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 Emi Ittou(DELETED)

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PostSubject: Emi Ittou(DELETED)   Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:01 pm

Name: Emi Ittou
Age: 16
Bounty: 30,000,000
Species: Human
Occupation: Assassin
Allegiance: Pirate
Home Village/Ocean: Grandline
Appearance: She has wide green eyes which have a little of brown in the iris. Her eyelashes are long and her eyebrows are slightly thick, dark brown. Her face is heart shaped and she has small rosy lips, a mole below the right part of her mouth. She has light freckles on her cheeks and small shaped ears, her cheeks are really puffy and squishable, which makes her look really cute. Her hair is dark blonde and curly, usually has it either up in a bun or down, her hair is really messy because of it's curliness. She is of small height, around 155 centimeters, her skin is white and slightly tanned in the arms though her face isn't tanned. She has moles in her arms and in her neck, her arms are kind of short, just as her legs. She weighs around 50 kg. which make her be apart from small, thin although she's a little chubby, but not in the bad way or something, she's just squishable and cute. She usually wears big sized t-shirts because she's not girly.. at all, she doesn't like to wear tight things unless they're jeans, because she likes them tight so she can move easily, those that are tight but actually let you move, (I think they were called leggings.. but I'm not sure), she likes to wear converse which made it easier for her to move in them, and also usually wears a fedora hat, which is black with grey squares, and a black with grey squares jacket with a hood. She has a black heart shaped hair clip which is placed on the left side of her hair so her fringe doesn't occupy her face.

History: Emi grew up in a island in the Grandline, she didn't like being in that island though because it was full of idiotic people who were mean to her family, she had a father and a mother, they were nice to her and were really weak people who let others take advantages of their kindness and that was something Emi didn't like. It's not that her parents didn't know how to fight or something but more like they were naive and they didn't know how to say no to the requests of other people, because they liked helping out, even though it ended up going to an extreme level, where she even had to eat little and her parents didn't eat at all because they had given money to other people, which resulted in them having no enough money to buy food and the necessary stuff.

She didn't like how they were treated, because even if her parents were nice to everyone, the people was still mean to them, and they didn't deserve it, because they had only done good, unnecessary help, to them. They were abused and it wasn't good to Emi. As years passed by this unsatisfaction turned into hatred, she hated everyone from the village, they didn't deserve living. This is how Emi's mind worked.

Personality: Emi usually likes to be reserved to herself, she doesn't trust people easily and likes people to earn her loyalty and trust, she likes people who are loyal and nice, although if it's for money, she'll murder almost anyone except her friends and family, because she'll never make a mistake like that again, and because she is now loyal to her friends and family, and will never do something to harm them, although if it comes in the way of her dream she'll just put it aside and continue to help her dream become true, because it's more important, although she'll never harm them. She likes to keep her to herself, she likes being in calm places and read books, she also likes to write stories, although they usually end up being really sadistic and bloody, which is why she doesn't show her work to others, because she thinks they would be grossed out by reading them, although she also doesn't have someone who she trusts as much as for showing her stories to them, she would need to either love that person or really trust in him/her. She although doesn't have someone she likes nor loves, nor trusts in such a degree.

She usually can't stand still for much time and is usually moving around, dancing or doing weird movements. When she's bored she also likes to play with her curls. She usually is smiling when she's with people she trusts and having her big eyes opened widely, she also usually has her hand on her hip when she's being serious or lecturing someone, which is really usual when she's with people she's comfortable with. Although when she's with people she's not comfortable with, or strange people she doesn't know, she'll be shy and won't talk to anyone, she'll just be there and look around, although if there are people who she doesn't like her sadistic traits will appear.

When she meets people she doesn't like and people she needs to kill, she will feel no remorse in doing so and will actually enjoy it, more if the way she kills them is a sadistic way, because she likes things like that since she was a child. She also is cruel when killing and doesn't care about causing the victim pain, because she thinks that the people she kills deserve it and they deserve suffering the pain she causes them, and besides she likes seeing them squirm, twist, cry in pain, in suffering, it only makes her feel better, feel superior, because she is, the stronger ones kill the less powerful ones, that's only the circle of life for Emi. Although Emi does have a soft spot when it comes to killing, she won't kill cute people, she doesn't like being the one to make cute people disappear from the face of the Earth, because it doesn't seem right for her, cute people are beautiful people who deserve living, probably just because of their appearance, but she likes them a lot and doesn't want or accept to kill them, even if they're actually bastards or anything, because cute people are the best for her, apart from the small group of family she has left.

Romantically related, Emi is inexperienced, although she does have felt attraction towards cute guys and guys with scars, she hasn't fell in love with someone at all, she likes people but almost never gets to actually know them enough for falling in love with them, she never gets to know them enough because they discover that she's an assassin, although she would never actually kill them because she likes them, sadly they do not know that which is why they usually fear of her and abandon her.

Special Abilities:
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
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Emi Ittou(DELETED)
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