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 Zee-Zee Hendorrikz

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PostSubject: Zee-Zee Hendorrikz   Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:45 pm

Name: Zee-Zee Hendorriks

Age: 26

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Gypsy Pirate Wanderer Bluesman Extraordinaire

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: The sea. Precise place of birth unknown

Standing at about 5'8, the first and most impressive feature initially noticeable is a large curly afro of thick black locks. It haphazardly curls and waves about above him, like a glorified black shrubbery Residing underneath this crown of unkempt hair is a very tan countenance beset with dark features (Arabic, by our standards). Thick black eyebrows and a well trimmed goatee that suggests a man who appreciates the finer aesthetics of grooming are juxtaposed against two large amber oculi, which are enhanced even mores by a dark eyeliner of sorts. He has a rather average figure, upon which he has adorned a yellow poncho with floral patterns, and bright red pants. Upon his chest is a rather intricate sun tattoo that extends from his pectoral region all the way to his stomach. It is an intertwinement of reds, blacks, yellows and whites, demonstrating an artistry that is really quite incredible to behold. He walks bare foot, and slung across his back is a rather large sitar contained within a pristine case of ebony. The case indicates something of ancient cultural value. He is often times smoking, rather nonchalantly at that.

Zee-Zee was born to a nomadic tribe of Sea Gypsies that traveled about the world. They would often hop aboard ships as stowaways and entertain the crews in order to make themselves friendly. Unfortunately, their reputation as entertainers was only preceded by their reputations as thieves, an accusation that wasn't entirely fair. There are a multitude of Sea Gypsy clans, all of which frequent the seas. Most gypsies are indeed treacherous in nature, but Zee-Zee belonged to that rare exception of a gypsy clan. Regardless, they were often times treated with extreme hostility by sailors and navy men. Pirates, however, were far more hospitable and as such, Zee-Zee's clan mow than often commiserated with the scoundrels of the sea, who proved to be a merrier lot anyway.

Within his clan, they were primarily entertainers, and Zee-Zee was taught to dance and play the sitar at a very young age. He inherited the philosophical attitudes of his people, and flourished. He was very talented, exceptionally so, a paragon of all the values the gypsies held dear. Such was his exemplification of their ideals, that they decided to grant Zee-Zee a special honor.

Every one hundred years or so, the special title of Story Teller is granted to one who has been deemed worthy. The job of the Story Teller is to traverse the world, absorbing as much information, culture and amusing anecdotes as humanly possible. The Story Teller then returns with these tales in order to inspire his people. After the tales have been committed to memory by the people, he or she leaves again in search of more adventure. Zee was chosen at the age of sixteen to become Story Teller, and was sent off, gifted with a relic of the utmost importance. The sitar of his tribe has been passed down from Story Teller to Story Teller for many, many generations. It possesses a sanctity and power as an instrument rivaled by few.

If one were to list all of Zee-Zee's travails, it would span several volumes of tales. To consolidate it simply, Zee-Zee has been traveling ever since his role has been allotted. He has met many people, seen many places, and has tried his very best to remember it all despite his frequent drug use. The sacred nature of his duty has not truly occurred to him at this point in his life. This hasn't hampered him at all, however, from accruing a bevy of intriguing tales. Regardless of whatever strange, disoriented state he may find himself in, the journey continues.

Zee-Zee is very ostensibly relaxed. He speaks in an airy, psychedelic whisper that is reminiscent of some type of funky DJ. Chill would be a more precise term to describe his rather laid-back demeanor, although the adjective that he would most likely deem an accurate representation of his own self would be 'groovy'. From a very young age, he was taught of doctrine of flow and groove. Everything is ephemeral, and the only way to embrace such a whimsical state of being is to be a whimsical being. He travels like a paper bag caught in the wind, carelessly allowing his destiny to be tossed any which way. He has seen many, many things in his travels, and, as such, possesses an open mind about a great deal of things. With these exploits comes a great deal of knowledge about the world; there are rarely any islands he himself has not visited or at least heard about. His life as a sea nomad has been centered around leisure and exploration, along with the added dynamic of the occasional performance. Women, maritime attractions, gambling- these are his interests. He is professedly a lover, not a fighter. Paradoxically, it is this same aversion towards violence that makes him a ridiculously effective combatant. His philosophy of fluidity and flow extends to the battlefield, allowing him to dodge and redirect momentum with relative ease. His drug use renders him unable to remember things at time, but he otherwise presents an adequate intelligence. Just don't expect him to pay you back anytime soon.

Music, Sunshine, Any Type Of Omelette

Deadlines, Lawful Authorities, Puppets


Ship Flag

Devil Fruit

Special Abilities

Sitar Proficiency- Zee-Zee can play his Sitar exceptionally well.

Sleight Of Hand- As a gypsy, Zee-Zee possesses the dexterity to steal just about anything right from under someone's nose.

Sea Gypsy- This is a generalization of many abilities that can all be explained through his gypsy origin. Zee-Zee is impressive acrobatically, can meld into crowds, is skillful at gathering information and a smooth talker. He also has limited knowledge of gypsy medicines via herbs, and can concoct a special type of drug that he cultivates only for himself.

Learned Techniques

Elegie epică- A fighting style that resembles some psychedelic form of breakdancing, Zee-Zee employs a combat expertise that allows a complete disconnection from earthly preconceptions and logics. Zee-Zee's reflexes and fluidity increase exceptionally. While he can access this state of mind without the use of narcotics, the more drugged up he is on his special batch, the more efficient Elegie epică can become.

Psihedelice ciclon- Zee-zee spins on his head, stretching out his legs to catch all in his path within a powerful breakdance cyclone.

Rolă Piatră- Zee-Zee flips towards his opponent, bringing down upon their head a double-fisted hammer blow.

Combini Īntr Chile- Zee-Zee catches his opponents neck between his legs. Then he flips them backwards into a tremendously powerful faceplant.

To follow the winds and the waves and just go with the flow, baby.
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Zee-Zee Hendorrikz
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