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 Katherine Ifeamán(NPC)

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PostSubject: Katherine Ifeamán(NPC)   Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:57 pm

Name: Katherine Ifeamán
Age: 16
Bounty: N/A
Species: Human
Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line
Appearance: Cerulean long hair styled in the popular mohawk, put to the side with a fringe partly covering her eyes, azure as well; her wavy hair falls down to her low back. Sometimes she braids her hair into one long braid, but this is almost never. Her eyebrows, perfectly plucked and shaped, are slightly thick but not too much. Her long eyelashes curl just in the end, dark enough to make her azure eyes pop up. Her pale complexion makes her look almost ill, her eyes are cold and endless looking, they stand out from her porcelain white skin. Her Cupid's bow shaped lips are pale rose, she has no scars or moles or birthmarks in her face. Her head is heart shaped, she has high cheekbones like those Greek gods are portrayed with, and her nose is small and straight. Light freckles adorn her cheeks when she's under the sun for a lot of time. She's of rather average height, standing around 5'4 inches(165 cm); for a girl her age. Her arms and legs are slender, muscles slightly toned from hard training, her torso is flat, well defined and pale just like the rest of her body. She has no tattoos or marks in the rest of her body. She wears black baggy cargo shorts that go down to her knee, they have lots of pockets which she finds useful; and a chain-belt that prevents it from falling. She also has a short t-shirt that only goes down to her belly-button, it is white and has a black heart in the middle, the t-shirt is loose and is v-neck shaped, so it shows some of her chest, but she doesn't mind. She has a belly-button piercing, a small one that has a black diamond. She wears black socks that go up to her mid-thigh, but due to the shorts they look longer; and wears converse-like black shoes. She has black bracelets and uses no earrings nor necklaces.

History: A little young girl walked down the dirty road, her white shoes quickly becoming brown due to the dust that she kicked slightly as she continued walking. Her head bobbing up and down to the lullaby that escaped her rosy lips, the melodic sound made the birds nearby sing along; a small smile played on her lips as she continued singing. But suddenly, upon noticing approaching from the other side of the road, she stopped singing. The birds flew away, scared away by the stranger. But it wasn't a stranger for the little girl. "Brother!" She exclaimed running towards the young man, who received her with his toned arms open. She was crying tears of joy, having missed said person for a long time and finally meeting him again, for the first time in years, long years. "I missed you so much" she said, but her words came out muffled due to her mouth being pressed to the other's shirt.

His eyes were warm as he hugged his young sister, he had missed her too, but there was no way that he would say that. He wasn't here for emotional reunions, he had wished he could've visited her sooner, watched her grow up, but it was impossible, back then and even more now. He couldn’t. “I’m sorry Katherine, I came here to say goodbye. Forever” he said in a low voice, hugging his little sister even tighter. He didn’t want to let her go but he knew that he had to, because if he didn’t let her go now, he would never do it. So slowly, oh so painfully slowly, he let go of his little sister.

She was screaming, crying, she didn’t want to let him go. “Why are you leaving again brother?! You told me that the next time you were coming home you’d stay forever! Why did you lie to me brother?!” To say that she felt betrayed as an understatement, she felt empty even for a little girl, being left alone by the only person she had in the world, at least the only one she cared about; was horrible. And now he was going to leave for good. Katherine didn’t want that. She used her azure puppy eyes trying to make her brother change his decision, little did she know that he wanted to stay more than nothing, but he couldn’t.

He sighed and hugged her again, he seriously couldn’t stand those puppy eyes, they made him melt inside. Each time he came back to see her she’d use that look to get away with everything and anything. He’d buy stuff for her, go do stuff with her all day just because she used that look, it was his weak point. “I’m sorry Katherine… It’s too complicated for you to understand now, but one day you’ll see that all I did now was for your best. Because I love you, sister; you’re the only thing that matters to me in this world. And I don’t want you to be in any kind of danger. So I must take my leave. But please take this letter with you, and just open it when you turn 14. You’ll be old enough then. Katherine listen to me, don’t open it before that. Please” he begged, he didn’t want his sister to spend her childhood worried about what his letter meant, it was better if she put it somewhere and in her 14th birthday she’d open it and understand why he was leaving now.

Katherine nodded, even if she wanted to ask him to stay she had already tried her best, her only ace were the puppy eyes and not even that worked, so she was left with no options but to obey and bid goodbye to her beloved brother. “But John… Okay, I swear over the Ifeamán last name that I won’t read the letter before my 14th birthday” she said with her hand on her heart, even if people could swear and lie about it, Katherine was never one to lie, she’d just say what she thought and that was something good, and sometimes bad; about her. She smiled slightly and hugged her brother tightly.

John smiled back and embraced her; he really didn’t want to let her go but he had to. So with a final sigh he let go. “Katherine, I’ll never forget you. I love you, sister” he whispered into her ear and then walked away.
Katherine fell on her knees and cried, watching her brother slowly disappear into the mist that had suddenly surrounded the town.

-8 years later-

Katherine stared at her small cake, she had spent 8 years in a foster’s home, due to her parents being dead and her only relative, her long lost brother, being well, lost. Her foster mother was nice, and so was her foster father, but it was obvious that they didn’t actually love her. Katherine's guess was that they wanted a child of their own but couldn’t get one. Now, she didn’t really know where children came from either. She just knew that they weren’t happy with her. But she didn’t act like she was happy either. They knew that she was ‘broken’ and there was no way to fix her. “Thank you, you shouldn’t have bought a cake for me” she whispered to her foster parents, she didn’t want to sound unhappy about the cake, because she was actually grateful that they bought a cake for her, even if they shouldn’t actually have.

Her foster mother, Marianne; smiled kindly. “Don’t worry sweatheart, just blow the candles and wish for something. Anything is valid. Oh except more wishes” she faked a laugh and smiled again, this time it looked more forced. She was never the one with patience and the fact that Katherine was making this trivial celebration longer made her extremely annoyed, she didn’t know why to celebrate the fact that the parentless child was one year older. The only thing good about that child was that she provided them money, but it was still bad enough to have to stand all her comments that aren’t even registered before being said.

Katherine gulped and nodded, in the meanwhile her foster father just smiled, he was smiling for real, unlike his wife; but he didn’t show much interest in the party either. It was just the three of them, as Katherine had no friends and her foster parents couldn’t have cared less about inviting other people, because that meant paying more to the decoration and all that stuff. She wished for her brother, for finding him and finally being free. She wanted to be with him, even if she wasn’t even sure that he was still alive. But she had this feeling that told her that he was, that he was waiting for her, even if he had told her that that was the last time they would be seeing each other. She closed her eyes, softly blowing the cheap candles her foster parents had bought for the cake, not like she cared about that though; and wished for her brother. She also wished for all the people in the world, no matter from which sea they were from, fishmen, marines, pirates or what, she wished for peace, for balance, for everyone to be happy.

Once the small celebration had finished Katherine went to her room, a small room with a bed, a small desk and a closet. She walked towards her bed and flopped down to it. “Ah, that was yummy” she said to herself, she had wanted to eat cake since weeks ago and the only time her foster parents bought cake was in birthdays. She then remembered about the letter, the last thing she had that belonged to her brother, the only thing she had. “Where was it again…” she mumbled under her breath as she looked around. Soon she finally found it. Opening it, tears formed in her eyes.

Dear Katherine,

I hope by the time you read this that you’ll be old enough to understand that I will always love you and that I’m not leaving because I want to. I was young, and stupid; when I joined this revolutionary group called Starks, the thing is that it came out of hand, everything did. I was forced to kill a person, even if I didn’t want to. And that was when everything was too much for me. I asked to leave the group but they refused. I tried to run away, but I couldn’t. So they decided that I should leave my family, you; and completely join their forces. But I did not want this, I was tortured until I had to agree, I would never want someone to hurt you, I would never want to leave you alone in this world, and yet somehow I’m forced to do it.

Katherine, I am going to survive, I’m going to win their trust again and then come back for you, if by now, you being 14 now, I’m not back, it is possible that the plan went wrong, or I am not able to find you. Katherine in the envelope there’s money, buy a gun with it, train and venture the world. Maybe someday we’ll meet again. I don’t want you to be stuck in our little hometown, and I don’t want you to think that everyone in the world is evil, the Starks are fine in their own standards, they think its okay to do these things and they believe that everything is okay. Now I only have one last thing to tell you, Katherine. I’ll always be your brother, and I will fight hard to stay alive and come back to you one day. But if I can’t, I want you to move on and have fun, go to places you’ve never been, meet new people, get some friends that love you by who you are, as annoying as you sometimes can be; and even fall in love, even if I’m kind of against that idea.

Well, that’s all I have to say, I hope you have a good life, Katherine. One that mom and dad would be proud for. At least one of us will have it.

Yours sincerely,

John Ifeamán, your brother.

Katherine couldn’t believe everything she had just read, she cried all night. The next day she decided that her brother was right, she should see the world and know it by experience, she was a mere child so she wouldn’t be able to do much for now, so what she had to do first was to get a gun, like her brother had instructed in the letter. She did so, asking her foster father who was more than happy to comply, because he was a skilled marksman, and he also offered himself to train her. Practice was hard, each day she would get home exhausted and her arms would hurt from holding the guns up, her foster father had given her two guns instead of one so she’d learn to coordinate both hands and everything.

Two years after, at her 16th birthday, Katherine was already better than her foster father. She was a really skilled marksman; maybe she had it in her genes. So she decided to leave then and there, to meet the world, to meet new people, even if she’d have to face her problems again, she was going to do it. She left her island and now is at some merchant ship, heading to Water 7.

Personality: Katherine is a peculiar person, she is direct and doesn't care about what people think of her, she'll just say what's on her mind, without making it less rude whatsoever. She respects people as long as they respect her and others, because if they don't, and don't have legitimate reasons; she'll loathe, despise them, probably wishing their death. She's rather silent, she believes that people should either mean what they say or stay silent, and therefore hates lies and liars. She doesn't preoccupy about others but when she's needed, seriously needed, she'll lend a helping hand. Katherine doesn't like exercising but trains hard because she knows that people need to be strong in order to survive, the weak ones have to go down, that's what she thinks, but when things come down, she tries her best to help the weaker, unlike most. She doesn't hate Pirates nor Marines in particular, she believes that if people behave and don't mess with her, she's fine with it. She likes reading, extending her knowledge to abnormal standards; she believes that one has to know from the past to decide on their future, and she thinks that the people who success in life have to know about life to start with. One will always have something to think about and regret, she thinks, but she works hard in order to not regret anything when the time comes; maybe someday she'll regret about it, but for now, not. She doesn't have a particular thought about killing, when one lives a life like her, they start believing that it's inevitable, but she doesn't think about whether it's bad or good.

What she looks for in a partner is someone that can do all the work, someone that is strong and doesn’t need her help all the time, because she prefers training alone most of the time and doesn’t like doing much work. Although she will help when she’s needed she won’t think twice about complaining and will turn into a whiny person. Due to saying everything that comes to her mind she turns out to be a rather funny person but she doesn’t do it on purpose. Katherine likes people that are reserved and maybe even anti-social, that means that they won’t mess with her, but she also doesn’t mind hanging out with social people, easy going and that kind of person that will make jokes about almost everything. She enjoys almost everything, from running to hiking to swimming but not for so much time, not because she has low stamina or something like that, but because she can’t do something for a long period of time, she has ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder).
She likes animals, no matter what kind of animal they are, she finds them all cute, and will not care about showing it to other people. She finds babies cute too, but she wouldn’t have one of her own because that’d mean too much work for her. She also believes that one day she’ll find the right person for her, she doesn’t care if it’s a male, female or anything, she just wants someone that will understand her, someone that won’t mind her honesty, her ADHD or anything like that. She truly believes that she will find a person like that someday.

Ship: She doesn't have her own ship
Ship Flag: ^

Special Abilities:
  • Good Aim: Due to practice with the guns, Katherine has a wonderful aim, almost always hitting the target.
  • High Resistance

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None for now except the basic stuff like firing her gun...
Weapons/Items: -Two revolvers
Goals: Stay alive.

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Katherine Ifeamán(NPC)
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