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 andrew alcandar (wip)

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PostSubject: andrew alcandar (wip)   Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:13 pm

Name: Andrew Alcandar (wrath)

Age: 30

Bounty: 22,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: warrior

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Don’t have to give village, but must give ocean (North, South, East, West, or Grandline)

Appearance: Could describe or give a picture, or both

History: must be detailed


Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Special Abilities:

heavily trained

Battle smart (Andrew isn’t pure muscle; he knows winning and losing fights (usually not caring) or can think out tactical battle strategies while cracking skulls)

Learned Techniques
1: brawl! (Andrew begins lashing out with many punches in quick succession)
2: warrior trance (Andrew acts on instinct and rage alone, ignoring pain and increasing even more in power… but loses all rational thought)
3: Minotaur rush (Andrew rushes towards his opponent with both shields facing forward and barrels through until he stops himself or smashes into something.)
4: Cyclops smash (Andrew brings both hands together and brings them down with the force of a war hammer onto his opponent.)
5: Cerberus counter (Andrew catches an enemy’s punch and hits them hard in the chest before swinging them around and throwing them back (only works on normal punches)
6: Colossus smash (a punch that is given all of Andrew’s focus, strength, and power that could send a normal marine solider)
7: echo’s strike (Andrew punches the air in front of him causing it to form a “punch” of air, the punch is sent flying like a bullet towards the opponent. Resulting airwaves cause an echo and often leaves opponents confused)
8: mighty Olympus (a massive punch with timing and placement that throws the nervous system of a victim out, when it catches up the pain usually feels like a powerful bolt of lightning.
9: alpha (Andrew knocks his opponent away, the starting of his famous α[alpha] β[beta] Ω [omega] combo)
10: beta (Andrew runs with enough speed to catch up to the flying opponent and swingss his arm like a mace hitting them from below and sending them rocketing.)
11 omega (finally he runs up a nearby structure and jumps off to unleash a barrage of punches just as the target begins to fall to earth.)

Weapons/Items: two brass knuckles and a shield on each arm.

1 live
2 eat
3 fight
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andrew alcandar (wip)
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