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 Oga Ethan

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PostSubject: Oga Ethan   Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:17 pm

Name:  Oga Ethan

Age: 22

Species: Human

Occupation:  Martial Artist

Allegiance: Petty Officer Rank Marine [Justice Gambler]

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue


Oga stand at 185 cm tall and weight 66 kg. He have a spiky black hair. Oga wear a big white coat while having white inner shirt. He usually seen wearing his black trouser and white boot. When he smile, he didn't really show his teeth, just his smile. He have the average skin tone, not so dark and not so white. He wear a necklace with an emblem of a wolf since it was a gift from his beloved teacher. 


    - Birth: Oga was born in the Longleg tribe, somewhere in South Blue. He alway love his race, the Longleg race. He hope that someday, he might be an admiral, and someday, he might protect his tribe with all of his will. Oga born in the Ethan family. His father is Ethan Nobu, an aggresive man who mostly busy with his stuff but kind to the people he know/love. His mother is Naomi Geitou, a kind-hearted woman but is very strict when she's not in the mood. Oga's father, Nobu is a Bounty Hunter, that have make a little name for himself in South Blue. Being a Bounty Hunter is just to earn enough money to buy food for their daily spend. 

    -Childhood: At the age of 3, Oga have lost a very important person in his life, his father. By the guy who have deliver the news said that he was killed during a hunt for some pirate, and got shot. What a miserable thing, they can't have his body to bury. The news strike Naomi much and she gain some illness. Oga, too was strike by the news, and kept crying. He didn't really know what's happening but the guy said that he won't meet his father ever again. Even thought, he's a kid, he able to understand and got emotional. He kept on asking his mom. "Mommy! Is dad really aren't coming back?" Everytime Oga asked, his tear flow like water. So does, his mom. It's really are sad to lost a family member and now that, the lead of family have gone, the situation of the whole family have change much. They don't really have much money to start off with, and now that the income have also gone, it's just a matter of time until they starve to death. Oga and his mother able to live out hardly for 3 years. They tried to do some works to fill their stomach. Thing are not easy because this is the pirate era. They borrow food from other people sometime, and they manage to get it because those people pity of them. Not so long as Oga have become a 6 years old kid, his mother too...left the world. Ofa was adopt by a guy nearby who run a dojo.

    -Pre-Teen: Oga was adopt by a guy next door who open a dojo. The guy name is Akuyami. He is a man in about 25 or 26 years due to his look. He wear a a dojo clothe, as he was a dojo owner. Akuyami also wear a sandal. What noticeable of him was his rural looking hat, that hide both his eyes. Rumor have been that, Akuyami was a former marine. It said that Akuyami have worked 3 years for the marine, then retired. It continued that Akuyami was a strong man who fight with his leg. Oga was somewhat afraid of him but his feeling have end until the guy smile to him. Surprisingly, the dojo have no student at all.

    "Sir, Akuyami, why are there no student in your dojo?" asked Oga curiously.
    "It's just that no one interest in traning themselve." answered Akuyami.
    "I'm interest at it!!! Just i have no money..i alway wish to train myselve, become stronger and be a good marine." said Oga
    "Marine??" asked Akuyami as it seem like he interest in Oga's word.
    "Yes, Marine. Why?" asled Oga curiously.
    "No, nothing. But if you want to train that bad, let train tomorrow!" said Akuyami as he smile then walk away, leaving Oga in some curiousness.

    As the next day come, they begun their training. Akuyami let Oga wear some comfortable clothe. He came out with a bouncing dummy for Oga to fight. "Battle with it!" said Akuyami as he left it in front of Oga, wherever he get to sit into one of the chair. "That's easy" said Oga as he start to throw a kick rught straight to the dummy. The kick land as the dummy extend backward. "See!" said Oga happily looking at Akuyami. While Oga got distracted, the dummy bounce back hitting Oga, making him fall down. "Lesson 1: Don't understimate your foe. Lesson 2: Concentrate on your foe when fighting. Lesson 3: Your foe is tricky" said Akuyami as he take a sip of his tea. "Ok, thanks. I've learned it" said Oga as he dash off attempt to kick the dummy's left cheek. As he kick the dummy it bounce to the right and bounce back bumping Oga's left making the unbalance Oga fall down, hurting his leg. "Ouch!" said Oga. "Lesson 4: Think first before attack. Lesson 5: Don't let yourself caught off guard. Lesson 6: Don't waste time easing your pain." said Akuyami. Oga smile as the thing have thrilled him. He get to known his weakness, and became stronger. Such a good teacher, indeed. He continue his training, all day long, and as he acquire some lesson, he wrote it in a book, and he will read it every morning. Oga have learned more technique...leg technique. Akuyami seem to focus on training Oga's leg more due to the fact that Oga was a Longleg boy. Time flied, Ogahave bacame stronger...much stronger.

    Adult: "Where are we going?" asked Oga as he, and Akuyami walking up a mountain, within backpack. "Just go!" answered Akuyami. They climbed upcthe hill. "Now that's it. We're arrived" said Akuyami, as he sit near one of the rock. Behnd him, was a lake. "Huh?" asked Oga. "You're big enough. We're having a tougher training. Everyday, you will need to climb up the hill, with your backpack on. Sometime, i will use timer for you too, so you need to be quick. This is the place, i've trained when i was young." said Akuyami. " challenging!!! I love it. And i can train myself too!!" said Oga happily. That's one of the point why Akuyami like Oga. He never back down and like hard training. It remind him of his older day. "Our training from now on will be focus on your leg. Speed, Sprint, Pace, Strength, Combat, Ability, Technique, Skill, Stratergy, Defence, Offence, and Advantage. All those point somewhat have something conncting to other one, so in total there are 4 main catergories. Speed, Strength, Technique and Defence. We will train 1 catergory per day. Our first training for today is "Speed". I want you to get into the water and try to run quickly as you can. I'll set a timer" said Akuyami with a firm look. The lake aren't stay still, it flow. It's already hard for Oga to run through the water because of the water pressure, but now it's flowing too. Oga listen carefully, getting excited. He look happy when he see the water. "How challenging!" he said to himself. He walk to the water. He can feel the water, it's about his waist. That's deep! Because he was a longleg. "Ready? Run!" said Akuyami as he look at Oga. Oga start running as hard as he can but a single step seem like 10 second. It's really are hard and he try to run. He step forward about 10 steps but then fall down in exhaust. He could feel himself, getting oush by the water but he grab the rock nearby. "Ahh...Sorry Akuyami Sir...i can't do it..." said Oga, looking sad. "I know...This is just will archieve it as time passes. Now let move to the Strength section" said Akuyami as he start to walk thinking that Oga will follow. They train for the whole day, and Oga can't archieve any section. At least, he tried. 

    Every night, Oga try to note all the weakness he have during the day. He also write some lesson from Akuyami or stratergist for later use. And as he noted it, he read it all pver again to memorize them, at least some of them. He need to know his own weakness.

    Day by day, Oga was trained by Akuyami. He can feel that he's growing as he develop into another level through Akuyami's teaching skill. His speed have increase, his strength, and his technique too. He noticed that he was growing and very happy because he have now process his goal as he's now at a complete different level from before. At the age of 21, Oga feel that he's strong enough to protect himself. 

    "I'll be leaving today, thanks for all your help. It's tpp much that i can't pay back" said Oga as he flash a row of teeth and a big wide smile. "You're growing Oga...before you was just a little small kid and i need to crouch to touch your head." said Akuyami as he reach out into his pocket. "I have something for you, kid." said Akuyami. "Don't call me kid, i'm bigger now." replied Oga. "Here!" Akuyami said as he hand over a necklace with a small statue of wolf. "Wolf?" asked Oga curiously. "Yes. A an animal that will never give up. A an animal that won't die easily. A a fierce animal. And a Wolf is dangerous. This animal suit you the best. It use to suit me, when i was younger, and i recieved it by my parent. Show the world, that's you're a firece guy and become an admiral." said Akuyami firmly. "Yes!" said Oga as he reach his hand to fetch his necklace. "I'll take care of it." said Oga as he start to walk. "Goodbye!" said Akuyami. "Goodbye..!" reply Oga.

    Oga join the marine at the age of 21. He start off as the lowest rank of marine and develop himself. Depsite, his 1 year presence in the marine, he don't really get promote often. He became a Petty Officer at the age of 22, not a high rank, indeed. That's him after all. A calmly.

Personality: Oga is somewhat a serious man, but can be talkative in some point. In a fight, no matter how weak his foe is, he will alway keep his serious face not looking down on his foe. Usually, he is a talkative guy, however he watch the atmosphere around him. If it seem that, people around him hate him because of his talkativeness, he will try his best not to talk allot. He can be dumb sometime, not knowing what's happening. Oga can be daunting when he fight, because he alway talk creepy thing. He like thing that are challenging. He also like to scare off the people next to him. Oga have a bad.... imagination, and really bad at explaining. Oga is tough guy and won't give up in battle easily.

Ship: Poker Club

Ship Flag: Marine Flag

Devil Fruit: N/A
type:  N/A
effect: N/A

Special Abilities:

- Heated Leg Style: A leg combat based style.

- Great Speed: Due to the fact that Oga is a Longleg human, his sprint is more longer. Due to the fact that Oga have trained for 15 whole year, and at those 15 years, Oga only train his leg, he become faster. 

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25)

[1] . Beater Beat
* While getting close to his foe, Oga stand on his hand and whirl his leg quickly in order to hit the foe

[2]. Check
* Oga concentrate his power and kick his foe, heading for the foe's right waist

[3]. Call
* Oga jump up, trying to kick the foe's right cheek

[4]. Raise
* Oga jump up higher than his foe, then drop his leg forefully toward the foe's head

[5]. All-in
* Oga close his eyes, so that his power can flow more better, concentrating himself. He attempt to kick the foe's body, with all of his might. This is a risky technique for Oga, he need to be sure that his foe will fall if he use this move because it will make him lost some strength and will be hard for him to attack again.

Weapons/Items: A Notebook, A Necklace with a small fresh blue statue of Wolf

Goals[1]. Protect the fame of his tribe
[2]. Become an Admiral

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Youll need to decide his rank, seeing as Tenma is Captain rank you would need to lower

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Ok thanks, Nikz. I think a Petty Officer is fine.
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Oga Ethan
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