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 Morris Howlett

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PostSubject: Morris Howlett   Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:47 pm

Morris Howlett




Captain of the Bowler Hat Pirates


Home Village/Ocean:
South Blue, Briss Kingdom

Standing at 5ft 9 inches tall, weighs 11 stone, Morris has olive coloured skin and long wavy mousey brown hair. On top of his hair he wears a black bowler hat. His hair is usually quite messy, he has hazel coloured eyes and a button nose. He is clean shaven and has a few freckles reaching from cheek to cheek stretching over his nose. His torso is quite well toned and he is muscular. He often wears a long sleeve black shirt which only makes his muscular torso stand out more. He often rolls the sleeves up too. Covering his legs he wears black cargo trousers to allow more movement along with a black belt with a silver buckle. on his feet he wears a pair of black trainers.


Growing up in the South Blue the island he grew up on was peaceful and bad things rarely happened there Morris was the top in his class at school and never failed any class. His parents never helped him with his home work so he began doing a great amount of research on the topic, when he turned up at school the next day he learnt he had done so much he was ahead of the class. Enjoying realising how well he had had done Nelson spent most nights getting ahead researching as he liked being able to answer every question. He was quite the book worm but he was also bullied quite a bit by some other school children for being such a book worm but he continued knowing that he would benefit more than these bullies would.

As life continued for him Morris found himself bloody and battered by the end of school but he healed and left school with the best qualifications and top of his class. He was happy and proud of his accomplishments and wanted to return to the school to teach as once he left he felt an emptiness in his soul. Returning to school he hoped to fill the void in his soul. As he approached the school they were more than happy to accept him as a teacher as he knew so much about each subject.

Placing him to teach one was difficult so they chose to place him in the history department as it seemed to be his best subject. Teaching history Morris learned allot of the strategies used years ago in wars, he enjoyed learning about them and found them interesting. After a while teaching history he was asked to take over English. As he took over teaching English he learnt more about the language and literature. As it happens students came to Morris for some help after classes and asked him for advice, as he helped the children with problem after problem he began to notice how children's minds worked as they got older and began to learn how to manipulate their minds into doing what he wanted. He knew he shouldn't do so but had a skill for it. He ignored it and chose not to manipulate people as he knew it was wrong especially to do with children.

After teaching English to the children he was once again moved on again to sports where he taught and partook in the training. As he took part he began to learn from his own body the sort of techniques which helped himself become stronger and healthier. As he taught the children he helped them become stronger as well as became stronger himself. The children he taught all grew stronger and faster and he was congratulated on his success with the sports team. Morris was moved to science to teach students about the body, chemicals and physics as he knew nothing in this area he had to do allot of research learning about he sciences and only just managed to keep a day ahead of his class. After proving he was an incredibly smart teacher he asked to take over maths which he was given the chance to as he was very accomplished. As he took over the subject he learnt about possibility and odds. The night before every lesson he ever researched further into the subject so he could be ready for any questions thrown at him the next day in class.

As the summer holidays approached Morris was grateful for them as he felt teaching was no longer filling the void in his life and now he was if anything feeling he needed to do more with his life. Needed to do something else to fill the void and experience greater things in his life. Looking out across the seas one night he had thought about travelling and visiting other places but the only places he wanted to visit most where the places no one could ever visit. Enies Lobby, Marineford & Impel Down. He wished to learn about these places and what made them so secure. The only way he would do such a thing was if he joined the Marines though and he wasn't about to join the Marines as he had seen what they had done throughout the years in history. The things he'd seen the Marines doing in history were unspeakable.

As Morris thought about the things which he'd seen in the history books they'd been responsible for he thought about what they had done to Gol D Roger the original Pirate king. They had killed him even though he had an illness which would kill him anyway. What they had done was unfair. They had claimed they caught him when he simply handed himself over. Thinking about the skills he possessed from teaching the children whilst his work in schools he thought about what to do with his life throughout the summer. Taking into consideration the things he wanted to do, Morris handed in his letter of resignation to the school and took off from the small quiet island. As Midnight struck he decided to try his hand at becoming a pirate just to see if he could do it. He wasn't sure what he wanted but knew he wanted more out of his life that he'd currently gotten. As he hopped aboard a ship which was transporting supplies and left his life on this island behind, Morris helped out with moving the supplies.

As he helped lifting the supplies off the ship he accidently dropped one of the boxes and out rolled a fruit, he looked around to see if anyone had noticed and realised no one had seen. he quickly stuffed it away under his clothing and finished helping with the moving of the boxes. Once he was done Morris headed into town to discover what kind of fruit this was. As he found a book from the library which mentioned what fruit it was he discovered this fruit was a devil fruit. When he looked at the devil fruit he decided it would be a good idea to eat the fruit to increase his own power. He would become a pirate and he would become a dangerous one at that.

Morris clever, difficult to anger, he hates hypocrites and likes people who he can manipulate and people who understand. Morris respects people who refuse his help and doesn't like bugging people as he knows how irritating it is. He always gives someone a chance and never forgets so he will hold grudges. Morris enjoys seeing his reputation growing and ignores threats as he feels they are stupid, immature and pointless as they don't do anything. Morris is nocturnal.


Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit:
Eikyo Eikyo No Mi
This fruit only existed in skypeia, it's shape is similar to a dial. The person who consumes this fruit develops muscles that act like pistons, and the recoil damage gets released from pores all along his body, when the recoil damage gets expelled from the body it comes out as steam. The user of this fruit has the ability to absorb all physical based attacks but he has to do so intentionally (by physical I mean kicks, punches, weapons also). When the user absorbs to much energy he/she starts to vibrate. The user can release the potential energy from anywhere on the body but has to do it intentionally.

Special Abilities:
Enhanced Stamina
After partaking in the sports he taught the children at his school which taught all ages Morris managed to increase his stamina above average. He didn't become any stronger or faster though. He just managed to increase the time he can run or fight for.

From all of the time he spent studying history and reading through the acts of Marines & Pirates alike he discovered allot of different techniques which were used by both sides and understood that knowledge is the one thing which helped you gain an advantage.

Odds & Probabilities
After studying & teaching maths Morris learnt about the odds and probability of things making him able to understand things such as the odds of survival against a crew of this size and this size how he could use his numbers to his advantage. The smaller the better.

From studying English Language, literature and the children who asked him for advice Morris learnt the right words to use to convince people and the correct ways to talk to the many different types of people.

After studying the human body for the biology class Morris has gained knowledge in what the human body is capable of and ways to use it to his advantage.

After studying it so he could stay one step ahead he has a rough knowledge in this area of science but not great and only knows a few ways to use this simple science to help himself and maybe others too, but is not practised with this form of science.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):



1/ Gather a crew
2/ Gain a bounty over 1,000,000
3/ Own territory

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PostSubject: Re: Morris Howlett   Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:18 am

Changed character's name, appearance, gave him a devil fruit, changed his goals & gave him a crew
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Morris Howlett
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