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 Fidan Zonian (WIP)

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PostSubject: Fidan Zonian (WIP)   Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:08 pm

Name: Fidan Zonian

Age: 38

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Marine Rear Admiral

Allegiance: Marine

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue


History: Fidan Zonian was born in West Blue, 38 years ago. When Fidan was a little child, he had the luck to not live through the great age of piracy. He had not experienced the problems that other people experienced and he was not traumatized by any pirate attacks nor he lost a valuable family member. As a result, he grew up normally and lived on an island without ever having himself engaged in a bad situation, living peacefully. That made him develop a calm personality to the point that he could not get angry over anything. Also, he started developing pacifist opinions and he started forming the dream to make the world as peaceful as possible, without any killings or murders. He wanted to create a wonderful world, a world of happiness in which no people would cry or be sad.

However, after the execution of the Pirate King, Fidan found himself engaged in a new era. Apparently, even people from his own village wanted to live their adventure and sail the seas in order to become kings of the pirates. Many people which he grew up with had turned into pirates and became too violent. Some of them even got high bounties. At the first two years, when he was 18 years old, Fidan thought that this would be temporary. He believed that the gold age of piracy would end soon and that things would turn just like before and that afterwards, a new era would start in which he would realize his dreams. However, he proved to be wrong. The more he waited for the era to end, the worse things became. More and more pirates started appearing and things were getting worse...

As things were getting worse, after lots of thinking, Fidan made up his mind. He decided to become a Marine, as he view that as the only way to realize his dreams while the era would start. He started changing his goals. Apparently, he wanted to bring an end to the great age of piracy so that the world would start getting rebuilt and so that he would fight for peace. For many years, Fidan worked in the marines... During those years, he became a proficient dagger user and he received minor knowledge over one of the six super human arts, Soru. Upon seeing the technique, he realized that he needed to learn how to perform it to become fast enough to land his strikes and so he did so over the years.

For the first 10 years, Fidan was working in different divisions. He was sent in many different branches around East Blue, West Blue, North and South Blue and even the Grand Line itself. His fate was about to change, though, when he met a prominent marine with the name of Sombre Bleu. As soon as he met him, he quickly befriended him because of his "unique" personality and his strange dreams that slightly matched with his own and so he started traveling with him. While traveling, Fidan battled alongside Sombre and in the end he managed to reach the position of Rear Admiral, while Sombre was a Vice Admiral.


Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:
-Dagger Master: Fidan is using his two daggers ever since he joined the marines. As a result, he is a master at using them. He is capable of launching swift strikes to his enemies to cut them down and many more.
-Soru: Apparently, when Fidan learned about the Soru technique years ago, he realized that it was a technique that was very useful for him. As a result, he trained himself to master it

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Weapons/Items: Don's Daggers

Character Flaws: (Put down things such as the character's weaknesses, fears, berserk buttons, and overall personality flaws. At least two are necessary.)

-Bring an end to the Great Pirate Era in order to create a new world of hapiness.

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Fidan Zonian (WIP)
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