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 Sophie D. Grant "Quicksilver"

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PostSubject: Sophie D. Grant "Quicksilver"   Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:38 pm

Name: Sophie D. Grant "Quicksilver" (Delia's sister, Barius's wife, former nickname "Crazy Kat")


Bounty: 60,000,000 Beli

Species: Human

Occupation: Archeologist

Allegiance: Pirate the Ice Blood Pirates

Home Village/Ocean:North Blue

Sophie has a slightly tanned complexion, curly rusty colored shoulder length hair that is pulled up in a ponytail with a white streak on her bangs that are brushed to the side, silvery blue eyes and a wicked smile that can charm anybody, whether it be pirate or marine. Even at this age she still retains her good looks. Her outfit consists of a white shirt that shows some of her cleavage, a brown leather corset over it and a silver pendant (just like the one Delia has) resting over her neck. The bottom consists of dark green pants that are hold up by a brown leather belt and a red sash, brown leather boots covering her feet. On her head she wears a red bandanna as well as a brown cowboy hat (just like Barius's but smaller), and sometimes she wears a brown coat with fur cuffs and lining that falls down just above her knees.


Sophie is the first of two girls that has been born into the Bardos family. Her father didn't mind that she wasn't born a boy since he can try again in the future, and grew attached to the little energetic girl. She was a handful as a toddler, never wanting to stay put and always getting in trouble when she would stray off from home. They would find her since Sophie would always head down to the book repository that was in the village and stay there until they found her sleeping alongside the piles of books that resided there.

Although she did have a thirst for knowledge, Sophie was also fascinated with the stories her father would tell her about his adventures out at sea and the places he would visit. As she grew older and she was about Delia's age when she traveled with her dad, Odious permitted her to travel with him to learn on how to be a pirate first hand. She was really excited and happy that her mother had let her go with him, promising that she wouldn't get into any trouble…or try to keep it to a minimum. The next day, with everything prepared, Sophie left with her father in his ship the Wrought Iron Dragon to his next voyage, waving back at her mother as they set sailed off into the open sea…

It has been six years since she joined her father in his voyage and by now she has grown into a bright and charismatic teenager. It had been hard during her younger years since she did nothing but train hard with her father, who would rarely give her enough rest before starting with their new training each day. She didn't complain about it though because she knew that this was helping her into becoming a strong woman. Whenever they would stop at an island to restock she was always heading to their libraries or repositories to check out the books. From every place she has visited during her voyage she has a book from there that she studies intensely. No doubt she was going to become a successful scholar when she grew up, as well as a pirate just like her father…

Now at 22 and Sophia has proven herself worthy of being her father's first commander, and has succeeded in becoming a scholar during those eight years as well which made her father really proud of her. Unlike other parents, he supported his children to do whatever they wished to do as long as they were happy. During those eight years she had also started to get acquainted with Barius, who had joined during that time they had docked on Dolphin Island 8 years ago as the ship's new navigator. She felt guilty when that happened, but would only smile fondly at the distant memory of their first meeting, and when love blossomed between them.

It all happened when she first entered the shop that he navigator, now husband, and requested for some maps. (In Barius's history…sorry for being lazy x .x)

Of course Sophie didn't obey her father's orders and started coming onto Barius, who at first was shocked that she even wanted to have anything with him after what just happened. During that same year in the month of March they came back home to visit her mother and the people of the village, stayed for a while and left again, only to come back during the middle of December, when they heard of that Marines were going to attack her home. They were able to fend off the Marines who had promised to come back, and was sad to see her husband lose his right eye during the fight. She was happy thought that her new baby sister and mother were safe along with her father, but then realized she needed to be stronger to be able to defend them all. She quickly made her way to the place where the sacred sword was located, recklessly trying to take it out which resulted in her hand freezing and being cut off before the ice reached any other part of her body.

After that incident she told Odious and Barius that she was going to leave on her own journey. She explained that her father has done everything in his power to teach her what he knew, and the only way to get stronger is on her own. This made Odious smile and bring her into a big bear hug, saying that he has taught her well over the past 14 years and that he wishes her luck. She promised to come back again when she was done and with a tearful goodbye to everyone she left on one of the boats that they had obtained and set sailed to start her own adventure. What they didn't know was that her sense of direction was as bad as a certain swordsman…

After a month of trying to stay alive and barely surviving the Calm Belt, Sophie landed unconscious on Amazon Lily, her boat now just a drifting board with all her provisions gone. She thought she was a goner until some of the woman from the Kuja tribe found her and helped her out. When she recovered enough to talk, she answered their questions about why she was in the Calm Belt and how she ended like she was.

As she recovered and was able to walk and move again, she requested to the ones in charge if she could stay for a while and train in the island. They granted her permission and Sophie quickly set off to the jungle to train. During the first few weeks she trained alone and with the wildlife around her, but she knew that it wouldn't be enough for her to make her stronger.

Sophia also learned more about the Straw Hats, who her father would talk about most of the time as they travelled. She always enjoyed hearing about their adventures, and was amused as to how he ended up in Amazon Lily and what had happened during his stay when the Kuja told her. While hearing of their adventures from the people that personally knew them Sophie kept on training, and stayed on the island for three years. When she left, provisions and ship (with the bottom covered in sea stone of course) were provided to her by the Kuja tribe whom she now considered as her nakama, and she was able to find her way back home with the eternal pose, the only thing she hadn't lost during her first travel in the Calm Belt.

When she returned home she was so happy to see her mother and little sister there, but a bit put down that her father and husband weren't, having taken off into another voyage shortly before her arrival back in Bardos Village. She used that time to tell Delia everything about her adventure, and was happy to see her sister amazed at her stories. After two years her father and Barius came back along with the crew, and wasn't surprised that he came back for Delia. Her father asked her if she wanted to go back with him after she explained what had happened to her after three years, but she decided to stay home with her mother and help out in the village while wishing her little sister good luck on her training. If it was the same training that her father put her through, then she needed all the luck she could get…

A lot has happened during the last 9 years for the remaining members of the Bardos family. Delia went off to get her revenge along with Barius, and Sophie went on her separate way with her father's ship and what remained of his crew. Sophie, during this time, started her search for the Poneglyphs and how to decipher them since she hadn't been able to understand the carvings when she first encountered one by accident all those years ago. She gained a hefty bounty, and stopped at 60 million after she disappeared. Everyone that knew her, including the marines, thought she was dead, but was only going under the nickname "Crazy Kat" in one of the islands in the Grand Line, passing by as a drunken homeless that would stay outside the local tavern.

It wasn't until Delia found her during her journey that the young girl was able to slap some sense into her, not liking that Sophie had ended up so bad and hopeless. She later found out that Sophie had been attacked during her own journey…by one of the Yonkou. She had been heading towards an island that had was rumored to have a Poneglyph, her first clue to getting closer to finding out about the Void Century, when her crew was intercepted by one of Raid's ships (NPC I guess). She put up a good fight against them, but at the end only she was the sole survivor of what was left of the Wrought Iron Pirates. She doesn't like talking about it and still blames herself for the deaths of her nakama, but hides it under a mask that only Delia and Barius can notice. Now she spends her days lazying around her sister's ship and helping out once in a while, as well as keeping under cover from the marines so they can keep on thinking she was dead. She is also working on a novel of sorts that nobody knows about except her sister.

How she obtained her devil fruit powers and her brush was a something the others never found out, only that it took place right after being defeated by Raid's men. Her father's ship was destroyed and the remaining pieces sent to their village so they can be placed in their father's grave as a memento of a once great man.

The woman acts immature for her age most of the time. She is quite bossy and demanding, mostly to her husband Barius, and has the tendency of betting on anything she thinks will bring her money. She is somewhat of a pervert and likes to peek at the men when they're changing, which she often gets reprimanded for by either Barius, Sayuri or the captain Delia herself. There are times though when she acts her age and becomes a big resource of knowledge, this happening when she's helping out with plans during meetings and whatnot. She can also act as a trainer for the new recruits…whenever she is interested though. She's mostly the one that gets into trouble, with Delia and Barius getting her out of it. She's good to hang around with if you want to have a drink, but too much drink and she becomes aggressive and will fight anything that is in front of her. Her only other flaw is that she's only a spectator, meaning she is only with Delia to observe how much she's grown and teach her throughout her journey. She will get involved only when she has no other choice.

Ship: Konayuki Hime

Ship Flag: Just like any Jolly Roger but crimson snowflakes are scattered around it

Devil Fruit: Doodle Doodle Fruit
Type: Paramecia

This allows her to draw the symbol of the item she wants, for example a hammer or axe, on a particular surface and it will materialize afterwards. She is also able to create golems from all sizes, but for this she needs to draw the symbol for golem and the number. The number represents the size in feet.

Special Abilities:
Rokushiki was taught to her by her dead father. She is also very intelligent due to her profession and knows many things since she is a archaeologist.Her strength also varies when she is drunk or sober.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Her main weapon is a giant brush, standing at 5'9'' that is bound to her back at all times for easy access when she needs it. The handle is made of wood with strange carvings on the side and going downward up to the hilt. The brush part is made up of strong but intangible black hair that come from ancient animals that she doesn't even recognize, even though she has taken up on researching these type of things during her years as an archeologist. Sophie's other weapon is her brass hand that has replaced the one she had lost all that time ago from trying to take out the sword her sister has now. The hand is useful for packing a really hard punch to her opponent.

Goals: To be able to find out about the Void Century and what happened during that time, as well as completing a novel about her own adventures.
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PostSubject: Re: Sophie D. Grant "Quicksilver"   Fri Apr 06, 2012 3:02 pm

I allow the bounty on the fact she is a archaeologist and has had experience in trying to dig up history and this makes her a threat.

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Sophie D. Grant "Quicksilver"
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