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 Ken "The Lazy" Takahashi done creating

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PostSubject: Ken "The Lazy" Takahashi done creating   Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:02 pm

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Age: 17

Occupation: Martial Artist

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: Ken is a 5'9" guy. He is a light skin skinny black man with short spiky white hair. Ken is best known for his black jacket, black cargo pants and his signature scar over his his brown eyes. He wears a black cowboy hat and has one blue eye and one green eye. The Ken also has a diamond ankh (Egyptian symbol for healing)

History: Ken was born on an unnamed island right off the edge of the Grandline. He lived in a small town where his father was a former pirate now a fisherman and his mother was a scientist.
For the first Six years of his life Ken always admired his father for his stories about his time with his old crew. Whenever Ken’s father was home all he would do was recall his time with crew or Battling Gol D. Roger. Unfortunately because of his father was almost never home the only thing Ken ever did was try to help his mother in research.
Three Years later Marines came to the town. Ken had never seen Marines before so he ignored them while everyone else was hiding from them. As Ken ran home from playing with his friends he saw his father speaking to a strange man in a black suit. As Ken went to his father to ask the same questions about Gol Roger…. Just to make the man jealous. But as Ken said “Gol” a marine grabbed Ken by the hair and said, “What does this brat know about Gold -” Before he could finish the man in black cut off the marine’s head.
“How did you-?” Ken asked
“You were actual able to see him?” father asked
As Ken was about to answer a loud explosion happened behind them. “Damn they’re starting already? Ken go into the jungle don’t come out until you either see him, your mother, or me. You understand?” All Ken could do was nod and start running toward the jungle.
Days past Ken hadn’t seen anyone and had long abandoned his hiding spot and were searching the town for food. As he was looking into his former home which was surprisingly still standing even though the rest of the town was in ruin. There He saw the same man in the suit with two children Ken didn’t recognize.
“Took you long enough, For a moment I thought you were dead.” Said the Man
“Who are you aa-and what are you doing here?” asked Ken
“They call me Devin and I’m was waiting for you.”
“it was a promise to your father”
“Where is he?”
Devin kept silent. Ken knew what it meant. Ken knew revenge was pointless especially after what his father told him but Ken was still angry.
“Can you teach me?” Ken asked
“Teach you what?” Replied Devin
“You knew my father and you helped him can you teach me to fight?”
“Why do you want to fight”
“To defend what is precious to me?”
“What do you have left that is precious to you?”
Ken was stump he had nothing left he had nothing left here all he wanted was to leave.
“It doesn’t matter what I have now but I want to protect the important things into the future.” Ken blurted
“….. Very well I’ll teach you on one condition if you can live in the forest for a year without any help then I will teach you”.
One year later Ken goes back to his old home to see the two children sitting at the dinner table staring at Ken.
“Who are you?” they ask.
“Does it matter who I am?” inquired Ken
“Yeah since master said you would be training with us for the next 5 years.”
The boy gets up first and said “My name is Haji and I’m suppose to help you learn Geppo the technique that lets you walk on air”.
“How long will that take?”Ken said
Devin came into the room and said “About a year for each techniques but what I see it will take about 3 years to learn Geppo, Tekkai, Rankyaku.”
“So why do I need 5 years?” Ken asked
“You’ll need to specialize in some of the techniques and you will also train into the forest again for the rest of the time.”
7 years later. Ken is getting on a small row boat about to go on his pirate adventure.
“Ken before you go I have one question why you want to become a pirate?” asked Haji
“Because all father ever talked about was how great it was to be a part of his crew, I know even though he is dead I want to be a pirate like them. They both died protecting things that they care for. I want to Inherit their will by cherishing the things that are important to me but until I find it…. I’m just going to be a pirate.”
Ken said his goodbyes,was given the Chains of the Abyss, and began his adventure

Personality: Ken is known for his laziness no matter what happens unless it involves food, his brother or sister, or even helping his weaker allies he won't care. Ken hates to be told what to do, he will also sometimes does the opposite of what people tell him to do. The only thing that can make Ken do anything is food. Whether cooking or eating as long it involves food he will do almost anything without being asked.Ken is can be someone who is nearly impossible to piss off. He won't even gets mad even if he is forgotten when ordering food or even when its something important.

Ship: Masamune- a small raft

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: N/A

Special Abilities:
Super hunger
Ken can eat huge amounts of food and by eating a huge amount of he can heal from even the worst wounds
Jungle fever
because of his time in the forest Ken has a unique sense of smell, hearing, eyesight, and is resistant to some poisons

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
First technique- Rankyaku slash
a kick that moves so fast that it can cut through stones easily and can even cut objects at long distance
Second technique- Hammer smash- a powerful punch that it can even break some weapons
Third Technique- Tekkai guard- Technique that uses tekkai to defend from some attacks at all angles
Fourth technique-Phoenix stopper- Interruption fist technique- a punch aimed for the abdominal of the opponent causing them to freeze for a short moment to catch their breath
Fifth technique- Tiger flip- A throwing technique using only your feet by sweep kicking them then sending them into the air
Sixth technique- Rage- A technique is more of an mode that makes the user wild and can or will attempt to kill anyone who doesn't mean anything to the user "Only when completely angered"
Seventh technique Geppo Rankyaku- a technique allows the user to send a Rankyaku in almost any position
Weapons/Items: Chains of the Abyss

Goals: To protect what is precious to him
To be someone his father can be proud of
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PostSubject: Re: Ken "The Lazy" Takahashi done creating   Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:36 pm

What on earth are these "Chains of the Abyss"? You need to make them separately in a Weapons Here thread.
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Ken "The Lazy" Takahashi done creating
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