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 Wasabi (deleted)

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PostSubject: Wasabi (deleted)   Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:06 am

Name: Wasabi

Age: 23

Bounty: 0

Species: human

Occupation: Cook/swordsman

Allegiance: Pirate(Blizzard Pirates)

Home Village/Ocean: Foolshout Island/Grand Line

Appearance: Wasabi is an very tall woman standing nearly 15 feet wearing an chef's attire. She wears a head chef hat on top of her purple hair which is short yet curly with a small ponytail in the back. Wasabi has smooth pale skin. She wears her white cook uniform open revealing her shirt revealing a red shirt holding her cleverage. A red red scraf is around around her neck. She wears green pants underneath her white apron. Behind her lies her Big Knife.

History: Wasabi was born on an Foolshout. She was an orphaned as a young child so she grew up homeless. To survive she had to steal food or eat leftovers from the trash. Though many people just ingored her as an average homeless person and let her sneak a apple or two, Many people weren't happy to let her steal from them. Some even had her arrested or beat her. Naturally Wasabi grew up paranoid and even hostile toward people never knowing whether that person was their ally or friend. One day at the age 8, Wasabi had eaten some rotten fish from the dumpster behind a restaurant and had gotten really sick. She fell over some trash cans alerting the staff who were celebrating the restaurant's 10th birthday. Head chef and owner, Olivia Culter came out with her staff finding a little sick girl. Olivia quickly ran to girl's aid, and ordered her staff to call a doctor. The others informed Olivia that she was just a bum who got a little from eating from the trash, and that they should leave her alone. Olivia scolded them for their cruelty. She told them that just because she was homeless didn't make her less human, and as chefs they SHOULD have given her food instead of having her eaten from trash. Wasabi was taken to Olivia's house where she was given treatment from the doctor. She spent a week at her house in bed. During her stay, Wasabi was given three meals a day to help in her recovery. Now Wasabi was distant and quit toward Olivia barely talking expect for the occasional thank you. Olivia found Wasabi about to leave on the sixth day "Why are you leaving so soon? You need to rest." Olivia asked sad that Wasabi's leaving. "I don't want to overstay my welcome. Thank you." Wasabi said. Olivia asked "Well do you somewhere to stay? You can stay here if you want." Wasabi shook her head "No thats alright. Everyone who has ever shown me kindness has always done it in pity, and I don't need your pity miss." Olivia knew that begging wouldn't work. The girl already had it in her mind to leave, and she had no right to keep her since she wasn't her mother. Then an idea popped into her head. She may have been an rough child, but she was still an child. "Oh well if you leave I guess I will have no one to share my freshly made brownies." Olivia said. Wasabi couldn't resist the chance to have sweets, so she agreed to stay for a little longer just until she ate some of the brownies. Olivia was surprised how fast Wasabi to gobble down her brownies. It looked like an complete blur as Wasabi was eating the brownies from her plate. "You know you could all the sweets you want if you live here. I promise to make you some everyday." Wasabi loved sweets, so she couldn't resist the offer. From day forward Olivia became Wasabi's surrogate mother. Wasabi followed her everywhere. The town's people were surprised to see the homeless girl following Olivia who had respectable business. People would whisper and often talk about the two behind their backs which if Olivia found out would punch them in the face. Olivia brought Wasabi new clothes so she would be more presentable. Now since Olivia wasn't married and couldn't afford a babysitter. She often would bring Wasabi to work. Wasabi loved the kitchen often watching the chefs cooks. The only problem was Wasabi would sometimes eat the dishes the chefs made which piss some of them off. Olivia had to resort to smacking Wasabi's hand with a wooden spoon in order for to stop. Wasabi's appetite rivaled a giant which only grew as she got older, so Olivia couldn't cook enough food to feed her particularly sweets. When Wasabi turned twelve Olivia decided to make her her apprentice. Wasabi only being an apprentice didn't do much besides bust boy duties and washing dishes. Slowly but eventually Wasbi made her way up the ladder until becoming a full chef at 16. She was still very quiet to everyone expect for Olivia. Only difference was she cooked her own food to eat. Olivia soon met Heather who was hired by Olivia. The two became quick friends since they were both close in age(Heather was 18). The two both became great chefs. In fact they were hired to work at marineford. With a great opportunity, they eagerly accepted. Wasabi was sad to leave her island but knew she would never have an another opportunity like this again. Olivia gave her favorite kitchen knife as an gift. She told Wasabi that never does these things waste food, deny people food when they are hungry, keeps her kitchen dirty, and give people spoiled. The most important thing was to take pride in one's cooking. Wasabi soon departed with Heather with Marineford.

Marineford proved more challenging than back at Foolshout. The head chefs were more demanding, and the pace was much faster. Wasabi could barely keep up with orders. To make things worse, the marines weren't exactly the greatest of customers. They were loud, obnoxious, and pigs. One then one time did a marine officer tried to get "acquainted" with her. It seemed that the men on this base were more concerned with her body than her food. Wasbai and Heather had to find ways to defend themselves. They asked their Ham could he teach them how to fight. Ham was a chef that use to work on a marine ship, so naturally he had to learn to fight just in case of pirate attacks. Ham taught Heather ramen kenpo and Wasabi, Hocho Sabaki, the art of kitchen knives as weapons. Wasabi found herself gifted when wielding a blade due to her working with them for so long. She even modified the one Olivia got her by making at big as a real sword dubbing it "Big Knife". Now the marines were kept at bay. If one tried anything Wasabi would gladly remind them of her knife and threatened to cut their fingers and cook them into their food. The marine men was fearful yet respected Wasabi for standing up to them. Wasabi became head chef at the age of 18 becoming the youngest in history. Heather was transfered to another base. Ham and Wasabi became close and soon were engaged. It seemed things were look up. Then some marines began talking in the kitchen. One mentioned that there was island made completely of sweets. Wasabi asked the marine what was he saying was true. He told told her of whole cake island which was located in the New World. Wasabi knew she had to find this island. She respectful asked to be resigned from the marines as a chef she couldn't rest til she found this island. Marineford let her go. Wasabi left the base leaving an note for Ham "Sorry love, I really wanted us to work out, but I have to leave for awhile. I won't know when I will be back. I'm sure you already have heard of my departure to whole cake island. Greedy old me huh? I won't ask u to wait for me, but know in my heart that you are the only one for me. I will return someday preferable with tales of my adventure and hopefully some treats from the island. Forever yours, Wasabi."

Personality: Wasabi is a bossy aggressive person. She often takes charge of the situation showing natural leadership from her days as head chef. Wasabi will not tolarate disrespect often fighting with her friends if the situation cannot be settled with words. She is also very selfish often looking thinking about her self interests such as eating all the food in sight, or leaving her finance. Wasabi was always gluttonous as a child, and her appetite only became worse as an adult. She eats anything and everything whether its spicy, sour, or tangy. Her favorite though are sweets. Wasabi when hungry and no food around will start eating things that may not be edible such rocks, trees, wood, and even gold due to her "strong jaws". She will not however eat when other people's stomachs are involved though. Wasabi knows how it feels to starve, and will relunctly give up her food. Wasabi is a kind person underneath her tough exterior. Her life as homeless taught her humanity and compassion. She can easily be emotional and even cry when hearing sad stories which confuses people how she can tough yet vulnerable in such a short amount of time. Wasabi loves to cook. She is very sensative about her work. Even the slightest complant will dealt with a punch to the face. Wasabi unlike most women doesn't like shopping for clothes, but instead turns her obsession in cooking ware such as aprons, cooking utensils, cooking appliances, chef hats, and seasonings.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: None
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: fencing, Hocho Sabaki, cooking, strong jaws

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1) Tenderizer: Wasabi uses big knife to make several slahes with her sword in a fast movement to an ordinary person would look like flashes.

2) Medium well: Wasabi drinks a glass of wine and holds a lighter toward her lips. She spits the wine out toward the fire cauing it to ignite toward her opponent

Weapons/Items: Big Knife, Little Knife(an ordinary kitchen knife),

1)Fine whole cake island

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PostSubject: Re: Wasabi (deleted)   Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:28 pm

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Wasabi (deleted)
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