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 Jack Lacroix (Completed)

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PostSubject: Jack Lacroix (Completed)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:57 am

Name: Jack Lacroix

Bounty: 20,000,000 beli

Species: Human.

Occupation: Pirate Captain

Allegiance: Cutting Edge Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue


Jack was born in a pirate ship. The son of a career pirate and a cabin girl, he was raised in the pirate ship as a cabin boy. Jack had served many years on board his fathers ship and had served along side his mother as well. Despite all this Jack didnt get a bounty since he was only a lowly cabin boy. Jack participated in many of his fathers crews adventures and gained experience from doing so. At the age of 11 Jacks mother passed away from a disease leaving Jack down and broken hearted. His father on the other hand didnt really care about the mothers death, claiming that, since she was a pirate this was the dangers that came with it and they would have to accept this fate.

Jacks father eventually became a shichibukai when Jack became 13 years old, the father being considered as a notorious pirate at this point. However, when Jack turned 14 his father was killed, ironically by another up and coming pirate. The crew disbanded and Jack was left to fend for himself. Jack went back to his small home island in the North Blue where his father had a house, Jack found out when his father told him. Jack went back to keep himself busy and earn money. Jack went across the area trying to get his hands on as much gold as he possibly could. Especially since his father didnt leave him anything and his fathers first mate took his ship. Jack earned his money by working part time in some bandit groups and working at his home islands local inn.He also earned money by doing various other things like transporting and loading of ships. As soon as Jack gained enough money he was finally able to purchase a ship. Jack was friends with the local ship maker who made him a caravel class ship. Before Jack left for the sea, he had a run in tussle with a local pirate crew who was taking stock in his home town. Jack stole a devil fruit from the captains quarters and made a break for his own ship. Jack finally set sail , looking for the closest port to start recruting for his pirate crew. Jack soon crossed into the island of Muerta near the edge of the North Blue where he would meet and recruit his first mate, namely Celestia Montague, a swords woman who would swear loyalty to Jack abandoning the Montague family to join Jack on his journey.
Jack made a slight name for himself mainly stealing from merchant vessels.

Jack had no real love for his father. However Jack respected and admired the man as a pirate captain. Jack learnt most of the trade from his old man and the old crew. Jack however, loved his mother very much and was more close to her than anyone else. Her death had affected Jack greatly and it even made Jack confront his father when his father couldnt care to get his mother a more comfortable coffin.
Jack is a true pirate through and through. He will not shy away from a battle unless its one he obviously cant win, and does not consider it dishonorable to stab someone from behind in battle. He claims "When you get to fighting, its survival and victory, the rest is all piss" Jack also enjoys the ocassional drink and the company of women. He will also steal and loot as he believes that is what pirates are meant to do.

Jack is usually against mindless slaughter of civilians or others, but that doesnt mean he wont do what is necessary to ensure his survival. Jack doesnt mind trampling over others to get what he wants and will do so if necessary. However, Jack is mostly a well hearted adventorous person with much ambition in his life. Jack still believes its a big world, and he wants to explore and do it all.

The Elizabeth

Ship Flag: traditional cross bones and skull with two scissors along side , one on the right and one on the left

Devil Fruit:choki-choki no mi
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: Jack has experience he has earned as a pirate and hence he can navigate his way through most pirate situations and
knows the right spot to go. Jack is quick, agile and strong. He doesnt have any superhuman abilities , but he at least has average speed, power and agilty. Jack also has the ability to sing and drink to his hearts content and is surprisingly good at Math.
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1.Chopablock: This is when Jack turns his hands into scissors and uses it to block a attack.
2. Jack : He cuts his opponent right through with his hands which have turned to scissors
3. King: He chops a X using his two hands which have been turned into giant scissors on his opponent.
4. Queen: He fires a blurry of cuts across his enemies, its meant for wide range
5. Aces: A run with his scissors , like a charge through and with his scissors, he fires critical slices or cleaves anyone in his path of his charge.

Map/ Telescope/ compass

1. Loot , plunder and pillage to hearts content
2. Enter the New World at some point
3. Gain notoriety

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PostSubject: Re: Jack Lacroix (Completed)   Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:32 am

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Jack Lacroix (Completed)
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