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 Crona walls

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PostSubject: Crona walls    Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:52 pm

Name: Crona Walls


Bounty: none

Species: Human

Occupation: doctor

Allegiance: none yet

Home Village/Ocean: grandline


History: Crona was taken from her parents when she was just 3 years of age after she had been taken of breast milk as if someone had been watching her from her birth from somewhere. when crona was old enough to speak she had been kidnapped for 2 years but her parents didnt miss her because a replacment had been left. crona had been fed a devil fruit but she didnt know that but she did know that the women looking after her was her mother (she thought she was she didnt know who the women really was) when crona left the house for the first time ever when she was ten she found out she was living on stone towers within a huge cave for all these years she had been tought basic academics but she never knew what was outside the house. she was put to use as a servent doing all the chores around the womens house like the dishes and washing clothes but one day when she walked onto the stone again the women pushed her off saying " i know how much you want to leave why dont you " crona fell and fell and fell hoping for something to save her but before she hit the ground she felt wings burst from back and she flew back up barely able fly but her master grabbed her hand showing she was a skypean pulling her back to the house. crona then kept trying to escape and soon after 4 years when she was 16 she mastered flight. so she got a knife and cut the cord and started to try and find a way out
and she finally did it was the legendary hedge as she flew through it the thorns of the hedge torn at the wings and her skin it took her hours and a day to get through but at the end she noticed one final guardian who said to her "if you want to leave you have to make one sacrifice " he then pointed towards a syringe and towards within the hedge and crona said "the syringe ill take that" then then got on her knees and the guardian rammed it through her shoulder and into her lung and poured the liquid in she lots of pain and was free to leave she was given two small metal tube with spikes on and then left onto the surface world the sun almost blinded her and to this day she can barely be outside without sunglasses when she finally got into town she got a room in an inn saying she would pay later and rammed the metal tube into the side of her neck pouring the liquid down her windpipe into her lung making the pain lessen. after being rejected from her real family, for the next two years she researched what was wrong with her lung and what was in the metal tube and how to recreate it and medicine so she could properly treat herself and sometimes treat other people . she then left the island looking for a place to fit in maybe someone to love.

Personality: she primarily puts her own medicle treatment above others because she doesnt want to be in so much pain. she is a light hearted person most of the time and she loved to have a laugh but when it comes to medicine and her illness she gets very serious and it depresses her knowing she is going to die she estimates she has 3 years left to live if she keeps taking her medication. she wants to have a boyfriend to spend time with to comfort her and to help her throught the hard times. she doesnt want to talk about the horror of her past no matter what people try and do the only person she would ever talk to about it would be he boyfriend. she tries to treat everyone her enemies and her friends because she knows how much it hurts to be ill and to suffer. she is friendly to all but she is a bit shy and it takes alittle bit of time to get used to new people.

Ship: none

Ship Flag: none

Name in Japanese (translation): Wing wing fruit
Capabilities: the user can create wings out of any part of there body from feathering to scaley to leathery. This fruit differs to all else by as the wings created by the user is based on the mood so if happy white and feathery and if angry spikey and scaly with red tint within it,etc.
Type: Paramecia

Special Abilities:
Fast but out of breath easily.
Problem solver.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): none

Weapons/Items: Dagger, sword medicine for others and herself. video den den mushi.

Character flaw: She has a deadly disease which is slowly destroying her lungs it cant be stopped but her medicine slows it down. it cause her to be short of breath alot easier. It causes her a lot of pain even if she takes her painkiller but its unbearible agony if she doesnt take her medicine and painkillers but its not as painful but still very painful if medicine to slow it is taken alone.
oversenseitivity to the sun due to being underground for 13 years.

Goals: find somewhere to fit in and find someone she can love.
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PostSubject: Re: Crona walls    Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:14 am


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Crona walls
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