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 Haku Aruko

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PostSubject: Haku Aruko    Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:46 pm

Name: Haku "The tailed Rookie"

Age: 21

Bounty: Former Bounty: 750,000 Now Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Fighter/Boxer

Allegiance: Marine

Home Village/Ocean: Karate Island

Normal Appearance

Marine Appearance

History: Haku was a small boy who was raised in the forest. He lived in the forest as his father and mother were very poor. His father had a job as a boxer, Haku admired his father every day. He tested out the same training hs father took. He tryed to lift 10 ton weights. That were extremely heavy for his age at 6. Haku befriended the animals of the forest. Haku loved the forest more then his own life. It seemed that the animals were related to him. Haku grew big bold muscles at the age of 10. He was able to do combo's, barrages, and counter attacks. He one day challenged his father to a one on one battle.

"Are you sure?" his father questioned him. Hs father's name was Yumi. Yumi narrowed his eyes at haku. Slowly, haku nodded. Haku dashed towards his father aiming his kick towards his face. Yumi quickly blocked it forcing Haku backwards. Haku got his grip landing on his hands standing up as he began to swirl around and around banging against his father's chest. Haku then jumped towards the air turning around trying to punch his father in the head, Yumi dodged it quickly as haku smashed against the ground. Yumi then kicked Haku in the stomach as haku trembled to the floor. Haku then tryed to stand up, but he let his foot down onto Haku's head. Haku had lost that day, but was introduced into boxing.

For the couple of years, Haku began to train over boxing and dashing skills. Haku became very strong by the age of 16. He wanted to leave karate island to go on his own adventure. When he sailed across the sea with his new raft. A admiral imposter thought that he was a new pirate. He began to fire at Haku's ship, haku dashed grabbing there anchor as he climbed up it curiouslly. "What gives? I was just sailing!" Haku said. The world government agents began to shot there rifles at haku. Haku quickly dodged before the bullets had impact. Haku the imposter admiral with a strange fruit, quickly haku's stomach began to growl hungrely. "This will make me a REAL admiral!" he shouted out loud. All the world government goons were surprised. Haku quickly swipped the fruit as he plunged his teeth sinking into it. "mmM!" he said then a strange aura surronded him. This is DISGUSTING!". The ship stopped at Karate Island in a second. The ship had moved fast. The admiral took out two den den mushi's. One was visual and the other was a golden one. The visual one was spotted on Haku sending it to assassins around the world. "THIS IS THE MAN WHO JUST ATE THE DEVIL FRUIT! PUT A BIG ASS BOUNTY ON HIS ASS!" the imposter admiral said before his hand was cut off by a sword from one of the world government agents.

The visual den den mushi fell to the floor rolling to Haku's feet. Seeing what the agents had done he fell with deep anger. The golden den den mushi fell to the imposter vice admiral. He quickly grabbed it as the signal was sent to the nearest world government agents. In 20 minutes other agents arrived at karate island killing everyone at sight. Haku grabbed the pieces of his raft that was left making a fresh new one. Haku had just took the visual den den mushi that was in his pocket. Little did he know that the signal was still on. He chased for his mother and father that had been asleep in the village. Awaking them, they quickly ran to the river bank. "Quickly get on the ra-" Yumi said as a finger went through his heart peering out. A CP9 agent had just used finger pistol on him. Yumi bled to death rather quickly. Haku's mother quickly tackled haku onto the raft pushing it off the shore. "YOU MUST CARRY ON KARATE ISLANDS QUEST!" she said before she was killed brutally. The CP9 Agent used shave then moon walk to catch up to Haku. He used finger pistol straight at the boat. With great anger and fury, Haku had transformed to half of his DF's power. Haku used his finger to counter the finger pistol cutting off the CP9 agents finger. The CP9 agent fell into the sea, but didn't give up. Jumping out of the water he used Iron Body sending his foot down at Haku. Haku grapped the CP9 Agent's foot knowing it was pretty heavy, he chucked him father away. The CP9 agent fell deeper. But still didn't give up.

The CP9 agent swam up to him using Tempest kick, Haku dodged it while moving the raft away. A corner was cut solid off. Haku had seen all the CP9 agents tricks, he then slam kicked the CP9 agent in the face. The CP9 was brutally damaged falling deep into the ocean chocking on water. The den den mushi had seen it all. Deactivating, Haku took the den den mushi making an annoncment. " I WANT TO JOIN THE MARINES, NOT YOU GODDAMN GOVERNMENT FOOLS!" he yelled into the head of the den den mushi. Haku then hung up the den den mushi. The Government goons sended it too the marines. Haku was accepted. Later in his years, he trained not only his strength but his Devil Fruits abbility.

Personality: Haku is a boy he serves by the hand of 'justice'. He is mostly a killing type man, that doesn't leave prey to tell a story. He is not a serial type man. He name's the "Chosen One's" the survivors that fight him. Haku is willing to die happily. Due to other income's, he has a deep hatred with the world government. He has seen what assassins are capable of. Haku is mostly a gentle man inside his heart deep down, he has a curse that's strapped around his heart. Mostly otherwise, he is a silent boy that loves the forest more then his very own life.

Ship: -

Ship Flag: -

Devil Fruit: Nekko Nekko: Snow Leopard Model
Type: Zoan
Effect: The Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard (ネコネコの実 モデル:豹(レオパルド) Neko Neko no Mi, Moderu: Reoparudo?) is a Carnivorous Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to transform into a leopard hybrid and a full leopard at will. "Neko" is Japanese for "cat"

Special Abilities:

Boxing Experince: Due to days of praticing and boxing, Haku's punches are more effective on foe's then any normal fighter. They usually send people flying or making them drop forcefully onto the floor. He is a very powerful man that doesn't even know the extends of his own strength.

Finger Style: During Haku's half leopard mode, he made up a style called 'finger style'. Similar to the finger pistol, but its a style where haku moves his fist fast where when the foe thinks he's going to use his fist he uses his finger to attack. His fingers are hard as steel themself. A very powerful source.

Dashing Skills: During the days of boxing, Haku is a very fast man that is able to sprint, and dash real fast. He can move parts of his body really good, and has amazing reflexing abbilities. He would be able to do a split with his legs, and has a double jointed arm.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Boxing Wise:
-Super Smash: Haku claps his hands togther into fists as he smashes it at a foe
-Fury Punch: Haku forcfully punches forward at a enemy, that flys them way backwards.
-Swift Attacks: Haku quickly sends his arm at his foe trying to get a barrage of punches against them.
-Ariel Attack: Haku quickly gets under a foe delievering a sneak blow into their stomach.
-Super Combo: Haku claps his hands togther into fists smashing it at a foe, he uses his knee to break their jaw sending them into air as he punches their face when their body comes down.
Dashing Skills:
-Quick Sprint: Haku jumps into the air as he begins to run a bit faster
-Super Dash: Haku begins to run and x2 faster then before as he crouches down dashing towards a foe.
Foot Wise:
-Spinning Boxer: Haku raises his leg to the sky as he begins to spin around jumping towards an enemy.
-Great Kicker Wave: Haku forces his strength to his leg as he smashes it against something. This is supposed to be his strongest Foot Wise ability.
-Table for 4: Haku gets on the floor, standing up with his hands, he does a split with his feet as he begins to spin around and around moving his hands at the same time.
-Half Formation: Haku transform to his winter model half mode
-Full Mode: Haku transforms to the full form, he looks more like a white tiger then a leopard.
Finger Style Wise:
-Forward Stab: During Haku's transformation, he dashes close to the floor sinking his finger into a foe.
-Sprinting Jab: During his transformation, he sends a barrage of finger stabs at an foe moving swiftly.
-Sneaky Blow: During his transformation, Haku uses his tail to grab an foe using sprinting jab to add a full force attack.
-Silent Jab: During transformation, Haku quietly dashes towards an foe jabbing his nail forcefully into the foe.
Weapons/Items: Boxing Gloves, 1 Visual Den Den Mushi, and a raft.

Goals: To become a Admiral and have a fleet of his own.
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PostSubject: Re: Haku Aruko    Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:16 pm

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Haku Aruko
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