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PostSubject: Hirosiki    Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:22 pm

Name: "Sniper Prince" Hiroshiki

Age: 15

Bounty: 1,000,000

Species: Human


Allegiance: Pirate(Marksman)

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue


History: Hirosiki....Let's call him Hiro for short. He was born on a very small town on South Blue. He had only had a mother. The father had died of an HIV virus after hitting on some woman in a bar. Though, Hiro was from his father's side of the family his mother kept him. Hiro was grown to be a short boy at the age of 6. He had a small sling shot that he used to tease the local news paper man. The newspaper man came down the hill with his bike. Hiro shot 3 paint balls at each tire making him to flip the bike over crashing onto the floor breaking a jaw. Hiro would go wild at laughing when he saw that happen. But he was beaten down from the other kids. His mother became very weak, when Hiro was at the age of 10. "Hirosiki..Please take good care of yourself" she said as she sat ontop of a bed. Hiro began to cry over and over. The doctor came and told Hiro that she would be alright. Hiro never distubed his mother or teased the neighborhood kids. The bullys become really poor, they wanted Hiro's sling shot to sell it. So they beat hiro down to a poddle of bumps. Hiro sat down in the nurses room as he felt a bunch of stiches across his head. After that, Hiro found out the bullys were kicked out of the island for some reason. When Hiro returned home...Their was no home. But burned scraps of wood. Hiro sank to his knee's crying that day..obviouslly. He then found his mother in a wheel chair coming down the hill with a nurse behind her back. His mother was now rich, he had obtained the villages donations and the bully's gold. Hiro gave his mother a big bear hug.

Hiro then began to train to protect himself. Each day he attempted to lift a boulder over his back. He was able to. Everyday it would be.." 550...551...552...553...". When he couldn't do anymore boulder backs he would stop and go home. The next day start all over and try to beat his last score. Eventually, he would beat it every single day. Hiro became a very musclar kid at the age of 13. His mother was very old. Hiro saw that she remained in the retirement home. Then the bully's came back. As the bully pirates. But they only had 3 members. A captain, shipwright, and a navigator. Hiro then standed up to them. "What the hell do you want thugs?" Hiro yelled out in the distance. The navigator attacked first. He had a weird type of sword, but with one punch in the gut he fell to his defeat. The shipwright with a sledge hammer sneaked up behind Hiro. Hiro simply grabed his arms throwing him into the water. The captain began to laugh. "You think you can defeat me? Hahaha! Just wait until I sell this devil fruit! Thousands of men will want to join the Bully Pirates!" he had said. He had held up the devil fruit. Quickly, Hiro punched the hell out of his face as the devil fruit droped in his hand. " This fruit will make you rich? Not even in hell" Hiro said as he bit a big chunk of the devil fruit. Then he finshed it, it had tasted horrible like eating a piece of shit.

Hiro defeated the bully pirates by using there own weapons against themselfs. Hiro liked his new powers, but when he stuck his feet in the water it felt a whole like a hammer. Hiro then has gifted from his mother a stuff called KAbuto. Hiro loved his new devil fruit powers and his new weapon. Now that he was ready for the real world, he took out into sea in search for the grandline in order to become king of the snipers. He promised his mother, that he would become king of the snipers one day!

(Unlike last one short...I know..)

Hiro finshed the devil fruit. Suddenly, every piece of metal the bull pirates were wearing floated to Hiro. It then turned

Personality: Hirosiki is a very calm noble boy. He is always looking for something new, he's quite charming and daring. He would take any risk(aside from demons) to challenge anything. But he still preety much has common sense. Hirosiki is calm most of the time, but things that don't make sense he would lose his temper real fast in a very funny comical way.

Ship: -

Ship Flag: -

Devil Fruit: Electro Magnet
Type: Paremecia
Effect: Devil Fruit power connected to magnetism.

Special Abilities: Due to hours and days and years of training, Hirosiki is very powerful in the "strength". He has extreme combat expreince.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Kabuto Skills:
Red Flame-A silver ball, once it touches someone it explodes to a dangerous fire.
Ice Ball- A red ball that explodes into a frozen ice net that spreads over someone freezing them for 3 posts.
Poison Bomb- A blue ball that explodes into a poison fog 20 square feet.
The ultimate super ball- A fake ball that explodes into a sign that says, "Better luck next time baka!".
Gum Gum Bomb- A pink ball, when it hits or smashes agaisn't something it sticks to it strongly. It's really hard to take off. And lasts 5 posts.
Oil Ball- A plastic bomb that explodes into a big oil puddle.
Hot Lexir- Addtion to the oil ball, its a firey TNT ball. When it hits the oil ball it explodes covering 20 feet.
Ultimate Rubber Machine- A rubber band that snaps at someone leaving a bruise
Lightning Ball- A ball that explodes into a devstating shock of lightning covering 20 feet long.
Devil Fruit Powers:
Asemble-A spark of lightning flicks as anything near Hirosiki gathers up all on his body sticking to him.
Scatter- Addition to Assemble, it throws back all the magnetic things at the people who had touched it last, at high speed.
Vortex- Assembling all metal items, he makes a vortex spinning around and around back at his oppenet(s).
Arm- Assembes all the metal items just removing the metal parts making it as plain as a sheet sticking onto Hirosiki as a protective armour. This is able to deflect even a Pacifista's laser beams.

Weapons/Items:A sling shot

Character Flaws: Is afraid of red devil demons that suck peoples souls.

Goals: To become the king of all Snipers.

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PostSubject: Re: Hirosiki    Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:58 pm

the kabuto is a one of a kind weapon made by ussop himself, do not take weapons or techniques from characters that are one of a kind

No characters, all dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Hirosiki    Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:18 pm

I designed my techs. Can't my kabuto be a replica.
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PostSubject: Re: Hirosiki    Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:19 pm

Anyone going to check this?
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PostSubject: Re: Hirosiki    Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hirosiki    Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:02 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hirosiki    

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