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 Solaris Cherokee

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PostSubject: Solaris Cherokee    Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:28 pm

Name: Solaris

Age: 36

Bounty: 29,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain

Allegiance: Revolutionary (The Black Paw Alliance)

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue


History: Solaris was born and raised by the world government to be a Cipher Pol 1 agent on a top secret island in the Grand line. After brutal training and years of learning Rokushiki, Solaris became an agent top of class at the age twenty. Unlike the Cipher Pol 9, her division was free to roam freely without secrecy and disguise. When granted with the doa doa no mi, Solaris became perfect for inflitration. Her unit could be anywhere at anytime which made her a valuable asset to the government. They even helped in the Atlantis war. Their mission was to claim the mysterious power source of the people, but when Jiper summoned the buster call they had to abort the mission. Solaris watched as the island and all of its inhabitants were slaughtered in cold blood. She began to see that the world government had become incapable of providing justice and peace due to corruption and excessive violence. Its morals and dignity were slowing decaying. Solaris's faith in government was eventually broken and she broke all ties with the world government as a CP agent. The government was furious and planted a bounty on her head calling a "threat" to the world government and a "traitor". Now with a bounty on her head. It was impossible for her to live a normal life. No matter where Solaris went her bounty followed bringing fear into the very people she use to protect. She was hunted by marines and bounty hunters alike. Solaris was eventually caught and sentenced to level three in impel down where she suffered in the intense heat. It seemed like forever she stayed there, until the dusk pirates came breaking into the prison. Their battles was so fierce that bars on cage became loose and fell off. With the guards either injured or dead, Solaris easily found one with a key to her shackles. She created an air door and escaped before anyone even noticed. After her escape from Impel Down, Kayla decided to on into hiding and to lead a rebellion against the government for what they did in Atlantis.

Personality: Solaris has a business professional attitude toward life. She is very calm and level headed rarely showing shock or worry unless in the most extreme cases. Even then she will return to her quiet demeanor. Solaris is very calulating and cautious when making a movie against the government. She is very prideful of her plans and boasts that they can never fail. Solaris has adopted moral justice despite not being a marine. She cares alot about life refusing to kill anybody. This feeling also goes to those who have been wronged by the government. Solaris doesn't give out her trust just to anyone and requires patience to even get along with. She is very fond of sweets and animals. Her favorite game is chess.

Ship: The Colony

Ship Flag: A black flag with a jolly roger with two paw prints

Devil Fruit: Doa Doa no mi
type: paramecia
effect: allows the user to create doors through anything they touch

Special Abilities:
Polearm user: Solaris is proficient in using the bo staff both offensively and defensively

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1) Air Door: Solaris creates a door from the very air itself. This allow her to open a dimension within the atomsphere allowing her to travel vast distances. It also allows her to ambush her enemies or giver her an escape route.

2) Sliding door: Solaris slaps the face off the opponent head similar to a sliding door making it into a door. The face slides off to one side of their head to the other. This attack is mean to disortient and confuse the opponent.

3) rotating door: Solaris uses her power to make a door in the face of his enemy. The enemy's face spins around very fast, making them confused and dizzy

4) Saloon doors: Solaris turns the opponent's body into a door by litterally splitting them in half and having them swing back and forth. This does not kill the opponent but rather have their halves swing in a back and forth motion

5) Flap door: Solaris punches the opponent's head having it swing back and forth similar to a dog door which allows dogs to enter the house.

Weapons/Items: baby den den mushi, black den den mushi, white den den mushi, and bo staff

1) To overthrow the world government and replace with a republic
2) To free all the slaves in the world
3) To become president of the world
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PostSubject: Re: Solaris Cherokee    Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:26 pm

Approved, but all these den den mushis seem pointless when she can warp wherever she likes...
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Solaris Cherokee
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