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 Silver Crown

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Name: Silver Crown
Flag: Silver Crown's symbol consists of an Albatross wearing a silver crown on its head. Recently, it is accompanied by a Jolly Roger with Beli marks for eyes, the Moneybags Pirates' flag.
Location: Grand Line

Ruler/Territory: Mary Juliana Stern, inherited from her father Longbeard. She turned the island into a thriving metropolis, and expanded it's city to cover it entirely.

(Four line minimum starts here)
Geography: (topographical, shape, land form, and other geographic information) Silver Crown, as its name suggests, is almost perfectly shaped like a crown. The edges of the island consist of hills, that have small docks positioned in between them. The hills form the crown's edges. A tall mountain stands in the very middle of the island, towering over the hills. The ruler of the island is stationed in a palace at the very top of the mountain, allowing her to watch over it form her home. Stations of the crown police are built along the mountain's sides. The area between the hills and the mountain contains the city, which is filled with modern houses. The city is always spotless, a result of Mary's deep hatred towards dirt. This hatred also made her hire fishermen to hunt down any fish that gets in a kilometer radius form the island to prevent it from stinking the city. Silver Island is known for it's special structure. The island itself is made of a special kind of rock that resembles marble, making the island seem royal and impressive from afar.

Weather: Silver Crown is known for its perfect weather. It is never too cold or too hot, and the marble-rock that the island is made of always provides a cool temperature to live in. Because of the marble-rocks bright white color, every bit of dirt is seen, requiring a 24 cleaning routine to keep the island as clean as it is. Luckily, Mary hates dirt, and forces her people to clean the island on a constant basis. To make this task easier, a special ventilation system was built. With a push of a button in her palace, Mary can fill the streets with water, cleaning them from dirt if the situation gets too dirty to her liking and disturbs her view from the palace.

Population: Silver Crown has a lot of tourists in it, who travel to see the wondrous marble island. Even though the island is ruled by a pirate crew, Mary doesn't mind who steps on her island as long as they don't dirty up her precious marble. Silver Crown's population consists of different kinds of people, most of them either blacksmiths or hotel owners/workers.

Wildlife: (include line breaks for each organism, optional and not subject to minimums (note that new spechies cannot be created but that many types of animals exist in one piece)) The quick development of the city and the low tolerance for dirt in Mary's time resulted in the island having almost no animals on it. The only animals around are large albatross, who leave on the hills. Mary would have got rid of them too, but the islanders are too fond for them. The only plants on the island are whatever plants that the islanders grow themselves or any plants that can grow outside of the hills, where they are hidden from Mary's eyes. Any other plant that sprouts in the city is immediately cut down to prevent it from ruining the marble color.

Economy and production: Silver Crown used to be on the verge of a financial breakdown. It relied on tourists to keep the economy going, but almost every bit of income had to be used to clean the island and keep the tourists coming. Longbeard, who controlled the island before, didn't know how to help it, and couldn't change a thing. This, however, changed when Mary inherited the control over the island. With her special powers, Mary managed to revive the island's economy, making it rely less on tourism and more on metal exporting. Under her control, the economy bloomed, and the islanders became richer and richer. Some might say she completely saved the island, and that won't be far-off the truth.

Defense: Silver Crown is naturally protected by the hills that circle it, who provide it cover.
Military: Mary created the Crown Police when she rose to power. The Crown Police mainly consists of cyborgs, who are a part of Mary's large pirate crew. Other than protecting the island from harm, these cyborgs also serve as full-time cleaners, making sure the streets stay spotless for Mary to enjoy their view.

Philosophy and beliefs: An absolute majority of the island's population believes that Mary is an angel, sent from above to save their island. While this saying is probably exaggerated, they do believe that Mary saved the island from a financial breakdown, and simply adore her. Mary on the other hand cares more about the island's appearance than its population or safety. As a kid who grew on Silver Crown, she has a deep hatred for dirt, and goes ballistic if she spots any dirt in her island. She often watches over the island from her palace or patrol around it along with the crown Police to make sure it's spotless. Unlike her paranoid brothers, she doesn't care who steps on her island as long as their shoes are clean. She rarely leaves the island, unlike her brothers who are barely on theirs. She cares for the island like a precious gift. The Crown Police, who got their power and authority from Mary, follow her every command, and keep the island clean to prevent her from getting upset.

Government: Mary acts as the island's queen and supreme authority. She is the supreme judge, the law enforcer, and the royal family in one person. The crown Police acts as her helping hand and follows her blindly. Her other crew members freely roam the seas and collect wealth for her to enjoy, and may come to the island whenever they please.

(two paragrpah minimum starts here)
History: At first, Silver Crown was populated by a large group of cultural people who believed it was a sacred island because of its special form and color. They kept it clean and neat as they believed it was their job. Later on, as oversea travel developed and new beliefs reached the island, that belief died, but the people of the island continue to keep it clean so it'll maintain it's natural beauty. At some point, a pirate crew lead by a captain known as Longbeard arrived at the island. Longbeard fell in love with a local native, and assumed control of the island after impregnating her. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter: Mary Juliana Stern.

Under Longbeard and his crew's control, the island struggled to maintain itself. it's economy balanced itself out, leaving very little money for the islanders. Longbeard was no genius and had no idea how to help his own island, but as he died, his daughter took his place. Mary, who formed her own pirate crew after her father gave her a devil fruit, like he did with all of his children, returned to the island after assuming control of it. With her powers, Mary managed to revive the island's economy and make it thrive. The city expanded rapidly and the island stepped into its prime. At some point along history, Mary's half brothers, Jekyll and Hyde Garuda, demanded the island for themselves since they were tired of sharing the single island their dad gave them. Mary and her men easily disposed of the brothers, who only dirtied up her beautiful city. Now, fully aware of her remaining half brother, Mary waits for them to meet, and see if he is as dumb and brutal as her other two brothers are.

Significant Places:

Crown Jewel: The palace at the top of Spark Mountain. Like the rest of the island, the palace is made out of precious marble-rock, and is always clean and spotless. Mary currently lives int he palace with her superior underlings, while the other Crown Policemen are housing the rest of the island. Rumors say that if one would end up dirtying or scratching one of the palace's walls he will be executed. The palace has a giant panoramic crystal window, through which Mary watched her clean island. Next to Mary's bed, the Flush button is stationed. with a click, Mary can soak the streets with water to clean them. On top of the palace, the flag of the Moneybags Pirates is waved.

The Depths: The Depths is a general unofficial name for Silver Crown's prison. It is located outside of the main city, on the other side of the hills, buried underground. There, where the prisoners' smell and dirt can't reach Mary's nose and eyes, anyone who crosses Mary is sent. This usually includes people who tried to overthrow Mary, though those are rare around the island, or people who committed crimes around the island and were captured. The prison is guarded by officers of the Crown Police.

Pumpa Dock: Pump Dock is the eastern dock of Silver Crown, and the largest dock out of all 5. This dock is the working place of many of Silver crown's finest blacksmith's and shipwrights, who are attracted to the place by the sudden burst of metal that it possesses. Thanks to that, metal is cheap on the island, which allows the shipwrights to modify their ships to their finest creations. The dock is constantly filled with marvelous ships, and like all other parts of Silver Crown, is spotless.
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Silver Crown
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