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 Angel of Death

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PostSubject: Angel of Death   Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:00 am

Name: Angel of Death (Previously known as Simon Garfield Jr., Avenging Angel, and Seraphim)

Age: 35

Bounty: Only if you are a pirate, keep it realistic(Minimum of 50 Belli- Maximum 30,000,000 Belli anymore and you will need permission)

Species: Skypean Cyborg

Occupation: doctor/Assassin

Allegiance: World Government

Home Village/Ocean: Golden Feather Pirate Ship, Grand Line

Appearance: Angel has curly golden-blonde hair that he dies black and cuts short. He wears a long robe with the world Government symbol on the side. He wears a second, shorter, dark-blue cloak over his wings when they are bundled up. When he had real wings, he wore a harness, but now his Mechanical Wings are designed to bundle themselves into a small, backpack-shaped package on his back.

Where his mechanical wings form from, he has a deep scar from were his wings were torn from. He has several battle scars over his torso from years of Assassination jobs.

History: Simon's father was a friend of a great Yonko pirate, and was known as Golden Feather Simon Garfield. His father had stolen the IQ plant and used it to evolve his Skypean lineage to allow him to fly.

After realizing that his son had none of his powers, he returned to that fateful island and again stole the legendary IQ plant to evolve his son without his permission.

As he grew, Simon Jr. learned the ways of Piracy and was treated as the ships Cabin Boy. That is, until he discovered that he had no mother on board and that his father refused to speak of her.

Sneaking into the Ship's Travel Log room, he learned that his mother had been killed by his father when she refused to allow him to evolve his son.

Feeling used, Simon Jr. flew off and tried to find out who he was. Ending up on a marine island, he was at first mistaken for his father, as thy looked alike, so he died his hair and tied his wings behind his back to hide his identity.

Living among the normal citizens, he learned of the terrible tales his father had had, and learned that there was a law that any offspring of a pirate would be punished for the crimes of their crimes.

Feeling waves of hatred towards his father for creating him without any freedom, he discovered a Devil's Fruit and learned of what they promised. Not fearing the sea, and wanting to accomplish anything in his own name, he ate it and found his body unchanged. He could not stretch, become an animal or a force of nature, he couldn't even change the color of his skin.

Feeling jilted, he dove into the sea, only to find that his body truly couldn't swim. He was rescued by a fisherman who had witnessed his suicide attempt.

The fisherman heard his story and offered him a solution: Become a pirate and make an individual name for himself. He took on the name, the Avenging Angel, and made two life goals. To find a name to call just himself, and to protect any ill-begoten offspring of a pirate.

Traveling over the seas and island hoping, he discovered his father fighting the marines. His father was loosing, so he swooped in, unable to control his actions. His distraction gave his father enough time to defeat the Marines and he woke up, in his room aboard his father's ship. There was an IV drip in his arm and his father leaning against the door frame.

His father told him that he wanted to thank him, but he also told him that he had taken control of his body and forced him to heal him, revealing the truth behind his own power.

Angered, not only at his father for stealing his body, but also at himself, for healing and helping his father, he stole a gun and tried to shoot him. His father laughed, telling him that he had placed a hypnotic command in Simon Jr.'s head to always protect his father and to never cause him harm.

Angered agin, he ran off, hating his father for controlling his destiny, lineage, and his mind.

After that, Simon heard of an Organization that allowed those with bounties to become bounty hunters. Resuming the name "Avenging Angel", Simon's first job was to assassinate an incompetant marine who had allowed marines to destroy the execution stand in Logue Town.

Simon was conflicted because he was ordered to find and kill him, but he did not feel that incompetence was worth execution. As he held the man up in the air, ready to drop him and kill him, the man offered a way to kill the Fleet Admiral. He figured he would use this as an opportunity to keep him alive, so he brought him to the base to tell the boss everything.

There, the man told his boss when and where the Fleet Admiral would be vacationing this weekend. The boss though, had a different idea. Instead of killing the Fleet Admiral, he sent spies into the cooks quarters and drugged the guards, making them too sick to do anything. Simon disguised himself as his father and led an attack on the Fleet Admiral, while the Boss and his goons disguised themselves, along with an impersonator, disguised as Simon.

The Boss's goons then chased back Simon's fake army, saving the Fleet Admiral. The Fleet Admiral rewarded them all, including Simon, now back as himself, with simon being rewarded with Amnesty and a right to be one of the Marines. In doing so though, he told Simon that he'd have to have his name changed. So Simon legally changed his name to the Angel of Death.

Now working for the Marines, Angel started doing Assassination jobs until one job resulted in his assassination of his father. Normally he wouldn't mind, but with the inhibitor in his head, he had to go to the Fleet Admiral to tell him his story. The fleet Admiral sent for a surgeon to take a peek into his head and pulled out a small tone-dial that was repeating the same phrase, "Protect Dad". with that removed, Angel fought against his father, but even though his father was old now, he was still too strong for him and he tore off his wings.

Angel was rescued by Marines and he underwent Cyborg Surgery to not only give him his wings back, but they also increased his fighting capabilities by making his wings robotic.

During his second fight, he went and killed his father. He was promoted to the WG, where he soon began working at Enis Lobby under the code-name Seraphim. During this time, he had his wings up-graded to six longer, but smaller wings, enabling faster movements and more room for attack.

While working for the WG, he found himself going crazy, so he sent in his resignation, and resumed Assassination work again under the name, Angel of Death

Personality: Simon is a very cynical person. He believes in Divine Fate and that all living creatures already have their lives mapped out the minute they are born. He finds it dificult to accept it, but he truly believes it, finding it truly painful to watch anyone fight a loosing battle, because it seems like hopeless efforts to oppose God. He considers his purpose at the moment is to be a weapon of self-sacrifice, to protect those weaker than him, and to be there to heal those dying. Now he considers his existence to be a bullet that is sent from God(WG) to punish those who deserve his divine justice.

Recently he has started feeling an alternate personality bring itself out, calling itself DEATH. It is a cold-hearted sociopath that, unlike Angel, does not feel obligated to protect the weak, only act out on his own goals.

Ship: doesn't sail

Ship Flag: WG flag

Devil Fruit: Iyasu Iyasu No Mi (heal heal fruit)
Type: Paramecia

Special Abilities: IQ Plant Evolution: Aerial Adaptation: Angel's entire anatomy has been evolved to give him the ability to fly. His bones are hollow like a birds, making him weigh far less than usual for a man of his build. His body is virtually devoid of fat and possesses greater proportionate muscle mass than an ordinary human does. His eyes are specially adapted to withstand high-speed winds which would hurt the average human eye. He possesses a special membrane in his respiratory system enabling him to extract oxygen from the air at high velocities or altitudes. He used to have six feet long golden wings, but they were torn off his body and replaced with cyborg wings.

Beautiful voice: Angel's singing voice is so enchanting that all those who hear it, consider him to be a true angel sent by god, though they realize the truth soon after.

Seraphim-model Cyborg Wings: Angel's wings were removed from his body, leading to the need to design mechanical wings that allowed for flight. Originally they were giant 9 feet long 3 inch thick, and 3 feet wide wings, but now they are back to six feet long, but are 1 inch thick and 1 foot wide. The six wings are designed each with a firing mechanism that fires a bladed 'feather' from the end as fast as a bullet. The wings are capable of creating a vortex that blows wind around him, capable of flight. The wings are made dull to prevent shining in harsh light and are light weight to prevent slowing him down. The wings are each independently controlled using his thoughts and are strong enough to block a sword or even a bullet.

Sniper: Angel's enhanced eyes allow for amazing sniping skills with any firearm.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None really.

Weapons/Items: A pair of hand guns that use Seastone bullets.

Character Flaws: Sometimes he can't control his actions. He can't take a life when in his normal state.

Goals: None at the moment, though he is still compelled to protect those who are hunted solely because they are born under pirates.

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PostSubject: Re: Angel of Death   Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:13 am

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Angel of Death
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