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 'Crimson Assassin' Rose Moore

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PostSubject: 'Crimson Assassin' Rose Moore   Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:48 pm

Name: 'Crimson Assassin' Rose Moore

Age: 20

Bounty: 3,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: (Former) Bounty hunter (Current) Navigator

Allegiance: N/A

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue


Rose is a busty young woman with pale white skin. She has dark purplish-blue hair that she keeps tied back in a calf-length ponytail. Her eyes are brown. her clothing consists of a black tank top that cuts off suddenly, showing her waist. She also wears jean shorts with a black belt through its loops. On her hands she wears fingerless gloves and on her feet are a pair of boots that almost reach her knees.

History: Rose's life started on a small island out in the East Blue. Her family amounted to a total of two, her and her mother. her mother knew little and could only find work at the local factory. She did her best to provide for herself and her daughter, but it wasn't enough. Over time, Rose's mother grew steadily weaker since she was giving the majority of the food she had to Rose. Finally, she died, leaving Rose to grow up in a home by herself.

Rose continued to live in her home, on her own, for several weeks. Finally, their landlord came to see what was holding up their payments. He figured out what had happened and he kicked Rose out onto the streets. Hungry and abandoned, Rose did what she could to get food. Sometimes this meant she stole and other times she managed to find a little work and made some money. Even so, like her mother she was fading away fast.

A woman named Marie was walking home one day when she saw Rose. The small girl was huddled up on the side of the road, shivering in the cold. Marie took pity on Rose and brought her to her home. After feeding Rose and getting her some decent clothing, Marie learned all she could from her. Then Marie decided to take care of Rose until she could find someone else who would be able to help her. There was no orphanage on the island, so that wasn't an option.

The arrangement worked out even better than Marie originally thought. Rose was happy to have a roof over her head and Marie discovered that she enjoyed having another person around the house. Within a few weeks, Marie was no longer looking for another home for Rose.

The two grew very close and Rose eventually began calling Marie her mother. Years passed by and Rose grew into a young woman. With Marie's help she was able to get into and make it through school. She made it all the way to college and was prepared to go to a well-reputed institution that was on an island close to her home.

On Rose's first trip to the college, to see the campus, tragedy struck. A pirate crew landed on her home island and while they were pillaging the place, Marie was murdered. Rose returned home and pretty much fell apart mentally. She gave up on her dreams of going to college and making a big name for herself. Instead, she got a job at, ironically enough, the same factory her mother worked at.

A month after the funeral for Marie, Rose was visiting the gravestone and she was approached by a man who looked old, but moved with confidence and authority. He introduced himself as Aiden and he told Rose that she should rise above her sadness. There was still plenty for her to do in the world. He offered her a choice: She could remain on the island or she could come with him. She asked him what advantage she would gain by going with him and he told her that he could help her get revenge for her guardian. Rose accepted and the next day, she left with him.

The man took Rose far away from her home, to an island close to the Grandline. During their travels, he had told Rose more about himself. Aiden was a bounty hunter, but since he had grown old, he had been looking for a nice place to retire. When he had first come to Rose's home island, Marie had only recently been killed, and he had no intention of chasing down the pirates who had done the deed. Later, after he had learned more of the circumstances of her death and after he learned about Rose's on situation, he began to think things over. It took him a while, but finally he decided to help Rose by passing on his skills to her. This was why it had taken him a month before he had finally come to talk to her.

On the island the man had brought Rose to, he began to teach her the art of hunting down bounties. He taught her navigation and how to track an enemy across the ocean. He taught her how to survive in the wild, hunting for her own food. He made sure she could move stealthily and quickly.

Aiden also spent a long time making sure Rose knew how to defend herself. He began by informing her that with her small upper body, she would stand no chance against a decent fighter if they managed to lay their hands on her for even an instant. He then encouraged her by pointing out that she had long legs and that they would focus on training that part of her until she could do things even the greatest of pirates could only dream of.

Rose was eighteen when she began this training. She was twenty when she left. Though her teacher told her she was not ready, she wanted to get out and test herself. She did promise him that she would keep up her training and that she would one day return to pick up where they left off. He let her go, warning her that things would not be easy. However, he said that her current level of power was enough to hold out in the four blues, but he advised her not to enter the Grandline. In that place, she would be overwhelmed by the sheer strength of its inhabitants, especially since she would be traveling alone. Before she left, he gave her his sword. He had not trained her in its use, but he told her that she should be able to find another teacher during her traels.

Rose took Aiden's advice to heart and she stayed in the blues. She successfully took down two fairly strong pirates within the first few weeks of her travels, but on her third job she made her first mistake. She was heading for a town that her target was rumored to be staying in, but when she entered the town, she found the place abandoned. Everyone in the town had been slaughtered, but oddly enough, there was no damage to any of the buildings aside from the blood splatters. They had all been killed while going about doing whatever they had been doing at the time.

The Marines showed up on the island about this time and when they discovered Rose, she had been searching for the ones who had committed the crime. The Marines tried to stop her, but she panicked and ran, thinking that the Marines might be the ones who had done the deed. She had seen them do some pretty crazy stuff in the past.

Rose left the island and a bounty was placed on her head by the Marines who had seen her. They didn't know her name and had only managed to get a picture of her from the back, but even so, this was enough to make Rose realize that she would have to be more careful from then on. She began to dress differently and wore her hair in a different way.

(Before, she had let her hair hang loose and she dressed more conservatively. Her current apperance will show the changes.)

Rose is still running, trying to figure out what happened and is deciding how she can best clear her name.

Personality: Rose is a kind, generous person. Most of the time. She takes life very seriously and doesn't particularly like people who act foolishly for no reason, though this can depend on the individual and how "foolishly" applies in their case. One example of this is that Rose is very defensive of herself. If someone is being rude to her, she can take it. If someone is making fun of her, she can take it. However, if someone tries to touch her inappropriately or is being too forward, she will become outraged and it won't be a comical situation. That foolish person's life will be in danger. Literally. This does not mean she cannot enjoy life or has no sense of humor, though with her past and present, she finds these things hard to like. Still, Rose can grow attached to people and laugh and have fun with them. One facet of her personality is that she is very fond of children.

Ship: A small craft called the Legacy. It is not much more than a rowboat with a tiny cabin/storage area on the back.

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:

Fighting Style: Rose has two ways of fighting. Foremost of the two is her legs, which surprises some people because she carries a sword. She actually is stronger with kicking than she is with her sword. However, she would still like to learn how to fight with a sword.

Physical Abilities: Rose has little skill in the way of swordfighting so she has not yet mastered the art of cutting steel and she does not possess the strength to do it on her own, but otherwise, she is still very strong, especially with her legs. Because of her strong legs, her speed is high and she can move exceptionally quickly in small bursts. Overall she is an athletic individual. She can perform acrobatic maneuvers that most ordinary people would not dream of attempting.

Navigator: Rose is an excellent navigator. She can get a person just about anywhere with the stars or a compass. She has memorized the names and positions of every known island in the world and she keeps a mental lock on her own current position so she doesn't really need a map of any kind. Rose can also track down targets across the ocean by spotting tiny fragments of trash or residue left behind by a ship's occupants.

Learned Techniques:

1: Windmill Duster: Rose puts both of her legs in the air, either by jumping or by doing a handstand, and she spins her body, kicking all around her.

2: Spinal Separation: Rose kicks at her opponent's back.

3: Corkscrew Punch: Rose jumps forward, turning her body so that her body is parallel to the ground and her legs are out in front of her, and she spins towards her opponent in a double-kick attack. This can also be used when falling from above.

4: Shard Scatter: Rose launches several kicks, rapid fire, in either a widespread burst or at a single point.

5: Power Finish: Rose slows down for a second to tense her leg muscles to their full strength. She then kicks with all of her might with one of her legs with enough power to shatter a concrete wall or put a massive dent into a metal one.

Weapons/Items: Crimson Shadow

Goals: To clear her name.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Crimson Assassin' Rose Moore   Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:15 pm

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'Crimson Assassin' Rose Moore
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