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 Ability clarifications

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PostSubject: Ability clarifications   Fri May 04, 2012 4:54 am

rokushiki myths:

-It is possible under some circumstances to be faster than soru
(it is only possible to compete with soru if were talking about land speed dashing, running faster than soru is not permitted)

-Tekkai makes me immune to all manor of blunt attacks
(Tekkai is a damage reducer, not an all purpose shield, it fails against most any energy based attack and reduces damage from blunt force and to a lesser degree cuts and punctures but cannot fully nullify damage from stronger attacks)

-It is possible to turn mid soru
(each use of soru is in a strait line, to turn one must stop, pivot and soru again, which is a second consecutive use of soru)

-Tekkai can dispel explosive blasts
(Tekkai can reduce the damage of say, a cannon ball, but an incendiary weapon will still burn and damage, tekkai is weak against energy)

-Tekkai doesnít break until long in to a fight
(false, tekkai can break and be re-set up quickly, unless specified it isnít a something like a health bar, its going to break if the users body cannot remain ridged and hold its position)

-Kami-e makes the uses body flat and paper like
(kami-e is simply the opposite of tekkai, slipping around an attack by relaxing the body to curve out of harms way at superhuman levels, this is not to be confused with auto-dogging however as users of Kami-e are still very much as vulnerable and suffer from a momentary lapse in speed when performing the technique, area of effect attacks like explosions cannot be dogged with it)

-Users of soru can for all intents and purposes "disappear" from a given spot
(Soru users run rapidly, that is all, the only difference is that the acceleration is instantaneous for a short burst, though this can be used to move out of harms way it is illegal to use it as an auto-doge, the bonus in mobility is one again in a strait line)

-As it is made of air, Rankyaku will simply weave around any attempts to parry it
(Rankyaku is a highly compressed air current traveling in a given direction, it can be parried disrupted or dispersed by physical force and the air inside neutralized once the current breaks)

-I can use Tekkai and geppo at the same time
(you cannot move if your going to use tekkai (unless you have tekkai kenpo or an equivalent style) falling tekkai is really the only option)

-I can use rankyaku and gheppou at the same time
(both techniques involve kicking the air, but in entirely different ways, Geppo involves kicking in a downward thrust while rankyaku uses an ark)

-Shigan can also slice opponents
(shigan is only capable of piercing under any regard unless the user has some kind of claw)

-rankyaku is a shockwave
(rankyaku is simply the user slicing through the air with their leg, causing a break in the air and firing off a jet-stream like current of air outward with a cutting power)

-It is not necessary to bounce continuously with geppo to stay in the air
(false, geppo cannot hover or 'stop' in any way the user must jump consistently; however, similar techniques have been shown to not have this requirement)

-Geppo and soru together constitute walking on air, stoping and turning are quite simple
(soru is used to dash, then after the dash geppo is used to push off for the second dash, turning or stopping mid dash is totally impossible mid air where as stopping mid dash on the ground is possible)

-Rankyaku burns up in/cuts strait through intense fire
(like any convection system the air currents of rankyaku can be diffused with excessive heat, however the compressed air moves to rapidly to explode on contact, both would simply be neutralized)

-A rokushiki master can surpass the limits of conventional rokushiki and have better techniques
(like any style in the rp new techniques should serve a new purpose, not simply be "better" and rpers are expected to stay within established limits)

-Rokudan is an energy blast
(Actually, rokudan is quite similar to fishman karateís projectile air waves, but based in vibrations from the kinetic force itself, it passes through targets damaging them internally)

myths regarding life return

-Body augmentation
(it is not, ordinarily possible to simply grow or shrink the body with life return, Luchiís use of the technique was based in his zoan devil fruits transformation, the only evidence of this has been shrinking a larger zoan form to the proportions of the users normal body for the purposes of mobility, there is no evidence to suggest that growth is also duly possible or that non zoan users can perform such techniques, currently this style of life return simply amounts to a fourth zoan form)

(outright regeneration is not possible with life return, nor is reducing damage internally, though a user can use life return to speed up the body's own healing process. This would take time and energy, and normal human beings would see little or no effect during battle for any wounds worth healing.)

-Adrenaline control
(Adrenaline increases heart rate, suppresses (but does not negate) pain and blood loss, widens blood vessels, increases heart contraction, dilates pupils, increases ATP (which can multiply strength and speed as high as 5 times the norm) and raises blood sugar levels; it by no means disregards damage, though it allows the body to move and endure at levels it would not normally be able to. This is temporary. Any time slowing sensation caused by adrenaline would not duly accelerate movement and bullet time is not an option. It is not possible to abuse full scale adrenaline rushes multiple times in a thread with out having a heart attack. Adrenaline should not be confused with endorphins which are responsible for the disregard of pain rather than suppression)

-Muscle control †
(yes life return can control muscles as its cable of controlling all body parts but it isnt able to just decide to instantly bulk up the user over a short period of time, muscle grows by healing and therefor the process cannot be aggressively expedited, muscular control can however maximize the effectives of training regiments for greater results than normal people could expect)

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PostSubject: Re: Ability clarifications   Sat May 19, 2012 3:37 pm


Eisen dials, Ball dials, and Milky dials do not work outside sky islands, as they rely on clouds, however heat and cold dials can be used to make ordinary clouds on the surface world

Axe dials, Jet dials and air loaded Breath dials, or any other dial fueled by air require a post to absorb air between each use, consider this a one post cool down time. Fire dials also have this effect. However, dial powered vehiclesí propulsion is not effected by this, as multiple dials are used so that one is always firing at any given time.

The standard use of reject dials present a very very dangerous amount of recoil to the user. A reject dial multiplies the absorbed impact by 20 on release; keep in mind, tis is per release and there have been shown to be at least three shots in a reject dial so it cold multiply the damage considerably more as a whole. Weiper also proved that seastone cannot be used to absorb this recoil, for that mater neither can high grade black steel.

Contrary to popular opinion, dials do not produce their content with out end. However, there has never been an occurance in canon where a dial has ran out, even when used by amateurs. With that in mind, it is assmed the dial is refilled between threads and releases the same amount each time, proportional to the content absorbed.

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PostSubject: Re: Ability clarifications   Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:29 am

Air slashes:

Referring to both air slashes made by Rankyaku and with swords/other bladed weapons

Air slashes are all momentum with no substance, that is to say they are the "thrown" force of the slash the physical object made, but though they are not solid objects themselves air slashes act as a semi-solid, pressurized air current with cutting power

Air slashes can be blocked by solid enough objects despite their non-solid nature, the ark of the slash can be, for example, "Parried" by a sword as if its edge was the edge of a bladed weapon with out the slash passing around the blade and still cutting the defender (like Zoro demonstrated in his fight against Kaku)

Though there is some variation to the cutting power of air slashes, as a general rule they cannot cleave anything a lengthy sword logically couldn't, meaning that metal objects tend to be good defenses against them, though some swordsman can cut steel they do not seem to be able to carry that level of cutting power to air slashes, requiring their blades to cut metal
Though Luchi did demonstrate that air slashes made from a natural blade, such as his claws, that were a part of his body could potentially cut metal (Rankyaku "Gaicho")

Air slashes serve principally to aid in the slicing apart of targets to far away or to large across to be split in two by the users weapon, meaning that they simply carry the power of a slash at a distance, nothing the character could not physically kick apart or slash apart can be totally bisected by air slashes as a rule

Air slashes can be re-directed by being "parried" with a physical block (Zoro demonstrated this with his swords) but can continue moving with reduced cutting power (as seen when Kaku's parried Rankyaku sliced through two book cases)

Though air slashes can cut solid objects they do not ultimately do as well against non solid medium, for example, diving under water to avoid an air slash is a viable option, as the body of compressed air breaks in to bubbles and the force is diverted, however compressed semi-solid targets, such as bodies of condensed snow or sand seem to cleave apart just as well as solid objects

Though the distance the air slash flies is dependent on the users ability to "throw" it, which is dependent on strength, they do not travel out forever and eventually lose their momentum, it can be reasonably assumed that an air slash cannot travel between two thread's locations, or across an entire island or thread-wide location, between islands or from sea level to a cloud level.

Due to the many instances in which air slashes and cannon artillery have collided it is assumed that an explosive attack and air blade based attack completely cancel each other out. If either the explosion or the air slash is massively larger or more forceful than the smaller one still "pushes back" the larger one and reduces its speed and force, making a direct less unlikely

Two colliding air slashes simply "parry" each-other in the same way two bladed weapons swinging would collide, both are nullified. If one of said air slashes is massively larger or more forceful than the smaller slash still "pushes back" the larger air slash and reduces its speed and power dramatically, making a direct hit unlikely

A fishman Karate attack traveling as vibrations in the air's moisture colliding with an air slash cancels both out, regardless of the difference in offensive power between them

Air slashes are composed entirely of condensed air, but also move extremely rapidly so any fire based attack or body of flame colliding with the air slash follows the same rule as explosives

Though there are air based projectiles that strike, pierce or explode rather than cut, such as (Jabara's Lupus Fall and Luchi's Shigan Bachi) they are to be treated as air slashes for the purpose of these rules

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PostSubject: Re: Ability clarifications   Mon Mar 23, 2015 5:10 pm

Updated based on the canon revelations and the changes to how members and staff have treated the abilities. Few, but notable changes.
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PostSubject: Re: Ability clarifications   

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Ability clarifications
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