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 Sarah K Night

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PostSubject: Sarah K Night    Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:56 pm

Name:Sarah K Night



Species: Human



Home Village/Ocean: Sundae Float

Appearance: Sarah stands 5'8 feet tall and weigh's around 140 pounds. Her eyes are Chocolate brown her hair is the color of pink icing. Her Skin Is Dark black. She wears pink makeup.Her build is between muscular and slim. Shes attractive yet has a homely face. A Tatto of a The Royal Crown is on her stomach. She pretty mch wears her black armor 24/7. Unde rher armor she wears black lacey underwear. She has a Crossbow strapped to her back. And her Royal Bastard in a sheath to her right side

History: Sarah was born on the floating island Sundae FLoat. Which float's around the 8 islands within the Grandline. Hr mother Queen Sasha gave birth to her during the greatwar between Sundae float and The Mercenaries of Rotfest Island working under some mysterious fifgure head. ANyway During the war her Father King Darian K Night dissapeared reports were he fell in battle.She respected her mother for that. Growing older Sarah was taught the art of Knighthood by the Order of the Knight's. Finally after consentraiting Princess Sarah had graduated to full fledged Black Knight which was the most prestigious type of Knight on the island. During her acedemic studies Sarah learned all about the miricle of Science and how to engeineer advanced machinery. In DOing this her Knowldge improved vastly as well as giving her the knowldge of the materials needed and the proper construction of cybornetic limbs for comrades who were unfortanate enough to loose them. Her mother was extreamly proud of her daughters acomplishments and decided to make her daughter Sundae's float honorary ambasitor. Giving Sarah the permission to travel the World as a represintative of their kingdom.

Upon leaving Sundae float Sarah comes across Harakhty Pirates During Her Travel. After A quick defeat she see's their true strength and decided to dedicate herself to overcome their strongest fighters to expand her strength. However after awhile they grew on her. No just wanting to use them to better herself she felt compelled to stay with them. A Merry band of bloodthirsty warrior who crave battle as much as she did. A Perfect match in her eyes.

Personality:Sarah is a battle born princess. She lives for the thrill of battle and thinks that battle scars are a badge of honor. She gets excited when seeing the sight of blood. Blood to her means epic battle and challenges for glory. Sarah is an intellectual to the degree of having the proper knowldge however she still lacks proper judgement & Manners. She is a whirlwind of fun. With aspects of her personality clashign agasint itself she is unpridictable when it comes to everything except battle. You can pretty much count on her rushing in to a fight everytime.


Ship Flag:None

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:
1)Heavy armor conditioning. After training all her life Sarah is able to wear her heavy armor with ease increesing her over all strength.
2)No Armor speed! Without her heavy platemail Sarah can move super fast
3)Posion Spechialist! Know a variety of posionous concactions.
4)Science Engenering! Do to her vast knowledge of science and Engenieering. She can creat cyborg limbs to replace ones comrades loose in battle.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1)"Jet Bastard Slash!" With two hand's this attack is twice as strong. User Uses the jet dials in her armor to slash with speed.
2)Jet Hidden Bastard Slash! If holding the Royal bastard with 1 hand user uses the other arm to pop out the hidden dirk from the handle for a surpize fast slash.
3)Poison Arrow Barrage! Unleashes a barrage of 10 poison arrows with slow down an enemies movements & reflex's if hit. The more poison in there body the greater effect.
4)Jet Punch!. Useing the Jet Dial in her armor She punches with her Titainium & Tugsten gauntlet with a strong fast punch
5)Jet Kick! same as the punch only with a kick.
6)Jet Sprint! Uses Jet dials in her leg's to move quickly in her heavy armor.

Weapons/Items: Black Knight Weapons & Armor.

Goals:To find her father's killer and travel around searcging for awesome battle and becomeing the strongest Knight in History.
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PostSubject: Re: Sarah K Night    Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:27 pm

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Sarah K Night
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