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 Aaron Yates

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PostSubject: Aaron Yates   Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:57 am

Name: Aaron Yates

Age: 26

Bounty: 3,000,000 Marine Murder

Species: Human

Occupation: Medic/Medicine and Potion Maker

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue


History: Aaron was born on a remote island in the West Blue on June 14th. The island was pretty much a territory of a string of other islands free from the World Government. His island in particular had a population of only 300 people. His family was the only people on the island who grew herbs for medicines, which made them a very good living. Aaron learned the trade at a young age with his younger brother and older sister, and stuck with growing crops through most of his years. However, in the months that he started learning to read, he began buying books on potions and medicines, and what herbs and ingredients were needed to make them. He began reading them in bulk, and when he read these books, he came up with a great idea. As his family only gave doctors good ingredients, they had to make the medicines themselves, making them spend time and money on individual ingredients and extra pots and pans at the store. If Aaron started using his parentís herbs to make the potions and medicines, he could earn his family a lot more money. So he started taking some of his parentís herbs, making the potions and medicines from them, and selling them to various doctors and pharmacies. This made him lots of money. Of course, when his parents learned he was stealing their crops, they were outraged, however this opinion quickly changed when they found that he was making much more money than they were. They decided to make Aaron a part of this business, making medicines for doctors if they wanted. This got the family a lot more money, which meant they could buy more land, and more crops were made, and then more money etc. At the age of about 12, Aaron began wondering what these medicines he was making were curing. He then began buying books about the human anatomy, sicknesses and what parts of the body, when injured do what. After this, and about two years of reading, Aaron felt like sort of an expert on all these things. So he decided to enroll in medical school on the main island. He took an application test and sent it to the main land. For the next year, Aaron taught his family to make potions like he learned so the family would run out of money. During this year, however, something happened that would forever change Aaronís life. While he was walking one night, two men tried to rob him. Aaron then suddenly felt a boost of strength and speed, and was able to overthrow the two men with great speed. This was what he found was adrenaline. When he got a letter back, he found out he was the first to ever ace the acceptance test, and was therefore accepted to the academy as the youngest member to date, at 15. For the next five years, Aaron was busy at school learning about the body. He learned much more than he thought he would. He learned and memorized every part of the body, bone, muscle, tendon, everything. He also learned how to diagnose a patient with any symptom and give the corresponding treatment. In only five years, Aaron was turned in to Dr. Aaron Yates. He then took the hypocratic oath. This something he took very seriously. After this, he decided to set up a clinic on the newest island of the chain of islands that was being settled. As Aaron could grow his own herbs for treatment, he made a lot of profits and became very rich. But this did not last. At threat of forceful takeover by the world government, the islands peacefully gave their land to the Government. The Government then made Aaron treat their wounded soldiers and pay them 80% of his earnings. Aaron disliked this, but did it anyway, as he could do nothing about it. Then, one day, when he was 22, Aaron met a man who he was treating. This man was talking about training to control a part of your body. Aaron then remembered his experience with adrenaline and decided to train with this ďLife ReturnĒ to master it. Aaron then spent most of his time researching adrenaline and training to use it. It took him 3 years, but he finally mastered using it. He was also fed up with the governmentís attitude towards his services, and after long thought, he decided he should become a pirate to escape this. Then, equipped with all of his books, his med kit and a makeshift scythe he used during training, Aaron left. However, when officials of the Government tried to stop him, he kept going. But when they began to attack him, Aaron was forced to kill them. This made his morals change. He said he would only injure someone if they were trying to take away someone elseís life. For the next year, Aaron roamed around the seas, searching for a crew. He also found a new scythe with an interesting power.

Personality: The first thing you might notice about Aaron is that he always goes out of his way to help someone that is injured. Even if he doesn't know them, he believes everyone deserves a second chance. He stops believing this about you, however, if you try to or have taken someones life and it wasn't in self defense. He has taken a hypocratic oath, so will not cause harm to any person unless they are causing harm to him or other innocent people. Aaron is a very intelligent person, as he has memorized every single bone, muscle and tendon in the body, as well as remedies for almost every sickness or injured known. He also knows what biome or area each of the ingredients for these remedies can be found. This makes him a very valuable medic for any crew that will take him. This, however, is not were his talents stop. He also has a brilliant fighter mind. He knows most of the human anatomy, and therefore can use his scythe to do maximum damage to an enemy, which is another reason any crew would be lucky to have him. Finally, he is bit of an adrenaline junkie, which is why he decided to learn how to get it whenever he wants. Aaron enjoys reading about plants, the human body and many things of that nature.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
Skilled Medic/Doctor: Aaron went to a medical school, which gave him knowledge of how to treat a series of illnesses, injuries and other things very easily.
Skilled Alchemist: Through medic school and personal training, Aaron is now able to identify most illnesses and knows the corresponding cure. He can then make a potion to cure it.
Adrenaline Life Return: A life return that allows the user to have an adrenaline rush, which means he is stronger, faster, doesn't feel pain can be extremely agile for a span of 5 rounds, any more and the user risks a coma

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Super Speed: Using a burst of adrenaline life return, Aaron can run extremely fast (soru speed) in a 100 meter radius.
Super Strength: Using a burst of adrenaline life return, Aaron can lift over 3 times his body weight.
Immune to Pain: Using a burst of adrenaline life return, Aaron can be immune from pain, however he will feel it when the adrenaline wears off, this doesnít mean the injuries donít affect him, just the pain.
Wind Slash: As Aaron has trained with his scythe a great deal, he can swing it extremely fast, causing wind to be trapped between the stick and blade, making a crescent shaped blade.
Whirlwind:Aaron can spin his scythe in a circular formation and make a whirlwind which will push someone back a meter or two.

Medical Bag
Seastone Scythe

Goals: Continue to help people get better
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Aaron Yates
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