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 Jesse Bonney (deleted)

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PostSubject: Jesse Bonney (deleted)   Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:03 am

Name: Jesse Bonney "The Predator"

Age: 25

Bounty: NA

Species: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Allegiance: Himself

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line

Appearance: Jesse stands about 5'9 weighing at 180 pounds. He has muscular figure from his time as a detective. He has black unkept long silky hair kept in a ponytail with a eagle feather in it. His eyes are brown. His a brown tannish skin. His attire consits of a brown cowboy hat, a opened brown vest, black shorts, and black shoes. He wears red tribal markings on his face. There is log pose on his left arm for traveling. He has two holsters around his waist. Two small bazooka strapped around his arms. three rounds bombs are strapped to his waist behind his back.

History: Jesse was young troublemaker who always found himself at the wrong end of the road. He was the type of kid that everyone knew as the "trouble" child. It didn't change even as as teenager when he was arrested for petty crimes finding himself in and out jail barely able to hold a job for a couple of months. Then one day he witnessed the townsfolk get harasssed in a pirate raid. Jesse couldn't stand and foolish tried to stop the pirates by himself. Needless to say he was defeated easily. The pirates didn't kill him due to his bold actions, and departed with their spoils. The town instantly declared him a hero, and Jesse never knowing became their idol. Jesse liked the feeling of being the "hero.". He decided to become a police officer of the island and protect it from criminals. Jesse soon made detective of his hometown who was renowned for taking down some of the feared rookies in the sea. His power and title was revoked because of his tendicies to over step his boundries. His jurisdition was to his hometown, but sometimes he would travel overseas which was the marines jurisdiction. He was offered to become a marine officer, but declined since he didn't work well with others. Jesse then decided to become a bounty hunter. He could still serve out justice without any rules to follow. He made himself a raft called the Avenger. At first he started taking down small time criminals with bounties between 1,000 to 8,000 beli. That was until he accidentally ate a devil fruit on a dare. He suddenly gained the abilities of magnetism which made all weapons useless against him. Many pirates found themselves defenseless without their weapons, and easily defeated. Jesse even made a name for himself. Even with his small time fame. He was only only one person in a wide world. Jesse decided that he should use the money to open a bounty hunting business, but he would need lots of money to get started. He decided that he would hunt in order to build his business.

Personality: Jesse is a laid back person who loves to travel to place to place. Unlike most bounty hunters, Jesse does have a sense of honor about when hunting for criminals. He is a believer in fair play and moral justice though he does tend to throw away his morals in certain situations. Being a former police officer, Jesse has experience in capturing pirates, and is an excellent tracker. He also believes bounties determine the status of pirates and to some extent bounty hunters. The higher the bounty the stronger the pirate which also means that bounty hunters who capture high bounty criminals are very powerful themselves. He is very proud for capturing a criminals with a 50,000,000. Despite being a bounty hunter, Jesse always end up broke wasting all his money on money, booze, and gambling. Jesse also has a temper when it comes to swordsmen believing them to be the natural enemy of the gunner. Jesse is not above forming allies in order to capture a target. He will gladly split thr profits evenly though he does sometimes take more if he feels like he did most of the work.

Ship: The Avenger

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: Magnet Magnet No Mi
type: Paramecia
effect: gives the user the ability of magentism

Special Abilities:
Marksmenship- Jesse is a proud gunner who prefers utilizing firearms from a distance unlike swordsmen who uses swords and martial artists who uses their body.

Inventor- Jesse can create an assortment of weapons but his speciality are guns and cannons

Gunsmith: Jesse creates his own model of firmarms that gives the advantage over other snipers. This skills also allows him to repair his weapons from battle.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None as of yet

Weapons/Items: Judge and Jury, arm boozakas, Knifes, and round bombs with fuse

1) To bring Justice to the world filled with piracy
2) To start his own bounty hunting organization

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PostSubject: Re: Jesse Bonney (deleted)   Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:08 pm

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Jesse Bonney (deleted)
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