can expect a finishing blow.

Shari Shari No Screwdriver!: Red will turn his elbow into a wheel, and will rapidly spin his forearm like a drill. He will then deliver a punch, with the drill improving his punch's penetration force. The punch can drill through stone walls and deal piercing damage to opponents. This is also the technique that is used to power the Gyrotor. In that case, it will be named Shari Shari No Jump Starter.

Shari Shari No Drill!: Red will turn his waists into a wheel, and will then spin his legs rapidly, turning them into a large drill. While this technique can be used offensively, it is mainly used to produce an instant shelter from an incoming attack by burrowing underground and instantly hiding in the created hole, hiding the entire body in a second.

Shari Shari No Buzzsaw!: Red will turn his waists into a wheel and will spread his legs, making them almost aligned with each other. Then, by either standing on his hands or jumping, Red can spin his waists to create a blurry buzzsaw-like movement with his legs, delivering a barrage of powerful kicks to his opponent.

Shari Shari No Roller!: Red will turn both his legs into large wheels, allowing him to drive around at great speeds. Red can reach extremely high speeds (That of modern cars) with this technique, but can barely turn, forcing him to almost completely stop before doing so.

Shari Shari No Sander!: Using the force behind his Roller technique, Red will run into different obstacles on his way while crossing his arms in front of his body, capable of going through stone walls.

Shari Shari No Lawn Mower!: An enhanced version of Sander. Instead of just crossing his arms, Red will turn them into wheels as well, and spin them rapidly to create a grinding effect, increasing his destructive potential.

Weapons/Items: The Gyrotor, basic tool box

Character Flaws: Red is quite dumb when it doesn't concern machinery and craftsmanship. He is also a sucker for good food, and will carelessly fall into any trap that involves it.

  • Go on adventures that he could write home about
  • Become the best shipwright in all the Blues

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Red Jaguar
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