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 Nagami Raiden CAT QUEEN (Deceased) RIP

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PostSubject: Nagami Raiden CAT QUEEN (Deceased) RIP   Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:33 pm

Name: Nagami Raiden (Cat Queen)


Bounty:8 Million

Species: Human/Maneki Neko Devil Fruit User.


Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue

Nagami has a small scar over her left eye from her brother Seji.

History: Nagami Grew Up in A Port Town, She lived with Her Parents and Two siblings. Her and Her Siblings. Ansatsu ( Brother Age 6) Nagami (Age 10) Seji (Brother Age 8 ) Would sit on the dock together and watch the ships pass by. They would talk about pirates and marines. They once even witnessed a Battle. After they saw the One battle they Decided to Be either a Pirate of a Marine. To "Train" they would play Pirates and Marines. Usually Nagami would Be a Pirate and Fight with Ansatsu against Seji. The battle was Basically Nagami Versus Seji. Since Ansatsu was only six and Would be taken out easily by his Older Brother. When they Got a Older. Ansatsu at Age 14, Nagami at 18 and Seji at 23. They Decided to Pick their Allegiance. Nagami and Ansatsu Picked to be Pirates and Seji decide to become a Marine. Immediately the Siblings Began To fight. Nagami and Ansatsu Would Pick On Seji Because he Decided to be a Marine and had to Follow Rules. Eventually Seji got tired of the Two picking on Him and He asked to play pirates And Marines once more. In that Final Battle Between the Three Seji beat Nagami and Ansatsu. He decided that he would start his marine Career early and Sailed to the Nearest marine base

At the age of 18 Nagami Decided she wanted to become a Pirate and he Left Home stealing a Boat and Starting a Small Bounty For Herself. After Leaving her Hometown she Encountered her younger brother Seji. He had Become a Low Ranked Marine and Began to hunt Pirates with higher bounty to get promotions. As she landed on the Island She heard a Click next to her Ear, It was her Brother Seji Holding a Pistol to her head. She Knew he wouldn't shoot so she drew her dagger and Smacked the pistol away. A Battle began. And After an Hour or two of Clashing Weapons Seji was on the Ground and Nagami was walking back to her boat with a Cut running over her Left Eyelid. " I attacked a Marine Seji. Make sure My Bounty Gets Just a Little Bit Higher." She said to Seji as She Boarded her boat and Disappeared.

When Nagami's boat was Finally Falling apart She Had Made it To a Port City Near the Entrance to grand Line. Her Eye Had healed up by then and She now had a Small Scar. Nagami Saw in this Port Many Pirate Ships And She thought maybe she Could Either get recruited into one of Recruit some members for her own Ship. Nagami started walking on the dock. She took Many Curves and Turns and when she got to the end of the dock she was standing next to a Giant Galleon Seemingly empty. No Pirates to be Found. She decided to Board It and when she did. She wasn't attacked. She decided to enter the captains Cabin. When She Did. She saw a Table and A plate with an extremely Strange Fruit on it. DEVIL FRUIT. It Hit her. She gasped because it was rare to come across these. She decided she could either sell it and Buy a Ship or eat it and Hopefully obtain great Power. Nagami made her decision she Gulped down the Foul tasting fruit and Ran. She Couldn't be Caught at the Scene of the Crime. Nagami Bolted to the nearest inn and Paid all her money for two weeks Stay.

In a Few Days Nagami's Hair Started to Turn White With a Few Brown Spots, Her Nails Got Longer and Sharper, She Grew Odd Cat ears On Top Of her head, and A Tail. Seeing all these features she figured she ate some kind of Cat Fruit. She Looked in the Mirror and She saw Full self. She was a Maneki Neko. She had heard of this Fruit before and Its abilities. She Started Training the In the Woods and Developed a Few techniques.

In around a Month Nagami decided She was Ready to go to Grandline. She asked if she could join a Pirate Crew heading there and She was Accepted. What they did not know is that she was using them as a Taxi and She would disembark at the First Port They arrived at. The ride into grandline was rough and Strange. A Reverse Mountain. At the First Port they arrived at Nagami Bolted off the Ship and Ran into the Forest Never to be seen by that Crew again.

Nagami has began joining Pirate Crews and Using them to Transport her, She is Currently travelling looking for a Crew.

Personality: Nagami is a Brutal girl, She is often angry, and wears a stern expression. She won't let anyone Look down on her. Nagami often Gets Her way, She uses people and Manipulates them into doing what she wants. She will rarely have it Any other way. The only people she will respect are people she likes or her superiors. Nagami has done many people Wrong, She Joins Crews and Steals from them, Attacks Marines, or Innocent people she will find value in attacking. She Shows no mercy to almost anyone except for Children and Animals. They are Her Weak Point.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: Neko Neko no Mi (Cat Cat Fruit), Model: Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat)
type: Mythical Zoan
effect: Allows the user to turn into a Maneki Neko. The user grows calico colored, but mostly white fur and other characteristis of a cat like ears and a tail, but still remain mostly human. The only real combat purpose this serves is that the user gains cat-like reflexes, claws, superior sense of smell and hearing. However, being a Maneki Neko, the user also gains a strange ability to increase his own fortune or decrease their opponents fortune. When the user takes the "Maneki Neko stance" and raises his right hand, they became faster and stronger for three posts. Vice versa, when they lift their left hand, their opponent's vision is blurred and they become dizzy and/or nauseated and makes it harder for them to fight for thee posts. This takes affect if the opponent sees the user raise their left hand and it affects anyone who sees it, friend and foe alike. The user cannot use one stance ability while the other is in affect.

Special Abilities: Nagami is faster, and has amazing reflexes due to her Devil Fruit. First Sword Techniques.
Nagami is a Master manipulator and Has a way with Words.
Nagami's Speed is Quick Bursts. She can't run fast For Very Long Times. But She Can Run Very Fast For Short Distances. Her quick drawing Skills are amazing. She Draw and Re-draw Her Sword Very Fast. Her Sword Is able to Be Blocked By average Swordsmen. But not by people new at Blade Combat.

Weapon of Choice: Bladed Weapons. Sword/Claws.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise

Maneki Neko Stance Right Hand Raise: The Devil Fruit User Raises their right hand and Takes the Maneki Neko Stance, they become faster and Stronger for three Posts.

Maneki Neko Stance Left hand Raise: The Devil Fruit user raises their left hand while taking the Maneki Neko Stance, Whoever sees this becomes dizzy or nauseated and it becomes harder for them to fight.

Neko Claw Technique: Nagami Sheathes her weapons and attacks Strictly with her claws targeting legs and Arms Trying to Disable The Opponent.

Neko Hit: Fatal Claw. Nagami Maneuvers and Attempts to attack Her Opponent only in Vital Points.

( First Sword) Quick Slash technique: A Technique Combining The uses of First Sword Quick drawing and Blinding Speed.. Making the overall speed of the attack FAST. A Quick Slash and re-Sheath technique.

Weapons/Items: One Seastone Katana, The Sakura Blade ,A Small Dagger, And A Pistol.


Goals: To be a Feared Pirate Throughout Grandline. Be one of the Strongest Pirates.

Maneki Neko Pose:

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PostSubject: Re: Nagami Raiden CAT QUEEN (Deceased) RIP   Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:27 am

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PostSubject: Re: Nagami Raiden CAT QUEEN (Deceased) RIP   Sat May 26, 2012 10:50 pm

Killed by Cyborg.
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PostSubject: Re: Nagami Raiden CAT QUEEN (Deceased) RIP   Sun May 27, 2012 8:16 am

Corpse salvaged by Takumi in this post. Not really nessecary to do but I felt I should inform the author.
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PostSubject: Re: Nagami Raiden CAT QUEEN (Deceased) RIP   

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Nagami Raiden CAT QUEEN (Deceased) RIP
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