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 Krooka Island

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PostSubject: Krooka Island   Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:32 pm

Name: Krooka Island
Flag: The island's symbol is an arrow-shaped sun. This symbol is now accompanied by a jolly roger with alligator teeth and wings, the flag of The Two-Faced Pirates.
Location: Grand Line

Ruler/Territory: Jekyll and Hyde Garuda, inherited from their father Longbeard. They rule the main city of Krooka island and by extension it's entire population. The wilderness is a free land, with only several pirates hiding there from the Two-Faced pirates.

(Four line minimum starts here)
Geography: (topographical, shape, land form, and other geographic information) Krooka Island is a relatively small island shaped like an arrow's head. The western corner of the island, shaped like the arrow's tip, is the luxurious area of the island, where the current rulers of the island and their favorite islanders reside, while the rest of the island is quite neglected, and looks like an architectural disaster. Now that the island is ruled by the reckless Garuda twins, who inhabit the luxurious part with their crew and run havoc in the rest of the island, the land looks like one big mess. The eastern corner of the island, being the wide part of the arrow head, houses the docks and the famous bazaar, and is where most islanders make their living. The main city of Krooka island stretches from the east to the west, with the northern and southern edges remaining a wilderness.

Weather: Krooka is a desert island, with most of it consisting of sand and rocks. The desert ends near the arrow tip, which makes the tip the favorite living spot of the island. The weather is extremely hot during the day, and extremely cool during the night, forcing the islanders to stick to the main city area for a comfortable climate. Not many plants and animals live in the main city, which is overcrowded with humans, but the wilderness corners make a comfortable inhabitant for various desert animals and many kinds of cactus. The island is also terrorized by occasional sand storms, but thanks to the bulk of the main city, most of them dissolve before doing any significant damage.

Population: Krooka's population mainly consists of humans, who grew adapt to the desert climate. The islanders usually have a darker skin and a strong build. Because of the long lasting pirate control over the island, it serves as a useful hideout for pirate crews, who bring their fair share of exotic species along with them from time to time, but these are insignificant.

Wildlife: (include line breaks for each organism, optional and not subject to minimums (note that new spechies cannot be created but that many types of animals exist in one piece)) Krooka island is the home of some desert animals. The northern wilderness has an overflowing population of Warusagi Birds, who while not being dangerous, prove to be quite problematic, making the population avoid the area as much as possible. The Northern wilderness also serves as a home for Bananawani gators, who feed on whatever pray they catch. The Western Wilderness, who is considered safer, contains a rich camel population, and is a popular hunting ground since camels are the main transportation of the islanders.

Economy and production: Krooka's economy used maintains itself. Since not many islanders leave the island, most of the money stayed on the island, while income was achieved from the bazaar. The Eastern Krooka Bazaar is the main market of the island. It is a gigantic bazaar with hundreds of stores and shacks. The island is obviously not a thriving tourist attraction, but since it is a pretty useful pirate hideout, it has a decent amount of pirate tourist who feed the bazaar. While Longbeard controlled the island, the economy survived quite well, but as the control switched to his reckless greedy sons, everything changed. The Garuda twins don't care about the sake of the islanders, and play with the economy to no end. They don't care for the island's security like Longbeard did, which results in more frequent thefts and pirate raids.

Defense: Krooka island has no natural defenses but it's uncomfortable weather and the Bananawani who occasionally circle it.
Military: Krooka island's main line of defense are the Two-Faced pirates. While the brothers are rarely at the island, they have many peons there to handle it. These pirates care for the island's protection, but also steal and damage the islanders.

Philosophy and beliefs: The islanders don't hold any unified religious beliefs, each of them has his own beliefs on that manner. The islanders are suffering from the Garuda brother's control, and are all hoping for either the government or someone else to take them off the throne and replace them, so the island could return to it's prime. As for the Two-faced pirates and the Garuda brothers, they care very little about the island's safety, but the control over it is important to them as it makes a nice profit. As a result, they usually scare pirates off to try and stop any revolution before it occurs, forcing the pirates to either leave or take shelter in the wilderness, which hinders the island's economy. The Two-Faced pirates pretty much attack and drive away anyone who is caught in the main city with a bounty.

Government: The Garuda brothers do as they please, with their crew mates acting as puppet ministers.

(two paragrpah minimum starts here)
History: Krooka island had people on it ever since he was discovered. The harsh climate made it difficult for humans to survive on the island, but they managed to find shelter in the western corner of the island, that was practically a giant oasis. The natives set up tents there. The tent duplex expanded along with the population, and after many years, became what is known now as Krooka city, stretching from the west to the east. The city existed without any direct world Government control since there was nothing to gain from controlling the island. At some point, a pirate crew lead by a captain known as Longbeard arrived at the island. Longbeard fell in love with a local native, and assumed control of the island after impregnating her. She gave birth to two sons: Jeckyl and Hyde Garuda.

Under Longbeard and his crew's control, the island thrived. It became a pirate attraction, yet was protected from harm, which contributed greatly to the economy. The Longbeard era was the best thing that happened to the island, but Longbeard eventually died and control was switched to his twin sons. The Garuda brothers and their crew received a power boost thanks to their new territory. The brothers were reckless and greedy, caring only about the territory and not the population. During their 7 years of control, the island was reduced to a near hunger state. The Two Faced pirates drove pirates away, harming the island's economy and it's entire population.

Significant Places:

Prime Palace: The home of the Garuda brothers, located in the very western corner of the island, in the heart of the oasis. The palace is formed like a gigantic mansion, funded by the burden of the island's population. It is surrounded by the homes of the Two-Faced pirates, making the oasis fully controlled by the crew. The two-Faced pirates serve as the palace's guards. The Garuda brothers don't spend much time on the island, so the palace is mostly empty, and even when they are on the island they usually roam it with their drunken mates. Prime Palace is the most luxurious part of the island, whoever controls it officially controls the island.

Oasis Tavern: Located in the northern wilderness, hidden by several sand dunes. The tavern is huge compared to other taverns. It is the sanctuary of pirates who are driven out of the main city by the Two-Faced pirates. The pirates usually spend a short time in the tavern to recover, and then attempt to escape the island either through the main city or through the wilderness. Some pirates get stuck in the tavern, forming the main revolutionaries of Krooka island.

Grand Bazaar: The Grand Bazaar is the very heart of the island, and is a large portion of the city. The majority of the islanders not only work there, but also live there, making a city inside a city. The Bazaar is a place of free business, where everything can be bought with everything. While the Garuda brothers are absent, the Bazaar is considered a safe place, with only a few Two-Faced pirates causing trouble, either by fighting other pirates or stealing from stores. But, when the brothers are there, they run havoc in the Bazaar, making it dangerous to all islanders.

After the events of The Family Business:
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Krooka Island
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