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 Julian Fredrick Katnix

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PostSubject: Julian Fredrick Katnix   Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:55 pm

Name: Julian Fredrick Kennedy


Species: Human

Occupation: Chore Boy

Allegiance: Marines

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline


Early Life, A Perfect Child.

Julian grew up in a town called Mahajo with his loving Mother and Father. Raised to be the perfect Gentlemen by his Mother and a intellectual wiz by his Father. Some would have called him the perfect child. He never did anything wrong, surprisingly. Always said "Please" and "Thank You". Kept his emotions in check, regardless of the situation. Just about never spoke out against his parents. Yes, Julian was the child every parent dreamed for. He got straight A's in School. Showed excellent physical ability in Gym class. What more could anyone want? His parents were also wealthy. Yes, Julian Fredrick Kantix, should possibly be the happiest boy on the planet.

What was and what has become.

At the age of 14. Julian met a girl named Bella. Bella had long brown hair, with flawless pale skin. He eyes were the color of emerald gems, so bright, it made the stars look as if they were not shining. They were both madly in love on first sight. Bella was from a poor family who lived in the less fortunate part of Mahajo. It was a Lawless part of town, where criminals and murderer's roamed free. Julian risked his life every time he went to go see Bella. Bella and Julian both knew what their parents would do to them if they were caught together. Julian would probably just be punished slightly. Bella's family, would probably lock her away in the tomb of shame. Which was really a bunker under ground with no lights and no hole for air. It was basically a death sentence. Since the punished would stay in there for 3 days straight. If they got out alive then they were lucky. Julian and Bella then got caught meeting one day, how they were caught was a mystery to them. It must have been some one who lived near by who told of there meeting. Julian was taken back to Mahajo and locked in his room. Bella, locked in the tomb of shame. Julian then kicked his door down and ran to Bella. Sadly the tomb was a 3 day hike away from Mahajo. By the time Julian found Bella, she had already suffocated to death. Julian then picked up her body and screamed on the top of his lungs "BELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Life as a Loveless Man.
Two years had passed since Bella's tragic death. Julian was 16 now. Although his one true love had died. He continued on with life. As if nothing had happened. He still was a Gentlemen. He still got straight A's. Yes it seemed as if nothing had even accorded. His parents were worried. Had their endeavors altered there son's heart for the worse? At that his parents sent Julian into the Marines, they thought maybe if he got something else into his heart he would forget about his lost love. Julian agreed to join the Marines with no hesitation, but for his own reasons. If this had happened to him. How many other people could this had happened too? Julian joined so he could stop all the injustice things happening in the world. So he could avenge his true love, Bella. And maybe..find a women who could fill his heart where Bella one did.

Personality: Julian loves to give a helping hand. He doesn't hate all pirates, just ones who find it okay to harm women for no reason. Julian will at times go into a berserk rage when seeing injustice happen to women. Julian loves to see smiles on women's bright faces. Although he is a lover of women, its mainly "attractive" women. So you could call him a bit of a pervert. But even if the women isn't attractive, he'll defend them if injustice is happening to them. If a women isn't involved then Julian is basically a huge coward. He runs in the sign of danger. Although he's gullible at times. He's still very smart when it comes to math, history, and science.

Ship: Marine Ship

Ship Flag: Marine Flag

Special Abilities: He's pretty strong, He's unbelievably fast when he's scared or if he's trying to protect a women. Basically all his stats are boosted if a women's safety is involved. But not greatly. He's actually no stronger then a regular human.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

RUN AWAY:Julian will run at an inhuman speed away from opposing danger.

Invisible Man:Julian will hide when danger is near, he'll ether blend in by hiding in a barrel, box, under ammunition, really anything. And come out unharmed. He can even hid under knifes and not get cut.

Damsel In Distress! Save!:The same as RUN AWAY! Except Julian will rush into the heart of danger to save a beautiful women, Pirate or Marine. Even if its between a tight stand gun fire hold off between two sides and the girls in the middle. Julian will rush through the middle, grab the girl, and make it out safely, most of the time.

JUSTICE PUNCH:When Julian see's injustice happening to a women, He will gain incredible strength in his left/right arm and will hit the criminal.

Damsel In Distress! Tactical Evasion!:While doing Damsel In Distress! Save! Julian will make sure that the women does not get harmed until she is in a safe area. Thus, he will evade attacks so that SHE doesn't get attacked. He doesn't even worry about him self.

Weapons/Items: Marine Sword, Marine Rifle, Marine Pistol (He's a Chore Boy so he hasn't been trained to use any of these yet. But he will learn sooner or later.)

Goals: 1. To find true love
2. To stop all injustice to Women

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PostSubject: Re: Julian Fredrick Katnix   Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:03 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Julian Fredrick Katnix   Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:33 am

the image for his appearance is broken... we cant see it

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Julian Fredrick Katnix
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