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 Dogberry Davenport

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PostSubject: Dogberry Davenport    Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:36 pm

Dogberry Davenport


1st Bounty:
45,000,000 - Murder of Naval officers, theft & destruction of Naval property.




Home Village/Ocean:
North Blue

Dogberry stands at a height of 5ft 8 with white hair that is swept back a mask which is that of a tan coloured mouse's face that covers only his face with a strap that goes around the head holding it in place. Over his torso he has a short sleeve white shirt which is always buttoned up. Over his hands he has a pair of white surgical gloves & a pair of black trousers over his legs with a blue belt around his waist that holds scalpels in place among various other medical tools. Dogberry wears nothing on his feet. Beneath the mask he has grey eyes thin lips & a small pointed nose. He is considered to be a rather handsome man.

At a young age Dogberry's mother was suffering from a disease and as he grew up he didn't like seeing how weak his mother was and wanted to help her but due to his young age and lack of medicine he couldn't help her. She showed allot of lethargy in life and he wanted her to be more lively but didn't know why she wasn't it made him upset and he wanted to cry. His father didn't seem to help much either which really aggravated him. Seeing his mum in such pain he took it upon himself to begin studying medicine to offer his help however he could. Studying book after book he discovered very quickly that what his mother had was a tape worm. She should've gone to the hospital but didn't due to the fact that they lived too far from the hospital and didn't have the money to pay either. Seeing his mother's pain Dogberry wanted to help and decided to sneak into the hospital to collect a bag full of medicine to help his mother. He noticed how his father had become a drunk drinking day in and day out. It made him unhappy to see such a thing but if he refused to help his mother then he would forget him.

He returned with a bag full of medicine and was more than excited to see how his mother began to get better and better. Her energy began to return like it was when he was younger. She seemed happier and was so proud of her son Dogberry for what he'd done for her. She couldn't be happier. His father became much happier seeing his wife better again but Dogberry was angry how his father had picked up in happiness and not even thanked him or said anything to him. His father had fallen into a deep alcoholism when his mother had fallen under the sickness of the tape worm. Proud of Dogberry's determination and wanted to send him off to study medicine but due to a lacking in their riches they couldn't afford to. Instead Dogberry was sent to live with a nurse who worked in the hospital as it was the closest thing he would get to studying medicine. When his mother had been in better health she had been friends with a nurse from the hospital but her illness hadn't helped her social life and her friends thought of it as her being rude.

When Dogberry was  taken to the nurse's house he was happy to be there due to the fact he was closer to town and could learn much more about medicine. Studying what he could from her for 9 years he learnt allot and knew enough to become a doctor. When he applied for a job at the hospital he was denied due to lack of qualifications. He tried explaining how he couldn't afford to study for qualifications and was an exceptional doctor but they refused.

Angrily he stormed off and returned home. As he returned he discovered his father on his death bed. His mother started begging him to help him but Dogberry didn't want to due to his attitude during his mother's illness. After being begged by his mother and caring so much for her happiness he began to search to discover what may or may not be wrong. As he did so he learned his father had contracted an infected kidney and he couldn't do anything about it. Explaining it to his mother she began to cry but Dogberry knew there was one thing he could do to help him but was so furious at his father's attitude he simply refused to do it. Hearing his father's heavy breathing in his last days Dogberry began feeling worse an worse about not helping. His mother was constantly in tears and he chose to head off to help her. He couldn't bear seeing her like this. heading out to get the medicine for his father he was attacked by a bunch of local thugs. Beaten into the ground and robbed of his money Dogberry gained consciousness much later that day to discover the town all closed and returning home to a home of death.

He could smell death in the air of his home. Looking around he found his father dead from his infected kidney and sprawled over him his mother. Upon closer inspection she was dead too. She had slit her wrists unable to live without him at her side. Dogberry's anger took over him at the thought of what she had done. His mother had killed herself not being able to live with this man after he did nothing to help her when she was dying. His brain lurched and he wanted to be sick but couldn't instead this was the day he changed from the nice child he used to be into the dark silent man he soon after became. He no longer wanted to speak to people unless it was necessary since he was upset. His brain hurt when he thought about the incidents of his parent's death until he repressed the memories. Taking up a plague doctor mask and leaving home he set out to attack humanity angry at its actions. He hated how they had stupidly acted.

Dogberry is a silent person who won't speak much if not needed to. he prefers the silence and hates seeing stupid moves in reality of the human life. He hates the blindness and in people and hypocrisy. It angers him when people do stupid things but he bites his tongue. He likes the winter and barely feels any emotions anymore. When he remembers the memories of his parents he passes out. He hates holding on to memories of such pain and prefers to live life at its current time dealing with all of the beauty in the world instead of his past. He loves meeting new people and loves seeing birth of beauty as it makes him feel a little happier.


Ship Flag:
Devil Fruit:
Kiho Kiho No Mi
The user of the fruit can create bubbles by blowing out of their mouth or through a hole made with their hand. The user of the fruit can make a bubble around themselves. The user can fly around the bubble as if it was like water. When there is a bubble that has been made anyone touching or inside the bubble is extremely susceptible to electricity, including the user. To create a bubble around himself he has to breath out through his mouth to breath them out elsewhere the user must breath out through a hole made with his fingers. The user can float around or go underwater in a bubble as it would act as coating for them self. The user can also put other people or items in bubbles and cause them to float away high into the sky before breaking. The user has the ability to put bubbles on the surface of the water and walk on them but for anyone else they will pop.
The user can split bubbles in two. But when he/she splits bubbles in two the items or people in them will also be split in two. When one of the bubbles pops the other part of the person or item will be dragged back and the person will be placed back together again only in the bubble. The user can also contain liquids and gasses in the bubbles such as alcohol, petrol, acid, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen & so on. Inside the bubbles the user can also control the air in the bubble. The user can remove all the air from any bubbles. If they are in the same bubble as the person they want to suffocate they too will be deprived of air. The bubbles can only be blown as much breath as the user has in their lungs. The bubbles made by the user aren't so weak like regular bubbles they are a little stronger but still fairly easy to pop. If the user builds up bubbles with in bubbles only only one bubble can be popped per post and not all bubbles can be popped at any one time unless of course by a sea stone or darkness user.

Special Abilities:
Doctoring Skills
From studying from Nurse Dogberry learnt how to become an exceptional doctor.

Life Return
After meeting Tamako & studying about it he was taught how to use life return.
Studying into Life Return more and more Dogberry managed to learn so much more such as how to improve his eye sight so he can see much further than the normal human being.
After learning more about Life Return he discovered that he could manage to induce more adrenaline into his system with ease allowing him to reach a super fast speed where it seems as though everything around him slows down due to how fast he is moving.
Blood Clot
Dogberry taught himself to clot blood so he can heal himself a little

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Life Return Techniques

Sleep Defence
Dogberry lets his body go limp so his body is much more flexible and susceptible to being thrown around and attacked this makes any attacks on his body weaker so he takes less damage.

Second Flame
Using Life Return to control their body heat to create fire. The stronger their determination and will, the stronger the heat from their fire gets. The side-effect of this is that it requires the user to eat 10x as much as a normal person, as their metabolism grows with their fire. Tamako has gotten strong enough that she can create enough heat do melt through steal if given two posts, one to dent it if she wants.

Stomach Acid
Using his Life Return techniques Dogberry spits out stomach acid to burn his foes.

Surgery Style Techniques

Dogberry slams his open palm into the bottom of his enemies’ spine temporarily paralysing them causing their spine to be readjusted slightly. The paralysing takes effect for 3 posts.

Scorching Surgery
Using Life Return Second Flame to heat up his scalpels in his hands Dogberry attacks with his scalpels able to burn his enemies when he attacks making it even easier to cut his enemies and do them much more harm.

Cartoid Stinger
Using his scalepels Dogberry attempts to slice his foe's cartoid artery. If he manages to slice it the character will bleed to death for 20 posts if they aren't doing anything strenuous. Otherwise they will bleed to death in 10 posts. But the character will only die if it is not operated on quickly.

Using his scalpels he attempts to remove his foes big toes & slice his Achilles tenant making it almost impossible to keep their balance with 1 big toe difficult to keep balance with no big toes almost impossible.

Kiho Kiho No Mi techniques

Blowing out a bubble through his mouth a bubble opens up around him. Or he can blow out through his hand and blow up a bubble coating someone else other than himself.

Once a foe is in his bubble he can slice the bubble in two and once he has done so the bubble will split into two along with the foe inside the bubble and they will remain in two until one of the two bubbles is popped.

Bubble Shield
Blowing 1 or more bubbles around a pre-existing bubble each bubble will be able to take on one impact before popping making it so the user has a shield of bubbles and stopping 1 attack from penetrating through all bubbles and hitting the user with ease.

When a foe is in his bubbles by clenching his fist he can remove all of the air from the bubble to suffocate the foe with in but if he removes the air from the bubble he is in he will suffer too. This technique must be used for 2 posts with little air to make the foe with in weak due to lack of oxygen, 3 posts to knock someone unconscious due to lack of oxygen then 5 posts to kill them.

Blowing bubbles up they can be filled with any liquid and when they are filled with that liquid it will remain in the bubble until it pops hopefully over a foe.

2 Scalpels

1/ Undecided

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PostSubject: Re: Dogberry Davenport    Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:10 am

The hadou hadou no mi, is technically gura gura , in fact its nearly identical. Gura gura would be a better title.

But still it is a approved devil fruit and therefore i am inclined to APPROVE you
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PostSubject: Re: Dogberry Davenport    Sat Apr 21, 2012 6:24 pm

Hey I am now re using this character slot for another one of my characters and now need approval
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PostSubject: Re: Dogberry Davenport    Sat Apr 21, 2012 6:27 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Dogberry Davenport    Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:14 am

Needs to be re-approved

Life Return in special Abilities
Learned Techniques
Devil Fruit
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PostSubject: Re: Dogberry Davenport    Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:19 am

APPROVED, unless stated otherwise by a senior mod or admin.

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PostSubject: Re: Dogberry Davenport    

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Dogberry Davenport
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