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 Tigris Hog "Wild Red"

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PostSubject: Tigris Hog "Wild Red"   Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:07 am

Tigris "Wild Red" Hog

Late 20's

30,000,000 Belli



Wild Red Pirate's

Home Village/Ocean:
Clockwork/East Blue

{the pic. below would be a perfect image} Young Average Tall {maybe about zoro height} strong good Pale skin complexion With a few marking's the one on his hand represent {Free;or Wild} I say about in his late twenty's with long Red hair not straight nor too curly a bit in a messy style reach about shoulder length. Marked with a tattoo on his front side by fingers' {seen on pic.} As for wear the common wear of rag's coat with pirate boot and pant's i know i mustn't rely on image but then again the pic is the prime example of how i picture the man. He's skinny but not too skinny more like a firm young wild man would appear.

History: must be detailed
[will post soon;need to re-think things over]

Mild who at time's can be a stick in the mud,Take's thing to the heart some what sentimental Feel's as the world be little's him,Take's nap more then usual, like's to keep in his distance from other,his favorite food would be anything with spicy chicken wing sauce, when is angered he will go all out, At time's of defeat he think's retreat will be better then death, He think's anyone who stay's quite is weird,around girl he tend's to act rough or more emotional {due of mother Behave}, Care's a lot of other's but do not like to show it, He listen's but rather act on his behave then other's,take's blame for what he did, like's to laugh here and there, small with the petty talk,love's to fight accordingly, favorite offence word "Shithead". Cry's when see's two people leave each other {really can't help it} weather good or bad "wild Red" will see thing through to the end.


Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit:
Taru Taru no mi {Tar-Tar Fruit}
Type: Logia
Effect: User body complete substance of Tar Liquid.

Special Abilities:
[will post soon;need to re-think things over]

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Tar Tar Giant Fist:

Tar Tar Tornado:

Tar Tar Extinction:

Combined Techniques

Tar Tar Combustion:

Tar Tar Meteor Fist:


A Scope Rifle-Pistol; A Normal pistol which look's decent compare on what it's real purpose is.This pistol Can hold just about any type of bullet shell weather explosive,poison,tranquil,muti-shell or normal shell.

Explosive Round;Bullet's that cause explosion that of dynamite power.

Muti-Round; Bullet's that scatter into more smaller bullet but large in number's when shot.

Poison Round; Bullet's That inject poison into a body when hit directly.

Fire Round;Bullet's that flare of in fire that can cause burn's.

Lightning Round; Bullet's that send shock's of bolt's on impact.

Ice Round;Bullet's that are cold as ice able to freeze a limb.

Plant Plant Round; Bullet's that come in seed when Shot a huge Vine entangles the victim.

Mark Rounds; Bullet's that hit's where the marked target is at.

Sea-Stone Rapier; A rapier made out of sea stone effective against devil fruit user of every kind. the main propose of this weapon is to weaken fruit user rather then kill them.

Character Flaws:
As cunning and strong will "Wild Red" might be he still has the simple flaw of thinking himself a "loser"

Main Goal; "Sail All Sea's"
Side Goal; "Become a Yonko or part of Yonko group"
Short Goal; "Find Sky island"
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Tigris Hog "Wild Red"
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