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 Seji Raiden

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PostSubject: Seji Raiden    Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:36 pm

Name: Seji Raiden


Bounty: _

Species: Human

Occupation: Swordsman

Allegiance: Marine
Rank: Lieutenant
Home Village/Ocean: East Blue



Seji also has a pair of extremely Dark Sunglasses for Using Flash Style.

History: History: Seji Grew Up in A Port Town, he lived with His Parents and Two siblings. Him and His Siblings. Ansatsu ( Brother Age 6) Nagami (Sister Age 10) Seji ( Age 8 ) Would sit on the dock together and watch the ships pass by. They would talk about pirates and marines. They once even witnessed a Battle. After they saw the One battle they Decided to Be either a Pirate of a Marine. To "Train" they would play Pirates and Marines. Usually Nagami would Be a Pirate and Fight with Ansatsu against Seji. The battle was Basically Nagami Versus Seji. Since Ansatsu was only six and Would be taken out easily by his Older Brother. When they Got a Older. Ansatsu at Age 14, Nagami at 18 and Seji at 23. They Decided to Pick their Allegiance. Nagami and Ansatsu Picked to be Pirates and Seji decide to become a Marine. Immediately the Siblings Began To fight. Nagami and Ansatsu Would Pick On Seji Because he Decided to be a Marine and had to Follow Rules. Eventually Seji got tired of the Two picking on Him and He asked to play pirates And Marines once more. In that Final Battle Between the Three Seji beat Nagami and Ansatsu. He decided that he would start his marine Career early and Sailed to the Nearest marine base

At the age of 16 Seji arrived at the Marine Base and He had Become a Low Ranked Marine and Began to hunt Pirates with higher bounty to get promotions. As he landed on one Island. He saw his sister Nagami. I Guess she did become a Pirate Seji thought to himself. As he snuck In closer and Put his Gun to Nagami's head. He tried to Negotiate with her but she decided to fight and Maybe get a Bounty raise. As Nagami Swatted away Seji's Pistol with her Dagger and Attacked him, Seji had a flashback to how he beat her before. He Tried to use the same moves he had used on Nagami before, but she had trained new Moves too and beat Seji to a Pulp. Seji received Jagged Scars running dow His Arms and Over his Chest. As Seji was Lying on the ground he began to think how strong Nagami has gotten and How Strong Ansatsu may be. He had To get stronger. A Few Locals found Seji on the beach and Tried to Nurse Him back to Health. It was a Struggle, with all the wounds Nagami had Given him but Seji Pulled through. While Seji Was Recuperating on this Island, He encountered a few Pirates One Of them "Blinding Sword" Kokuō who had a Small bounty and Was known For His Blinding Speed and His Shining Sword.

[Battle Between Kokuo and Seji]
Seji Encountered Kokuo while wandering through the docks and recognized him from a wanted poster. He approached Kokuo and asked Him to come quietly or at least go to a different Place to fight. Kokuo and Seji walked throught the forest for about twenty minutes and found a small grove to fight in. It seemed Kokuo was nervous seeing that this was his first real fight that could endanger his freedom. "Kokuo, The Blinding Sword." Seji Said as He Drew his Katana and Charged Kokuo. "There is No way you Could Beat me, I should have Just done This In Town" Seji Said As He Slashed an X on Kokuos chest.

"You underestimate me marine" Kokuo said as the X was slashed across his chest and He retaliated by Stabbing Seji in the arm with a Shining blade, So Bright Kokuo put on a Special Pair of Sunglasses. Seji took Advantage of Kokuo's Blade being stuck into his arm and Grabbed it. The Light so Blinding. Luckily when Seji pulled the sword out of His Arm, It wasnt a Deep Cut So No Major Damage would be Done. Seji Brought the Blade and Thrusted it through the Shocked Kokuo's Head. Quickly stealing his sunglasses and Putting them On Before Dropping Kokuo to the Ground. When Seji Sheathed the Blade onto Kokuo's belt to stop the shining light he took his new sunglasses off and Noticed a Larger sword on Kokuo's belt and took it with the newly named, Flash blade. Before Leaving Seji decided to Unsheath the Blade Marked "Giant" and see if it had anything special. Seji quickly Unsheathed this Blade and Held it over Kokuo's Limp Body. The Blade Instantly grew. It was Humongous and Seji was shocked when it dropped out of his hand and Landed on the dead Kokuo, smashing his body even more.   There has to be some way for the sheath to keep this Giant Blade Contained Seji thought to Himself Seastone Seji said in his head now feeling like an Idiot. As Seji Touched the Sheath to the Blade and The Blade Shrunk. Seji quickly put it back inside the Hilt. And Walked Back to town.

[after The defeat Of Kokuo]

It had been two months and Seji's arm had healed up, Seji was getting on a Boat to go back to a Naval Base. Seji had Named His two new Swords "Flash" and "Giant". Seji had been healing and training for two months and decided it was time to go back and make a Name For Himself. On his to the nearest Naval Base Seji met up with a Retired Marine. Who wanted to Help Train Seji and Pass on his Last Techniques. This Retired Marine was Barely able to Teach Seji Soru and Geppo, This marine wasnt old but his body has deteriorated from years of battle. Seji Learned these two techniques and decided to stay with old Marine for a Few Months. He Continued Training these techniques with the Man For two years instead of Two Months.

Seji finally decided to leave the old marine when the mans family arrived to Take care of him, Seji Left with new Knowledge and New Skills, He is Now 18 and is Travelling Searching for his Brother and Sister.

Personality: Seji Is the most serious of his Siblings, If Seji's superior needs it. Seji Will do it. Seji loves Swords and he takes pride in his. If anyone criticizes their quality he will fight them and show them how great his Katanas are. he often talks to his swords as if they have spirits and are his Partners. He could sit for hours speaking and "Synchronizing" with them. Seji Is very Intelligent and Often Carries around a Few Books. He is Loud like a energetic teenager but can also be quiet, and Grim.

Ship:  To be Added

Ship Flag: To be Added

Special Abilities:  Flash Sword Style. Giant Sword Style.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise


Flash Sword Style: Blinding Slash-A Quickly executed upwards,downwards,or sideways slash. Using Soru and The Flash Blade. May cause Temporary blindness to either the user or the victim. This Attack can be used with other swords it just wont be as effective.

Flash Sword Style: Flowing Blade- This move is the twirling of the Flash blade in a liquid like motion. It is to distract the opponent.

Flash Sword Style: Flash Style Fighting- Basic Attacks or techniques, while using the flash blade and Wearing Sunglasses.

Giants Sword Stye: Chop- The user raise The Sword In its Seastone Sheath above its head. Then the User Quickly flings the sheath of the Sword and Chops Downward While the Sword Quickly grows to its giant size.

Giant Sword Style: Hilt Smash- While descending upon an opponent. Or just being Above them, The User Takes the Giant Sword in its sheath and I tips it downwards Causing it to slip out of Its Sheath and Grow. While falling it will grow and Increase speed. Then Smash down atop of the enemy, with its hilt.

Giant Sword Style: Spinning Chop: The Same Technique as Hilt smash, Except quickly before the sword Grows in size, The User hits The to the side and the Blade begins spinning in a deadly Fury While Falling. Note: The user Runs away During this attack.

Giant sword Style: Spear: The User Gets Above the Opponent, or while descending Upon them, And Pulls the Sheath off the Blade, then they Thrust the Blade downwards. With the Point Facing the Ground. While Falling it will grow and Increase speed Smashing down atop of the Enemy.

Quick Slash technique: A Technique Combining The uses of First Sword Quick drawing and Blinding Speed.. Making the overall speed of the attack FAST. A Quick Slash and re-Sheath technique.

Weapons/Items: Four Katanas, two regular, One Is the Flash Blade. And The Giants Blade.


Goals: To meet up with Nagami and Ansatsu in Grandline and Fight them.

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haven't even used him once >.>
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Seji Raiden
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