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PostSubject: Gill(deleted)   Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:08 am

Name: Gill

Age: 38

Bounty: 0

Species: Archer fish fishmen

Occupation: Sniper

Allegiance: Bowler hat Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: Fishman Island/Grand line

Appearance: Gill is a very small fishmen about the size of a dwalf. He has silver skin with black stipes going around his body. He had black hair short hair with a dorsal fin coming from his forhead toward the back of his round head. His gills are located around his neck. He wears a brown open sleeveless shirt revealing his chest. His pants are white. Both his hands and feet are webbed. A long harpoon is carried in his left hand. Gill also carries a gorg of water wherever he goes just in case of battle.

History: Gill was born a little before Roger's excution on fishman island. When the great age of piracy began, pirates began attacking the island all over. Gill witnessed as a child the horror of humans, but being so young he didn't the strength to do anything about it. In one particular raid, Gill became separated with his family. Whether they died or were captured as slaves were is unknown, but Gill never saw them again. In anger and grieve Gill went to the fishman district to live. There Gill grew up as a sniper at the age of 23. His species of fishmen could shoot water like a bullet from his mouth which was a unique and disired skill among the fishmen there. He got invited to many crews in including the new ocean pirates, and the ocean pirates, and the purple heart pirates. In the end he settle for the new ocean pirates, captained by Anchor. The new ocean pirates eventually conquered the entire island. Though Gill was only an unknown grunt at the time, He was proud of being a pirate. He felt that the royal family had grown weak and needed to be removed for accepting humans. That was until the steel pirates came to the island. With Iken and with some assitance from Namor, the island was freed. With Anchor's death, the ocean pirates disbanded in an instant. Iken then declared the island to his territory. One by one the former members of the ocean pirates were arrested. It was a good thing Gill wasn't a very prominent member of the crew or he would have been arrested as well. Gill was overlooked which he was grateful for though he didn't give up his hatred for humans. As time passed, Gill got a job as a fisherman selling clams and other sea creatures for a profit. He even got married to a Seahorse fishwoman named Sally. Gill was happy for a time until his 30 birthday. When the ocean pirates lead by Cutler jaws slaughtered many fishmen living in the fishman district. Gill managed to get away by running away in fear leaving his wife for the slaughter. It was then Gill realized that everyone even fishmen had evil in their hearts. Gill ran away from fishman island unable to forgive himself abandoning his wife. He learned however to let go of his hate and vowed to make up for his past sins.

Personality: Gill is a passive person who would spend his days fishing and napping. Nothing else seems to interest him except those two things. He tends to keep with himself, because he is a fishman in a human world. Gill believes that letting humans too close to him could be trick to get him captured. He is very cautious and observant around his surroundings. Despite his prejudice of humans, Gill doesn't turn a blind eye to injustice and will help anyone in need whether they be human or not. Gill is not very smart lacking knowledge common to the grand line (the existance of seastone, devil fruits, or the calm belt.). He is also very stubborn never taking the blame for his mistakes insisting that he meant do dumb things to prove what not to do. Gill also has a weakness for bring gullible and naive. He pretty much falls into the category of using "brawn over brain"

Ship: NA

Ship Flag: A jolly roger wearing Lyceum's Bowler hat

Devil Fruit: None
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
Sniper: Gill has the ability to spit water from his mouth like a bullet with amazing accuracy.

Strength: Gill has the strength of ten men and double that underwater due to being a fishman

Fishman karate: Gill has a minor control on fishman karate able to use droplets of water as projectiles.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None as of yet

Weapons/Items: Harpoon

1) To make for his crimes against humanity

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PostSubject: Re: Gill(deleted)   Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:28 pm

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